I screwed up in Transformers Prime

A typical Transfan can imagine becoming a Cyber-Organic and crossing over to the universe where their favorite version of Transformers exist for the best. Unlike what we all think could happen with the above; reality tell us there's two routes: doing good, and screwing up. Even bringing in characters who were not seen in the show.
This is how I screwed up in Transformers Prime.
In Transformers Prime: Book 3 of 3.


1. I screwed up

.  . . 2012.  . . January 10th .  . .

 .  . . Navada  . . . 

My body recovered, thankfully. I spent rest of the time in different European Countries exploring and wearing disguises so people wouldn't notice me. It was fairly fun to wear a Muslim thing so no one would see my face and beep at them. You don't know how fun it is until it happens.I didn't use the Muslim disguise all the fragging time; there is such things as costumes ya know. I treated the Muslim attire with respect that I didn't do silly things with it.

Anyway I finally returned from my five month long vacation.

"Hai Prime!" I greet the big truck that was at the airport doors.

Of course Optimus is in his truck mode with a hologram up.

"Who are you?" Optimus asks, with his passenger door open.

Oh yeah I apparently grew up  during my healing.

"Don't be a well grown idiot like the Decepticons!" I insult him while holding a big fragging suitcase in my arms. I didn't tow it out the airport; I CARRIED it out! "You know damn right who I fragging  am."

If he didn't look so hot as a thirty-nine year old looking man with a truck driver like persona about him; I probably wouldn't be so insulting to a man who's older than The Doctor. I mean come on he's older than a fictional character and should have some intelligence to recognize someone who's he is picking up.

"I need a hint." Optimus pleads.

"Optimus Prime, the  gigantic robot who's seen it all, DOESN'T REMEMBER HOW MANY PEOPLE KNOW WHERE HIS BASE IT?" I screech as people casually walk by. Stop and think; when you're here not there--frag." I rub my forehead. "I wasn't intending to fragging sing."

"Ivy?" Optimus said, with a 'are you serious?' look on his faceplate.

"Yes," I said, getting into the passenger seat. "Idiot."

I pull down my long yellow sleeves that had been up--carrying the luggage is a big problem when it's really heavy--and kept a strong clutch on the handle with my fingers. I heard  Optimus's holoform mutter 'I probably deserved that' like a man he is. I buckle up using the seatbelt. It felt so warm being inside the gigantic transformer who is the leader of all Autobots.

"How was Vacation?" Optimus asks.

"Saving the world numerous times under your noses." I said, shaking my head. "Quite fine."

"What?" Optimus said.

"Russia has some Cyber-Organics." I babble."And there are some in Japan, Hong Kong, and Britain too!'

"What?" Optimus repeats.

"I ain't the only Cyber-Organic, technically." I said.  "It feels much better walking around other than containing the knowledge I screwed up in Transformers Prime. .  . "  I paused. "I didn't tell you what I saw at Team Mech's base." I recognized a blue and black motorcycle following Optimus while leaning towards the window.  "I saw them dissecting Breakdown's shell."

"D.  .  . Disseecting Breakdown's shell?" Optimus asks.

I sigh looking down.

"Right." I said. "He wansn't supposed to be there when I came. He should'a became a different shell and brought back as Nemesis Prime." I clench my hands. "It's my fault he died early; I know it is, but I don't know how. "

"Why did you not tell us?" Optimus asks.

"I was a beeper." I said. "Remember, my voicebox was kind of broken."

Optims lightly laughs as the scenery turned from bright green grass  to a desert like climate.I had a bad feeling something is going to happen.I  guess Optimus must have read my face because what he said next could be a   shocker.

"I can tell when something is on your mind." Optimus said.

I sigh, loosening my grip on the luggage.

"There's a bad feeling in my Cyber-Spark." I said, in a low voice. "Something  .  .  .bad is gonna happen."

"How bad?" Optimus asks, his holoform glancing at me.

"Bad enough that it would require the Doctor to do The Big Bang twice." I said.

Optimus's holoform easily conveyed he didn't understand.

"Time Traveler, ye know?" I said, waving my free left hand. "Big blue telephone box bigger by the inside that's called the TARDIS? TARDIS means Time And Relative Dimension In Space. That was coined by Susan; ye know." I saw a 'I didn't know that' look in his eyes. "Now ye know!"

Optimus has one eye on the road as he tilts his head.

".  .  . Why do you sound Scottish?" Optimus asks.

Oh yikes; I've been around Sierra the Scottish flight attendant too long. Or maybe Sarah the Scottish Cyber Organic who's been leading her small rag-tag group of teenagers against whatever plot a group of British Cyber-Organics has to do on the animals. I did like Austin's--A Scottish Cyber Organic--Pet Pine Marten.

"Because Scottish is cool." I replied. "That was a joke!" I shook my hands. "I've been around a Scottish person for a awhile."

"Your Irish is actually better than your Scottish." Optimus notes, as he rolls down my window on the passenger side.

I slap my forehead.

"Where are ya gonna get this drilled in?" I ask while feeling the cool air beat against my face. "I am not Iwish!"

"You are not making a wish?" Optimus asks.

"I-r-ish." I said. "If ya hadn't noticed before; I have a terrible time pronouncing my 'r's and my 'w's."

".  . .So wait, that isn't an accent?" Optimus asks.

I sigh, shaking my head. I wanted to give him a Gibbs slap but that wouldn't be appropriate. He's a hologram; after all!

"How's the kids?" I ask.

"They've went up against a dinobot."Optimus said.

"Excuse me." I said, patting on my chest. "Did ya just say dinobot?"

I'm a sucker for dinosaurs.

"Yes, I did." Optimus said. Oh holy crikey! Grimlock exists in this universe; oh my primus oh my primus, oh my primus!  "And then there was British Predacon we went up against; he called himself 'Predaking'.The Decepticons were not willing to explain why he was attacking their base land HQ and had almost--"

"Base HQ?" I interrupt. "Was this base situated at a mountain? . .  . Or a mine."

"Neitherr." Optimus replied. "They had to  .  .  . ask for help." I hysterically laughed. "Kids won't recognize you." I chuckle. "We've recieved a transmission from Wheeljack. He's coming with a friend of his."

I raise eyebrows as my head is turned towards Optimus's holoform.

"He'll be landing in hour." Optimus said. 

I rub the top of my right hand--cause it's holding the luggage, duh--on my left hand with a devious grin. Optimus seemed to be amused by that look in my eyes. It  wasn't until we were in the desert area--where I can spot a nearby cave--that this dangerous and daunting gut feeling whacked me in the stomach. I didn't feel so good.

"Are you sick?" Optimus asks.

"She's faking it." I heard Arcee driving beside Optimus. "She did that last time to me."

I felt shaky.

"I hate this gut feeling." I complain.

Whatever happened next might forever change Transformers Prime.

"Gut feeling?" Arcee replied. "Why has her lying become terrible?"

"It's not a lie."" Optimus said. "It's the truth. Honesty is her way out."

And then something struck near Arcee. I can tell because of the smoke--a bad kind of smoke! Optimus transforms into his robot mode holding me in his gigantic and cold hard servo.Part of Arcee's leg was missing.The blue pouring liquid leaked from her cybetronian exposed leg. She took out her weapon.There were more gigantic pillar shaped items coming towards us. I squeezed my eyes shut as some more disturbing crashing like sounds came. I was sent tumbling down left but my body hit some form of wall that prevented me from falling over.

My grip is very strong on the luggage that holds everything from my vacation.

Optimus yelled something that I could not catch.

I heard chopper like sounds in the air.  Then there was running. What the hell is happening? Don't open your eyers!, I warn  myself, It might be bad!  This is the only time I wished my eyes weren't back in. Big huge crashing sounds met the ground--The sound meeting the floor became recognize-able as robot running. I was then sent flying into the air. Wait did Optimus just throw me for safety to somewhere?

And then I whished past something hard probably and landed on wet slipperly rock.

"Don't open them!" I out loud told myself.

But I opened them. I was in a  cave filled with sleeping bats. I saw a large smoke from the distance. There were flames that provoked this sickening, sad, silent moment from this cave.My cyber-heart is pounding as this sense of dread filled the air. My hand still clutched the luggage. I saw vehicles that were outfitted with weapons heading towards it. It felt like the titanic had sunk again, this time with Jack and Rose together. It didn't make me feel good remembering the image of two old people--probably eternal love-birds-- holding hands while sleeping on the bed as water slipped into their room. Oh my god I feel so sad.


That's when Soundwave crashed in the cave's opening.

"Mission: Kill mistake." Soundwave said.

Wow, that's changed. I wonder if he realized I was the one who messed up his viscard about three years ago. Wait.  .  . .Oh I remember what Megatron said aboard the Nemesis to the Vehicons and the Decepticons. I crawled back feeling my black coat drag against the floor. My luggage still had a tight grip.

"Um."  I hold up a finger. "I'm an accident made in the cornfield."

Soundwave has a 'I hate you' emote on his viscard.

"No seriously!" I emphasize. "I was made in a car in the middle of a cornfield! I am a accident; so, I'm not your mistake!" I stood up on my two feet. Where did I get this knowledge outta a sudden? I had this nagging fear behind me.  "Now," I growled. "Take," my voice became deeper. "That," my fingers became longer. "Back!"

And then I slapped his face with his own foot.

See? I can still take care of myself. I won't let Optimus Prime down! I won't let them down for saving me.

I won't screw up Prime's life-saving move.

"Statement: Prepare to die." Soundwave grabs under the cave's opening and yanked it off.

Oh yay Bats flying in my directions.

"Bats!" I yell, turning around from Squid face. "Bye!"

I ran far as my legs could take me down the tunnel. I got sweaty. I had this sad feeling lingering in my cyber-heart.

"Keep holding on." I sang to myself. "Cause we'll make it through. When it gets cold, and it's the end. I'll take your hand,and get us through." I nearly slipped on the floor but the bullied victim side of me kept insisting not to give up.That's the quote belonging to Transformers Animated Patrol Bumblebee 'Never give up!'. 

I fell down straight on my butt and was sent sliding down the perfectly flat lane in the cave.

"WOOOHOO!" I holler. "This is awesome!"

I poked at my left hand hoping it could bring up a map. That's exactly what my hand did: It brought up a map to the cave. It even had directions to the base through this large cave that conveniently had connections everywhere in Navada.During my vacation from Navada; I remember a dream where  TailGate said something about being the one who will guide Arcee to the Well. Who's gonna lead the Autobots now that .  .  .Optimus is dead.

I screwed up in Transformers Prime, badly.

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