Big Change

What if someone knocks on your door at 3 am in the morning? Would you open the door or not? You better do because otherwise you'll never know who was knocking and it might change your life forever.


2. Chapter 2

The sun starts shining and lights up my whole room. It's 8:00 am, we only slept for like 3 hours. Yes 'we', Beau stayed here for the night, no we didn't sleep in the same bed, don't worry. "Goodmorning" he says with a low, tired voice. "Morning" "thank you for letting me stay here for the night" "no problem, you're always welcome but I'm still wondering why you were hiding behind a car..." "I wanted to scare a fan, which really worked on you" *laughs*

The door of my room slowly opened and I see my mom standing in the hall way. "Anaïs? Who's in your room? Who are you taling too?" "Euhm mom this is Beau ...Beau Brooks ..." "Why is he in your room?" "Well he knocked on the door at 3:00 am, I couldn't leave him outside ... Don't worry nothing happened" "next time you come and ask" "yeah sure next time I'll wake you up at 3:00 am to tell you Beau Brooks will stay here for the night, you'll probably start laughing. I'm sure you would've believed me. Close the door please" Beau starts laughing. "Why are you laughing?" "Because you're hilarious" "oh ... Well I'm gonna get breakfast, you coming?" 

Beau left after breakfast, he took a taxi back to his hotel. He direct messaged me on twitter to thank me he could stay for the night. Apparently he first knocked on the neighbours door, which are really mean people. They got mad and told him to leave or they would call the cops. It would be hilarious if they would've called the cops but than he wouldn't be able to stay with me for the night. He told me not to post anything about it on twitter or any social network, I couldn't tell anyone which is really hard because I wanna tell everyone about it. But I understand why I can't, I will forever be wondering how Beau knew there lived a janoskianator in my house ... how did he even find it?

My phone lights up and I see I have a direct message of Luke Brooks. What? Luke? Luke messaged me? I open the message which says "thanks for taking care of our sick cunt, nice shirt he's wearing." I gave him my shirt to wear because he asked for another shirt. His own was smelling bad because he was sweating a lot last night. No it's not a pink shirt with flowers, I gave him, it's a white shirt with "how to kiss a boy" written on it. I message Luke back "no problem, he almost gave me a heart attack tho, the shirt looks nice on him, don't you agree?" No Answer. I guess he went offline or gets to many messages so he hasn't seen mine yet. I go outside for a walk, the sky is as blue as the ocean and the sun is shining on my face. I lay myself in a grass field enjoying the silence and the sun. My phone lights up, luke messaged me back. "He looks more gay in it than he already is lol coming to the show tonight?" "Yeah I'm coming, I have a M&G." "Can't wait to meet you, Beau says you're a beautiful sweet girl, see you soon." I stand up and walk back to my house with a big smile on my face to make me ready for the show. I'm wearing my black dirty pig top with some shorts and black vans. I brush my long brown hair and keep it the way it is. Straight.  I go to the bathroom, brush my teeth and put on some make-up. I go to my parents room and I tell them I'm leaving for the show. "Alright, call us when the show is done." "Okay, see you later" 

A few hours later I arrive at the arena they will playing in tonight. I'm  really nervous to meet them, I don't know why. I already met Beau but I'm still so nervous. There aren't a lot of people at the arena yet, I'm guessing around 30. Everybody is standing around their tourbus hoping they will come outside, I'm not that smart but I don't think if everyone is standing around the bus that they will come outside. They would like to keep their arms and legs, crazy fans might take them. Some Chinese security guy comes out the bus and asks us to calm down and stop screaming, he said the boys will only come outside if we're quiet and not screaming. "The boys will come outside to go in the venue to change clothes, stay calm and no pictures." Everyone was quiet until Jai and Daniel came outside the bus. Everyone started screaming so loud, which I understand of course. I wasn't screaming, I was filming them. Jai and Daniel fast waved and disappeared in the venue. After a few minutes Luke, James and Beau also went inside. I don't think Beau saw me since I was standing behind a tall girl ... I'm meeting them in a few hours anyways.


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