I screwed up in Transformers Prime

A typical Transfan can imagine becoming a Cyber-Organic and crossing over to the universe where their favorite version of Transformers exist for the best. Unlike what we all think could happen with the above; reality tell us there's two routes: doing good, and screwing up. Even bringing in characters who were not seen in the show.
This is how I screwed up in Transformers Prime.
In Transformers Prime: Book 3 of 3.


8. A TTyrants fury

.  .  . April 5th .  . .2012.

"Lord Megatron!" Starscream came running in holding a paperback book. "You must read this!"

Megatron turns away from the vehicons who had  he had been instructing specifically to do a task.

"I do not read books." Megatron said.

Starscream's excited face turns into the one that most transfans would pity. Or most likely find adorable.

"You should read it." Starscream said.  "It's about a couple younglings--that are human-- being sent into our universe; but, instead we are not properly called by our names. We're not gigantic robots in this." Starscream notes while holding the closed book. "We're machines that can become future-istic designed weapons and military transportation advanced."

"And?" Megatron asks.

"It's  very popular among the vehicons." Starscream said, holding the book up.  "It's called  'Why are we in Baufumers?'."

"Baufumers." Megatron repeats.

The name sounded silly when spoken out loud.

"Yes." Starscream said.

"Starscream, are you using this as an excuse to tell me Soundwave's signature has finally popped up?" Megatron asks, with a hint of a threatening growl in his voice.

"No." Starscream drew the  'o' in his reply.  "I am here to tell you; there's a variation of your name; Sir Megapatronus."

"Tell me, is your name worse than mine?" Megatron asks.

"It's Spankscream." Starscream said.  "I don't understand why they've made me a coward who'se so .  .  . weak." He shudders.  "I do know that Pock Down is Knock Out, FlapJack is BreakDown, Jakebreak is Shockwave, and Ponundbreak is Soundwave."

"And what are the humans name?" Megatron asks.

"Carah and Adam." Starscream said.  "Though Adam calls his sister 'Lokes' because she is very mischievous while he on the other is the least annoying one." Starscream opens the book to the middle of it.  "And says here that Carah is at least thirteen years old and Adam is eleven."

"And the vehicons are obsessed with this?" Megatron asks, finding this odd.

Starscream smiles a bit.

"Carah calls Megapatronus; Megsy the spatter, or, Meggsssy." Starscream teasingly said. "I can't blame you for trying to make the cyber-Organic Sleep." He sways his servos sideways earning a 'what?' glare from Megatron. "Carah's no different from Ivy's character; minus the 'can die part'."

"Give me it!" Megatron grabs the book and flips to the last chapter.

"You're missing out all the fun!" Starscream said.  "Forty-five chapters!"

Megatron looks up from the book.

"It's one hundred twenty five chapters." Megatron corrects Starscream, and he pauses for a minute there with his optics focused back on the book. "Spankscream."

"I am not ordering another copy." Starscream said.  "If you tear it up; you do it."  Starscream shook his servos. "I am not replacing it again."

Megatron frowns at the book and then begins on page one.He pushes Starscream out of his way to the floor. Megatron walks away from the seeker who had landed flat on his faceplate. Starscream gets up making a few complaints in Cybertronian about being shoved.Starscream looks towards the vehicons who hadn't left.

"It's forty five chapters." Starscream said. "Not one hundred  twenty-five chapters. That's how many pages there are in it."

.  . . Three megacycles later  .  .  .

"Why did the kids die?" Megatron asks Starscream, holding a crumbled up book.

They were at a round table eating some energon. Megatron's optics apparently were the ones that spilled out a mech who had recently became obsessed with a small book. His optics were stuck on Starscream like he had all the answers to his questions.

"You read it, lord Megatron." Starscream said, holding energon that resembled a hamburger. "You know what we know."

"I don't understand." Megatron said. "Their death was sudden."

Knock Out glances at the duo.

"They sacrificed themselves to stop a bomb." Knock Out said.  "And they did it all for the bad guys to live another solar cycle."

"But why the kids?" Megatron asks.

"They were dying." Knock Out said. "In chapter thirty two; Carah discovers she is getting weaker and weaker. Adam realizes this too in chapter thirty-nine. So they go to the Baufumer, Pock Down, who's a medical advanced war machine." Starscream takes a bite out of his energon hamburger. "They learn the hard truth. So they decide to make the best of it."

"By sacrificing themselves?" Megatron asks.

"No." Knock Out said.  "Remember the dark fume planet they encounter at chapter forty?" Megatron nods. "The villains on that planet are responsible for the bomb. It says so in the author's note."  Knock Out sadly sighs. "I do wish the story ended differently. I don't know how humans are going to be make the book into a movie."

"They're  . . what? " Megatron said.

"They're making a movie." Starscream said.  "And I heard they are changing everything." Poor Airachnid was siting there eating and so were the other Decepticons. Shockwave is still in his lab as usual. "They're make it one individual instead of two." Starscream held up two of his digits. "I heard it's going to become a chick flick."

The Decepticons all stared at Starscream.

"I don't see how they will make little Lokes into a character who falls for a Baufumer." Cloud the vehicon said from a different table across from the decepticons. "I mean come on, the book was about friendship and how being around fictional robotic characters can actually be fatal. It was a road trip that was full of laughs."

"Who is the director of the movie?" Megatron asks.

There was a brief period of silence.

"Mike Sand."  Spoon, a vehicon sitting beside Cloud, said.

"How the scrap did they find the author?" Airachnid finally asks. "I am not sure if DW Pond is a real person."

Megatron's optics glowed a brighter tune of red.

"Airachnid." Megatron said. "Take Cloud and the German Vehicon with you to pay this Mike Sand a visit." One can tell Megatron has an idea in mind.  "We wouldn't want our little secret be told in a romantic perspective."

.  .  . One Megacycle later,again  .  .  .

Megatron was rereading the book by this DW Pond. The writing to this story reflected over experiences that only one person could have encountered with the Decepticons minus the dark fume planet.Megatron was searching for subtle hints that indicated the author's real identity. How else would Starscream assume Megapatronus's interactions with Carah in chapter twelve where she couldn't sleep actually happened.

He came to a sound conclusion: Ivy.

The monitor in Megatron's room powered on.

"Lord Megatron." The screen blinks to life; displaying Shockwave being the caller.  "I have picked up Soundwave's signature in the cargo area of the nemeis."

Megatron lifts his helmet up from the book.

"After four earth months." Megatron said, with much hate in his voice. "He has returned." Megatron closes the book and puts it on the table beside his berth.  "I will deal with him. It took longer than expected for him to return."

Shockwave terminates his connection to the room.

Our scene transitions to the cargo room with a confused Soundwave. Soundwave didn't know why his space bridge portal made him wind up here. It's been five minute since Shockwave comn linked Megatron about his detected return.The doors swish open letting out cool harmless smoke drift into the room rom the  gap in the threshold. We see Megatron walk  through the threshold with his servos in fists.

"Soundwave." Megatron said.  "I've been waiting to get my servos on you."

Soundwave takes a step back.

"Question: why?" Soundwave asks.

"I do not tolerate it when one of my own takes part in  disrespecting the dead." Megatron said. "There's a fine line between making a cybertronian zombie and melting their bodies into metal." We see his canon powers up as the doors slowly come to close behind Megatron. "I will make it my mission you cannot open bridges anymore."

The next thing Soundwave knew, is that he was being held up by two vehicons by his arms.

"We're sending him into the shadowzone." Megatron instructs Knock Out.

"Shadowzone, what a poetic end." Knock Out notes, putting in the coordinates and the keystrokes to activate two space bridges.

"Drag him to the center." Megatron orders the vehicons.

We can see Soundave looks really beat up.We can tell his frame is damaged and covered in smoke from the beating inflicted by Megatron.His visor is nearly cracked in half.The two vehicons drag the nearly conscious mech to the middle. They dropped him flatly on the floor like he was dead weight left off from a abandoned shell.

"Request: No." Soundwave manages to speak, his arms trembling.

The vehicons went to the other side of the room away from the beaten up Decepticon.

"Isn't that Arcee said to you?" Megatron said. "Before you went over my instructions and worked with the humans."

"Reply: Merci." Soundwave said, lifting his helmet up. "She wanted merci."

Megatron gave the nod to Knock Out.

"Next time a prime is killed; there will be no humans involved." Megatron said. "And it won't end up with their shells be melted down."

"Request: Merci." Soundwave said.

"I will not give merci to you." Megatron said.

"Reply: Lockdown is back." Soundwave said. "Advise: don't interfere."

"Oh." Megatron said as the bridges appear at Soundwave's sides."Everyone involved with your disrespecting mission will be dead by the end of this stellar cycle."

With that Soundwave was taken away by the bridges.

"Who's the new communications specialist?" Knock Out said.

Megatron seems rather wise in his choice.

"Cloud." Megatron said as Knock Out's face became 'why him?' kind of look. "If anyone dares to return Soundwave from the Shadowzone." He shared a demeaning glare at the vehicons specifically. "You will answer to me. Let that be known; because death will be the punishment to retrieve him."

"Didn't Cloud spy on Ironhide for five stellar cycles?" Knock Out asks.

"No." Megatron said.  "That was Porcupine. He was spying on them for five earth weeks." He shook his helm. Knock Out's attention is caught at the mention of 'theme'. Since when did Ironhide have  a partner?, we can only assume that's what he had thought. "I do not see how you mix up these numbers." Megatron rolls an optic. "Ivy was right, you have a terrible sense of time."

Megatron walks away from Knock Out and so did the Vehicons

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