I screwed up in Transformers Prime

A typical Transfan can imagine becoming a Cyber-Organic and crossing over to the universe where their favorite version of Transformers exist for the best. Unlike what we all think could happen with the above; reality tell us there's two routes: doing good, and screwing up. Even bringing in characters who were not seen in the show.
This is how I screwed up in Transformers Prime.
In Transformers Prime: Book 3 of 3.


11. Changes

.  . . September  . . .

"I finally found where the Author lives." A excited twenty one year old Willis Pharris stood at the front brown door.

Willis held two books--technically two copies--that had two unique titles and we can easily tell the second one is a newer installment because the title read 'Baufumers: Idiot humans'that has a strange bookcover. Willis presses the doorbell once then reached is hand away from the yellow lighted doorbell. He taps his shoe waiting for the writer to come. Then he held his hand out.

"It's not going to be weird." Willis reassured himself. "Just act casual."

The door opens, and lala,let's refer to the writer as Ivy. Regardless of the name she's used for her books.

"Another agent?" Ivy said, narrowing her eyes.  "I told ya. No more books. I don't care if the director who's making my first book into a movie is dead. Just stop coming to me."

Willis held his hand out  as his face did not falter.

"I'm not an agent." Willis said.  "I'm a fan."

"You look like an agent." Ivy observes.

"I knew the suit was too business." Willis said, with a disapointed sigh to himself. "I'm not putting down my hand until I get a handshake."

"Just a handshake?" Ivy asks.

"Among other things." Willis said, his hand still out. "I've never shook the hand of a famous author."

Ivy reluctantly shook his hand.

"My life is complete." Willis said,after they stopped the handshake. "I love how you ended the first book.The bad guys didn't change a bit--"

"They were static characters." Ivy said.  "So of course they didn't change."

"But how did you write the amazing last scene with Megsypatronus?" Willis asks.

Ivy smiles at his little question and takes a step to the side of the door. 

"Come in." Ivy said. "I can tell you have more than one question on your mind."

Our scene changes to the living room about ten minutes later; Willis has a noteboook with a black pen. The Television is off. The temperature in the room feels fine enough to go on television marathon spree. Ivy sat in her comfortable pink couch while Wilis is sitting in the chair with a not-so-nice-curshion. We see the two open books with Ivy's signature on the page that had the title. 

"How did you write the last scene with the crew?" Willis asks.

"I listened to music." Ivy said.

"Music?" Willis repeats.

"I love Rock 'n Roll." Ivy said.  "It's a good song by Joan Jett." She lowers her eyes down to her hands. "I thought about their gigantic ship. Next up was to imagine watching a movie.Last I had to imagine humans coming into their doom."

Willis's mouth slightly opens.

"I thought they were going to make discoveries about their own creations." Willis said.

Ivy's eyes glance away from her hands.

"Book 2 continued off from the doomed human's death." Ivy said. "I'm surprised all their talks about killing humans didn't ring a bell." She raises an eyebrow.  "You must have been too distracted by their recent new teammate."

"C-Four." Willis said.

"A stubborn Baufumer." Ivy adds with a fond smile. "One of the most complex characters I've written."

Willis rubs his chin while his other hand wrote what Ivy had told him. It seemed to Ivy that he was skilled in multitasking several tasks. She hadn't seen someone do two things at once without being the one doing it.

"But the last line in the first book." Willis said. "Was that original or a quote you came across?"

"There are different sides to the story of being evil." Ivy said the quote.  "I came up with it myself."

"I've been dying to ask; where did you get the inspiration for 'Baufumers'?" Willis asks.

Ivy looks to her left, thinking how to answer this seemingly simple question. Willis stops writing on the paper. No one's ever asked this question,Ivy thought about it, Perhaps I should tell the truth. Ivy looks up from her left.

"Experiance." Ivy said.

We see the images of a much younger Ivy meaping across from  Knock Out and Starscream, others showing her using a vehicon to run away from a furious Knock Out,Ivy meeting Megatron for the first time--one that had Megatron's cannon aimed at her--aboard the nemesis, Ivy painting Soundwave's viscard, her using Starscream as a doll, and her peeling off the blue paint from Knock Out's armor.

"Experience?" Willis asks, raising a brow.

Ivy nods.

"Yes." Ivy said. "Experience. And  life itself. You can say the news inspired it."

"The news  .  . " Willis said, jotting down the reply.  "And what about the previous Movie Director?"

"Oh him." Ivy said, with a little cherry smile. "He's dead."

"And you're happy about it." Willis said, a bit startled by her happy face

"No." Ivy said. "I know who did it." She shook her hand.  "I didn't do it. I'm not happy about the death. There's a big difference between knowing and being happy." Ivy picks up the first book and then flips through it.  "One story condensed into words."

"A awesome action packed one." Willis said.

Ivy looks up from the book.

"The story for Baufumers ended in the second book." Ivy said, putting down the book on the table near the second one.Willis's face becomes full of dread and  'no, that can't be'.  "The story lives on through other people. Hollywood, by the end of 2020, will have more books or different iterations of this story. Or by that time it will have never had existed."

___                                                             ___

. . . November 18th  .  .   .

I swear getting Megatron irritated and furious from not learning my name is the funniest thing ever.Well it is when you have a handy dandy partner around who can come interrupt a confrontation between you and a very dangerous Decepticon.You see; Megatron and Starscream somehow managed to corner me and Ironhide off from the others.

"Do you think we lost them?" I ask, feeling scared.

"I don't see their energy signatures." Ironhide said, as we were hiding behind this huge tall wall like mountain part. "This must be how Team Mech felt being hunted down by the Decepticons."

I glance up to Ironhide.

"Tea-t-tea-t-eam Mech is dead?"  I ask, stuttering.

"Their base was destroyed." Ironhide said. 

"Since when did that happen?" I ask.

"October 31st." Ironhide said. "When you kept insisting to take everyone out on Trick Or Treating."

And then there were blasts. Ironhide shot back at whoever was firing at us, and so, we went into this cave.

"When's the slagging bridge gonna be fixed?" I ask, nearly slippping down the cave.

"With WheelJack on it," Ironhide said with a shrug.  "One earth year and two months."

We heard this loud explosion from the opening. Ironide and I got  separated in the ensuing chaos.This cave is very elaborate, maze like, even dark. For eleven months I hadn't been exposed to this much darkness, not since my optics had been returned. My senses went up.My headlights--on my chest, duh--powered on giving me a good view of the floor across. Bat screeches made it even more frightening.

I do not like bats.

"Dang." I said.  "It's clouding the energy signatures radar." Ironhide's signature isn't coming up. "Hide?"

My voice echoes back.

I came to a lighter room. Guess who I got pinned in the corner? You guess right; Megatron.

"Who are you." Megatron said, with a growl in his voice.

"That's the surprise." I said, my back  hitting the rough tough rocky wall.

Megatron narrows his optics at me.

"I do not like it when a Bot conceals their name for eleven earth months." Megatron said, his breath  brushes against my armor. Oh wait can breath brush against armor? Okay I don't give a rat's scrap about this. "Eleven earth months is too long."

"Ah." I slip out of the cornering space between me and him.  "You are very easy to irritate."

I was backing away from him. Who knew doing this for so long could be amusing?

"I'll show you who can get irritated!" Megatron declares, powering on his energon cannon.

I dodged his blast.

"Ah, so you want to frag me?" I randomly ask. I hope he gets delight from what I say next. "I'm hard to get, tyrant."

It was risky running away from a tyrant but it sure did turn out crazy fun. You see--without heels in, of course--I somehow managed to flip Starscream over right when running away from Megatron and smacked helms with him. Wow that really hurts my forehelm. The seeker groans rolling on he floor complaining about the pain rather than who inflicted his new feeling. I speeded off from the seeker.

"Ironhide, we should scan some bats!" I yell, hearing Ironhide's loud obvious feet.

"You've lost your processor, Pond." Ironhide said.  "I don't want to be a Cyberr-Organic."

"Temporally." I said. "And we'll get rid of the organic half after we're done hiding.I'm not the 'real' cybertronian standing right  here. Lett's face it; you can die,  I can't. Let's do this for the sake of your life before it's extinguished by Lord Megatron and his dumb aft commander in law."

We came to a understanding scanned some bats which actually helped us by sticking to the wall using our new taloned feet. Our wings also had these claws that dug into the ceiling. Watching Megatron and Starscream argue was one of the best  results we can ever get; besides Ironhide surviving this.

"What do you mean, " Megatron bellows. "By you LOST her."

"I lost her. " Starscream repeats.

"Did it involve smacking?" Megatron asks. "Spankscream."

"Hey!" Starscream interjects.  "Stop calling me by the fictional name."

"Nor is Pock Down  the real name to Knock Out." Megatron notes. "And you can stop calling Shockwave 'Jakebreak'."

Oh my primus; they've read my book.

"And it's Poundbreak, not Ponund Break." Starscream adds, folding his servos so lady-like. "You can really use a slow read into the book."

Megatron grabs Starscream by his wings.

"You lost the nameless femme." Megatron said. "That means you require some  form of 'common sense' beated into you." Megatron taps on the side of his helmet with a fearful Starscream in his grip.  "Cloud, bring us back."

And in a shining bright blue light; the duo were gone. Now we had to get rid of the organic halfs  with Wheeljack  and Ratchet as some form of help. But what I didn't get off my back was Ironhide asking me why the Decepticons were referring each other by different names. Lets say I  threw a book at Ironhide and suggested he read it.

_____                                  _______

On December 25th; things were bound to change. Not that I was there. But I am being the narrator for this part of a screwed up story. Anyway the scene is very basic because it's at the nemesis right at the place where Vehicons usually wrestle--the spot that once used to have a support group for me being around them--with legs or arms.

You can see they were uneasy.

"Someting does not feel right." Porcupine said.

"Hah." Lugnut laughs. "You're aboard the nemesis, nothing feels right."

"I mean by a gut feeling." Porcupine said.

This is when a space bridge appeared outta no where. In came Lockdown with a look of vengeance authority radiating off him. He walks out the space bridge followed by five Mech designed robots. One of them is clearly built from Optimus's parts. The last one has a significant resemblance to Breakdown except it was sinister.

"Your leader." Lockdown said.  "If you want your sparks spared; bring us to him."

Porcupine takes a step forward.

"You." Porcupine said.  "We'll never let you get to him without a fight."

"Fool." Lockdown said.  "You just making it harder for yourselves to be erased."

Lugnut, Blitzwing, Spoon, Cloud, and Chestnut take a step forward. There are others who take a stand  as well because they have sparks and certain amount of loyalty devoted to their cause. Not a bounty hunter can break this kind of case. Lockdown simply looks around like a piece of work taken out the assembly line. He held his hand up in the 'hold up' kind of fashion.

"You all want to die protecting your leader?"  Lockdown said.  "What a waste of resources."  He shook his helm while lowering his servo. "Attack then. And leave only Megatron for me. It's my job to do this part of Unicron's greater plan."

It's fair to say today was the day lives would be decided.

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