Leads to You {Book 3}

I was pregnant with a mobster's kids who suddenly wants to be the caring guy he should've been for the past year. Now it's my turn to play with fire.

{By Popular Demand for the third book of The Harry's Gift. Must read Harry's Gift, then Dark Inside to understand.}


1. Chapter One



I breathed in heavily as I stood outside his house. By 'his,' I mean the monster player with amazingly good hair. Focus! Focus! I shake my head and sighed.I pressed the door-bell waiting patiently.


"It'll be alright," I smooth out my hair and clothes.

A few minutes later, a blonde Barbie answered the door."Who are you?" She said in her high pitched voice. I peeped my head inside looking around,"Where's Harry?"She rolled her eyes,"I'm guessing you were a one night stand, he's upstairs getting ready for our date."

"Thanks," I slipped my shoes off in the house I was once held hostage in.Taking two steps at a time, breathing heavily because of my stomach I made it to the room I still have nightmares about.

I gently knocked on the door, "Come in," a raspy voice answered. Turning the doorknob carefully, I stepped inside the once familiar room with Harry sprawled across the bed texting. He gazed at his IPhone then at me, with his eyes growing larger by the minute.

"Francesca? What the hell?"

Harry came closer getting a better look at me."It's really you, you look gorgeous as ever," he said pulling a strand behind my ear.

All of a sudden, a smirk was painted on his face."You want me back?" I groaned. His ego was as big as ever.

"No pervert, I actually came here because I have something to tell you."

"I'm pregnant." I spit it out.

"Very funny you must be that desperate, hm?" He said crossing his arms. I glared, "Believe the shit you want." I rummaged through my purse, pulling out the pregnancy test. He looked and it and then at me laughing hysterically."How the fuck did this happen? I knew I was pretty decent not to sexually abuse you, but how? I had you on birth control? Tell me how the hell did this happen?" This was getting to the point where Harry was yelling. I backed away, "I didn't take them cause I thought you wanted me dead at the time." Shit. I face palmed myself. I hadn't wanted to take them cause I wanted to actually have a little girl or boy. Harry pulled out a flask. He pointed to the door."Get out, before I hurt you."





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