I screwed up in Transformers Prime

A typical Transfan can imagine becoming a Cyber-Organic and crossing over to the universe where their favorite version of Transformers exist for the best. Unlike what we all think could happen with the above; reality tell us there's two routes: doing good, and screwing up. Even bringing in characters who were not seen in the show.
This is how I screwed up in Transformers Prime.
In Transformers Prime: Book 3 of 3.


7. Hello british sounding dragon

"Hello British sounding Dragon." I greet the mech.

Predaking presses me against the rocky uncomfortable wall using his strong grip. I could have sweat--if I had been snatched outta this shell--coldly at his unexpected move. The glare in his completely bright yellow optics were more stronger than Megatron's.Slag they were totally different from Megatron's heated anger twisted optics that sent fear into the shells of lone wandering Autobots. For a moment there I thought Predaking was a legendary Pokemon transformed into a transformer.

A Legendary Pokemon dragon that was black and red.

"My name is Predaking." Predaking said as his gigantic digits closed in against my neck.

Isn't his name making that strongly obvious?

"King of the Predacons. " I mockingly made my voice higher. Imagine a high pitch voice coming from a small-short femme.  "We wouldn't last a vorn together."

He lets go of my neck with this ugly aft smile on his faceplate.

"Your processor might change." Predaking said,lowering his servo.

For a huge guy who Megatron probably fears; Predaking has a cliche fan base behind him. How so? There are numerous stories where a human's mind is put into an empty shell and forced to be Predaking's queen. I only know of this because of coming across Transfan's profile pages on Wattpad. It's ALWAYS a girl who doesn't want to be his queen. It’s ALWAYS a human turned into a transformer.

If I didn't make myself clear; it's always.

Now you know half of what I know about Predaking and his fanbase.

"I am not your perfect 'girl'." I push him away. "You're not my type!"

His frown really did match an upside down 'u'.Like seriously!

"Then what is?" Predaking asks.

I didn't need to think what caught my eyes.

"Hot boys with tan skin," I began to list, walking around the dragon-like-old-mech. "Very hot,black hair, visibly blue or green eyes, and a little bit of a beard growing." I've seen the trailers for Dallas on TNT.It doesn't take a thousand years to make a good educated guess.  "That's what makes young men attractive."

Predaking lowers his helmet towards the floor and then gazes back up to me.

"I am not talking about humans." Predaking said, with a reluctant reply.

Duh, I just wanted to see how educated you are asking a specific question.

"I knew that." I wave my hand, while picking up a leaf stone item.

This item is very unusual and cybertronian qualities to it. I mean there is some metal sticking out from this leaf shaped metal dark green item.It didn't make sense that Cybertron was once covered by volcanic cyberttronian rock that took on simple shapes. I mean it would be a really fascinating item to have around. But for Transfans like me; it's nice knowing .

"I am talking about mechs." Predaking said.

"Meches who like to wead about grapes." I said.

"There is no weed avaliable." Predaking said.

"AH ha!" I turn around, and point at him. "You fell for it too!" He looks so dang stupid.  "You don't understand me." My spark feels so bright, happy, and delighted.  For once I am leaving the bad guy standing there confused. "Because I can't say my 'w' and  my 'r's right."

He comes closer to me with this dear determined lightening in his optics.

"I do not understand." Predaking said.

"Mesah is asking if you like to w--read about grapes." I said, with a mischievous smile.

Man,it's hard to pull off the 'r' correctly. I mean when I say 'Irish', it sounds like 'Iwish'.

"Grapes?" Predaking said.

You don't know how that makes me feel.

"You're a noob." I insulted him.

"I am not the human part that produces milk." Predaking said.

I grabbed Predaking's servo and made him slap himself silly, repeatedly

"No good idiot!" I said.  "Why are you slapping yourself? Why are you slapping yourself? Why are you wacking yourself?"

I eventually had to stop because it got boring doing it to Predaking. I mean its way too easy to have fun when there's a conscious living Transformer letting you slap them or such. In a way he was channeling the moment I had made Airachnid slap herself repeatedly. I take two steps away from the dragon mech.

"You are determined not to become my queen." Predaking observes. "And to toil with my frustrations."

"It's the joy of laughter and life!" I declared, throwing the leaf stone at him.  "Bulbasuar, evooollllvee!"

"I am the king of the predacons." Predaking said, picking up the item. Megatron surely would have stepped on the item instead and crushed it into pieces for striking his armor.  "I am not a creature capable of evolution."

".  . .Yes, you are." I said. "Robots somehow evolved from transforming into animals in means that are yet to be unearthed on Cybertron. Evolution, between The Autobots and Decepticons compared to you, somehow evolution ditched the dinosaurs to get feathers like chickens.” I rub my chin while walking forwards to the middle of the room.  "You are one of the prehistoric examples, man."

“I am not.” Predaking argues back while putting the item on the table.

“Are too.” I said, throwing my hands up into the air. “See?”

Predaking turns away from the table.

“.  .  .I do not follow.” Predaking stupidly said.

“We’re not a match.” I said. “We’re not soul mates.” I  slid my index digit on the table in the meantime wiping off some dust. “Nor sparkmates and bondmates!” A long time ago I knew the difference between bondmates and sparkmates; more like 2012. That’s when I had written Shattered Dreams.  “Yada-yadah with all this bull crap.”

“We do not have bulls in here.” Predaking said.

I sigh. I can’t take this leader’s stupidity. Megatron would actually know I am not talking about animals.

“We’re not compatible to plug into each other.” I flatly said.

I heard a dinosaur like roar from the tunnels.

“There’s no excuse to interrupt!” Predaking shouts back.  “We’re busy.”

I ran right past him.

“I get to see a slagging dinosaur in the flesh!” I shriek. “Long necks are majestic!”

“No you don—“ Predaking goes after me.

“Tyrannosaurus Rex rocks at killing Velociraptors.” I ran faster down the hallway hearing the dinosaur like sounds get louder and louder. “Nothing can stop me from seeing a  grown up little foot!”

I nearly tripped over a rock—oh yes, if I wasn’t this determined then I surely would have tripped—and continued after the sounds. I heard the sound of a dragon crash on the floor. He’s not that determined to stop me from seeing this majestic ancestors who may have dinobots among them. My cyber-spark beats faster in my little cyber-Organic body. After what felt like five minutes; I came into the arena.

This huge aft tyrannosaur Rex with feathers roared at me.

“Hai Grimlock!” I held my hand out, excitedly.  “Glad to meet you!”

This tyrannosaurus rex reminds me of a parrot that has yet to develop wings.He doesn’t have hands. His team mates were not the ones that we Transfans associate to characters; a long neck dinosaur with two heads—which equals two long necks—that resemble a Komodo dragon’s head, a Rhinosaur—that’s what I call the dinosaur that resembles Ducky with a rhino nose--,and a three horn.

“Don’t touch it.” Predaking called Grimlock by what I can consider the wrong move.

I turn my head towards Predaking.

“Lemme tell you something.” I said.  “Decepticons in Animated fought for their slagging names. Decepticons in your universe fought for freedom.” This is one way to tick me off. “So, why don’t you call this big parrot dinosaur by his fragging name?”

“He’s a Predacon.” Predaking said.

“Dinobot.” I corrected him, with a sneer.

I felt pain from my servo, and then, turn my head back to Grimlock. He was biting on my servo but gently doing a head-servo shake. You know like a different version of a handshake? You can tell it’s a head-servo shake because he’s lifting his head slight up and down.

“Glad to meet you, big guy.” I said, feeling pain. “You can let go of my digits.”

Grimlock’s powerful sharp teeth let go of my digits and opened his mouth. I slid my hands out from his huge jaw cased with rows of teeth; but there wasn’t two sets of teeth like a shark; his jaw is similar to what Tyrannosaurus Rex’s have in Jurassic Park. I covered my bleeding my servo.

“These are my soldiers.” Predaking said.

“No.” I said.  “They are your relatives.”

“Are not.” Predaking argued.

I  did an eye roll.

“You know every human on this planet is no doubtedly related to Adam and Eve?” I ask. “But the alien humanoids that come to this planet are not.” I am nailing it bluffing on Predaking. “So, if we did the math that would mean fifty five percent of the population are from outer space."

“You’re wrong.” Predaking denied.

Goody, I get to pull something so cool!

“So Grimlock doesn’t have a brain that’s the size of a peanut?” I ask, in a whisper.

“I didn’t hear you.” Predaking said.

“Grimlock has a brain the size of a peanut.” I whispered.  “Don’t say it. He will go after you like he did with Will Farrel’s character in the movie with a name I’ve forgotten.”

“I made him have the size of a peanut so he wouldn’t out smart me.” Predaking said.

I took a step to the side. A second later; Grimlock brushes past me right after the dragon mech. I turn around rubbing my forehelm. They were definitely having a punch out; it doesn’t take an Ironhide to figure that out. How can I explain to the Autobots that their most ‘powerful’ enemy is a complete idiot? Well he’s more stupid than Megatron; that I can admit. Megatron has some brains. I wouldn’t want to be Predaking’s queen.

So I walked right through the large crowd of DinoPredaBots.There is more to this crowd than what I have listed. The name I came up with really do suite the variety in this group’s numbers and individuals. Climbing up a ridiculous mountain that shouldn’t be there is hard work for  a short femme.No you don’t have to be the type who runs a lot or is lazy to run in order to find this ‘hard work’ in terms of escaping.

“So.” Ironhide said, leaning against a large tree when I had slid down a cliff on my face. His faceplate eventually changes to a ‘what the slag?’ kind of reaction. “What did Predaking see use in chewing your face?”

“I slid down a cliff.” I said.

“So he used rugged material to make your faceplate bitter?” Ironhide said.

“I slid down a cliff.” I repeated.  “It wasn’t the idiots fault.” I point to my neck. “This was; though.”

“Ah.” Ironhide said, with a slight chuckle.  “You told him off.”

I take out a neck device—that Wheeljack had made—and put it around my neck. This neck device is made to cover any bruises that would heal in a-while. I still have marks from Predaking’s digits closing in around my neck. The scary golden glares from his optics are something I won’t forget. It’s something I don’t want to spend the eternity with.

“He sounds British.” I said as we walked away from the unusually tree spotted area.

“And what did you use to escape?”  Ironhide asks.

“I made Predaking admit he made Grimlock’s brain small as a peanut.” I said. “The rest is history.”

At first, Ironhide appeared amused but then a confused face replaced it.

“. . . Grimlock who?” Ironhide asks.

“He is a Tyrannosaurus rex that looks like it’s evolving into a parrot.” I said.

Ironhide laughs, with a shake of his helm.

“Who bite your servo?” Ironhide asks. “Was that Predaking or the dinobots?”

“Grimlock.” I said.  “He was doing a servo-head shake.”

“I shouldn’t ask why.” Ironhide said.  “Let’s drive off to the base.”

Me and Ironhide transformed into our vehicle modes. Sometimes you can’t make a girl like me become Predaking’s queen. I am not that much into Transformers Prime as a fan. Just remember; I’ve avoided the cartoon for three years straight. What have I been watching instead for that length of time? It’s no other than Doctor Who.

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