You Can't Heal My Scars - AI

Gina Williams is made to move to Sydney, Australia with her father due to a unseen accident. Her father is the Co-manager of the pop-punk band 5 Seconds Of Summer and on ther first day of meeting them Gina accidently kisses the drummer, Ashton Irwin. A budding romance begins for the pair but soon breaks when the boys get asked to go on tour with 1D. While the boys and her father are away terrible things happen and Gina is left to fend for herself... The only way to get rid of her pain is the only way she knew how and that was to cut!


10. Chapter 9 - If push comes to pull

Chapter 9 - If push comes to pull


Luke's P.O.V

Well looks like I'm the only single guy left which is upsetting because I really did like Clara, she helped me get over Gina... well kind of... okay not by much but the sex was great. Speaking of sex Ashton at band practice the other day was gleaming and happy so him and Gina must have finally settled their problems from sexual intercourse... I thought I'd use big words to make me feel smarter but didn't work much. Meant to be meeting the lads today but their all having a couples day, I did get invited don't get me wrong but I don't wanna be seventh wheeling... Beep Beep... I look at the caller ID it's Gina. "Hello" I answer.

"Hey Luke I have someone I want you to meet?" she giggled.

"Who?" I asked

"You will like them" she replied.

"Can at least know their name" I questioned.

"Sure it's Faye Greenwood" she said hanging up.

Faye Greenwood isn't that ... Gina's cousin from England what is she doing in Australia. I pondered that question for while and finally decided to get dressed. I pulled my skinny jeans with hole in knee, my blink 182 tee and black canvas pumps and head for the door. Well today is going to be fun.


Faye's P.O.V:

Gina is meant to be setting me up with some guy called Luke Hemming from Ashton's band '5 Seconds Of Summer' but I never ever listened to their music and don't intend to because I'm not into shitty rock music like me ideotic cousin... tbh I like One Direction... Omg Harry Styles is so fit it's unbelievable. "Faye you ready to go yet... your taking forever" Gina yells.

"Haha no I haven't even done my hair yet" I replied. I quickly shoved my hair up in a high pony and headed to my wardrobe. I found my plaid shorts, skin coloured tights, Union Jack crop top and my black ankle boots and shove them on adding a few bangles and a pair of ear rings and set of down the stair but almost forgetting my phone that was on charge.

"Jesus Faye you take forever" Gina snarled.

"Sorry that my appearance in everything" I commented.

"Haha okay drama queen lets go before the world ends" Gina laughed. Omg Ashton and Gina make me wanna be sick with all their hugging and kissing tbh I wasn't even meant to be here but my dad aka Gina's uncle decides he wants to move back home and be with his family... great choice dad. I can't stand Gina as it is let alone hang with her crazy mates and boyfriend.


The drive was boring, I would rather of enjoyed flipping through last years mags. We reach Starbucks and Gina asked what drink I would like and I reply "a chocolate frappe please" it's weird how all of a sudden she's begin nice to me maybe I shouldn't be as mean to her as I used to be we have all grown up and she has gone through enough... wait when the hell did I care.


Gina's P.O.V:

I'm so glad I get to see Faye again I've missed her so much even though she doesn't like me doesn't mean I'm going to hate her. I arranged at day out with the gang and with Luke being the only single guy left in our group I thought id put Faye and Luke together as there both single well I think Faye is. When we arrived at Starbucks I offered to pay for Faye's drink and she replied "a chocolate frappe please". Wow she was polite to me which was weird. I reached the counter and the waitress said "What would you like ?? ... Wait your Ashton Irwin's girlfriend Gina Williams...".

"Yeah um can I have 1 chocolate frappe and 2 hot chocolates please" I smiled.

"So that's 1 chocolate frappe and 2 hot chocolate and could I have a picture with you and Ashton please" she asked.

"Yeah sure chick anything for my boys fans" I answer yelling Ashton over and the lovely girl took the picture and gave Ashton a smile. The waitress had lovely golden brown hair and big brown eyes and she was very polite. "Here are your drinks and that's £7.89" she gleamed. I handed her the money and took the drinks over to our table. "well she was nice" I laughed.

"yeah she was maybe she would like to join us later ?" Ashton replied.

"Thats a great idea. why dont you go ask her?" I nudged him and off he went. I looked at Faye who was slowly sipping her frappe. I do feel for her its wasnt long ago her dad sprung on her she was moving here so he could be close to his brother again. "Faye are you okay you seem down" I smiled.

"Its just I didnt want to come here to australia and my dad made me, I'm sorry for being mean to you lately" She appologised.

"its okay to be honest I didnt want to come here either" i admitted, "but then I met the lads and something made me change my mind"

"so whos this lad your setting me up with?" She asked.

"Luke Hemming, he should be here soon" I giggled... guess who walked through the door as I finished speaking... the boy himself Mr luke Hemming. Fayes eyes lite up as her eyes connected with his. Love at first sight.


Faye's P.O.V:

Omg when luke entered the cafe my mouth dropped. He's absolutely lush with his face blond hair and baby blue eyes. I think im falling for him already. Our eye connected and Gina let out a little smile as she saw what was going on. "Luke" Gina yelled. Luke headed over to us and gave a small smile.

"Hi... I'm... Luke... Hemming" He stuttered.

"Hi... Luke, I'm Faye" I replied keeping my eyes incontact with his. My cheeks began to burn and turn bright red. Luke let out a little giggle and I turned away. God damit I'm so embarresing. Luke went over to the counter and orded his drink and came and sat next to me.


An hour passed.

Luke and I began to talk and flirt and well just bounce off each other. He told me how all of the boys fancied Gina including himself which made me think what made her pick Ashton as Luke is dead handsome. I notice Gina waving over a very tall, dark haired girl and what I guess to be a kiwi guy and introduced them as Tina Jacks and Calum Hood. Then two more people walked in, they must be Kia and Michael. "So what do guys wanna do?" asked Michael whos hair was bright pink like cotton candy.

"Um... what about a huge sleepover at mine" suggests Ashton. We all agreed but I needed to ask my dad first so i decided to text him.

To dad:

Gina has invited me to a sleepover at ashton's house can I please go xxx

few seconds later he replied.

From dad:

As long as your with Gina and your safe xxx

I replied back instantly

To dad:

I promise i'll be safe and yes i'm with Gina and loads other okay, talk later xxx

my dad replied but I didnt read it and got into Lukes tattered up van as Gina, Ashton, Calum and Tina was in Ashtons and Michael and Kia was in Kia's and we couldnt leave Luke's car here so I offered to ride with him.


Ashton's P.O.V:

We reached my house, so me and Gina grabbed loads of pillow, quilets and stuff and got the living room sorted out. Luke and Faye are the last to turn up so Michael, Me and Calum all usher luke into the kitchin and confront him. "So what happened" I asked.

"Nothing why?" Luke questioned.

"What ever we all got here on time so why was you 20 minutes late" Calum pressured.

"Nothing I swear... I hate to admit this but I still like Gina" he sighed. I didn't attack him or anything as I knew he did but maybe Faye could help him get over her.

"At least give her a chance" Michael smiled.

"I'm gonna try okay but if push comes to pull I might not be able to" Luke bellowed and walked into the living room. Me and the lads followed behind him Luke went and sat next to Gina which kind of pissed me off but I wasn't going to show it so I went and sat next to Faye. "Hey" I said.

"Hi what do you want?" she snarled.

"To talk seen as Luke is talking to Gina" I sighed.

"Haha guess your jealous" she laughed, I nodded and she gave me a little smile.

"Hey what about we throw a little party" Calum yelled. We all agreed and headed into the basement to rob my mum's alcohol. we all grabbed a loads bottles, brought them into the kitchen and popped a few open.

"Let's get this party starting" screamed Michael. I ran into the living room and turned the music on.

"How about we play a drinking game" suggested Faye.

"Yeah" yelled the girls.

"Fuck yeah" yelled us lads.

"How about have you ever" Luke smiled and we all nodded,

"Okay the rules you only drink if you have done the thing asked so who's first" Luke explained.

"Me" laughed Michael

"Have you ever been tossed off by a member of 5SOS" Kia asked. Michael shook his head and Calum added "There's always time" making us all laugh.

"Gina have you ever thought about Luke naked" Michael asked. Gina downed the shot which shocked me and Luke.

"Okay Faye have you ever had multiple organisms" Gina questioned. Faye downed the shot which shocked Luke again. I couldn't help but laugh at Luke's reaction... looks like he is in for some good sex.

"Um... Ashton have you ever cheated on Gina" Faye smiled. I had to drink cause it's true I have even though we was on a break my pretended girlfriend still counts. Faye's mouth dropped to the ground and snarled at me.

"Calum have you ever slept with Tina" I added. Calum drank and Tina turned bright red haha cats out of the bag my friend. These drink game a went on for hours and by the end of it I think we all had to at least 15 shots each.



Gina's P.O.V:

After the drinking games we all headed into the Living room and snuggled up to each other on the floor and put on the smilier... again I absolutely hate this film. Luke was sat next to me and put his hand on mine which Ashton didn't notice because his attention was to the screen. I looked at Luke and whispered "What are you playing at".

"Nothing I just still like you" He replied.

"Luke please don't do this not here... Okay meet me in the garden in 2 minutes" I sighed because I knew what was going to happen with me and Luke but we couldn't help but have complicated feeling for each other. I got up and headed to the toilet which I actually did need and then went out to the garden. Not long after Luke showed up and we walked down the side of the house were it was dark and nobody could see us. "Right Luke I'm not going to lie I do like you but I love Ashton and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't cheat with your best friend girlfriend..." but before I could finish SMACK Luke's tender lips were on mine and we was I sync and I was kissing him back.

"Jump" he spoke. I did as he asked and wrapped my legs around his waist and his hands were placed firmly on my ass cheeks... Wait what am I doing... Ashton ... My boyfriend I can't do this to him... I love him but I like Luke as well. I pull away and let out a heavy sigh.

"what's up?" Luke asks.

"We can't... I can't... because of Ashton... I love him" I pant.

"But I love you" he admits. I unwrap my legs, head back inside and down loads of shots until I couldn't think or even stand anymore. The next minute I know is somebodies arms pick me up in bridal style, carry me into someone's room and place me on the bed. Before they left they place a gentle kiss on my lips and whisper "I'll wait for you because I will always love you not matter what".

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