You Can't Heal My Scars - AI

Gina Williams is made to move to Sydney, Australia with her father due to a unseen accident. Her father is the Co-manager of the pop-punk band 5 Seconds Of Summer and on ther first day of meeting them Gina accidently kisses the drummer, Ashton Irwin. A budding romance begins for the pair but soon breaks when the boys get asked to go on tour with 1D. While the boys and her father are away terrible things happen and Gina is left to fend for herself... The only way to get rid of her pain is the only way she knew how and that was to cut!


9. Chapter 8 - Come clean

Chapter 8 - Come clean


Ashton's P.O.V:

We got home and I asked Gina about what happened with luke at the airport and she explained that he was upset about Clara and asked is he could come and talk to her anytime.

"well was that kiss on is cheek for?" I questioned.

"To give him a helping hand god whats with all these question" She yelled.

"Nothing I just wondered okay" I shout.

"Sorry yelling" she appologised and headed to her room. I feel terrible as I'm doing it again, fucking things up for us. I need to appologise so I head up the stairs and about knock on the but it was already open and Gina was removing her shirt and revealed what looked to be scars and cut on her side. NO she hasn't .... she wouldnt ... but she has. Gina looks through the mirror and see's me looking and shoves a oversized shirt on. "Ashton before you ask it's not what it looks like?" she sighed.

"I've heard and said that before" I shrugged.

"Ashton let me explain please" She begged.

"Okay but I want the truth" with that she took a seat on the bed and offered me to sit next to her which I accepted.

"Right let me tell you how this whole business of me moving here happened.... A week before I moved here my mum and I got into a car accident which I caused and sadly my mum died because of a head injury. And before you say I didnt cause it I did because me and my mum was having a arguement and she wasnt paying no attention the road but her attention was on me instead." She cried. "And I have on and off nightmares of that day and thats when I started self harming before you left but things with Jenna made the cutting got worse and spread up to my arm, thighs and sides, I've had counciling and it didnt work so I'm hopeing you'll help me stop."

"Gina I had no idea you was doing this, you should of told me earlier I could of helped you!" I comfeted.

"I know I'm so sorry I didnt tell you please forgive me" She sobbed. I couldnt help but not forgive her as I loved this girl with my whole heart, she is me and I am her.

"I never hated you, and I couldnt hate you because I'm madly in love with you" I smiled. Gina looked up and kissed me and I kissed her back. Gina climbed on top of me so she was straddling my waist and planted sweet kiss on my neck until she found my sweet spot and started nibbling it.

"Gina?" I asked.

"Yep" she replied.

"You a .... Virgin" I questioned.

"No I'm not so I know what I'm doing and stop being so tense" She laughed and started kissing my sweet spot again. I gave in and flipped Gina over so I was on top of her. I kissed her lips and removed her shirt from her beautiful body even the scars looked like they was meant to be there. I moved down her body and kissed each scar and cut which made her giggle.


Gina's P.O.V:

I explained everything about my mother and Jenna and ashton replied "Gina I had no idea you was doing this, you should of told me earlier I could of helped you!". I felt so guilty for not telling him but I couldn't help but feel like a couldn't tell him because I didnt know how he going to react.

"I know I'm so sorry I didnt tell you please forgive me" I cried.

"I never hated you, and I couldnt hate you because i'm madly in love with you" he said making me blush. I couldnt help but look at him and place a wanted and needed kiss upon his lips and he kissed me back. I climbed onto his lap so I was straddling him, I began placing little kisses on his neck until I reached is weak spot. "Gina" He called.

"Yep" I answered.

"You a ... virgin" He asked.

"No I'm not so I know what I'm doing and stop being so tense" I laughed and kissed his weak spot again. I think he gave in because the next minutes I know he flipped me round so is body was over me and was pulling off my top to reveal my white blood splatter bra which he chuckled at. I felt really insecure but ash began kissing my scars and cut down my side which made me shocked. Ashton played with the top of my skinnies and unbuttoned them. I need him and I need him now. Ashton slowly revealed my blood splattered knicker and kissed each hip bone. "ASH I LOVE YOU" I screamed.

"I love you too" Ashton said slipping off my underwear leaving my bottom half showing. He parted my legs slightly and smiled. I gasped as his fingers were inserted inside me. "Ashton harder" I yelled.

"If you say so" He smiled pumping his fingers harder inside me. The pleasure kept building up and up until Ashton pulled out slowly and which made me loose my breath as he left me. "Why did you leave" I gasp. Ashton crawled back up the bed and uncliped my bra leaving my breasts exposed. I kissed Ashton's lips and pulled his top over his head. I ran my fingers over the outline of his abs and fiddled with the out line of his boxers that peeped from unders his jeans. "I want you" He spoked.

"Not more then me"I teased. I slide he jeans off and stroked his buldge which made him moan. I slipped my hand into his boxers and slowly moved my hand over his rock hard member. Ashton moaned louder and cuped my left breast squeezing it gentaly. I pumped my hand fast and hard over his penis making him moan loader with every movement. I pulled away and slide his boxers off him giving his extrance into me which he accapted but not before he pulled a sliver packet of the side and opened it "we don't want no problems" He smiled.

"good point" I laughed. Ashton put on the condom and entered me with ease, He started grinding slowly but when we boths started getting into the hang of it, he began moving harder and faster, making me moan and scream out his name. I wanted so much more and I didn't want it to end but I was close to the peek of my climax, I had go let go at some point.

"Let go princess if your ready" Ashton smiled. I was ready so I did as he asked and before I realised Ashton was pounding fast and hard making me cum again and again. Ashton finally came, pulling out of me tying the top of the used condom and threw it in the bin.

"Well you were just perfect"He smiled.

"Not bad your self, I've waited your agers for you" I giggled.

We crawled under the quilt and Ashton wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into him "I love you so much and I'm so glad we're back together" He said nuzzling into my neck.

"I love you too and don't ever leave me again" I replied. He nodded and fell asleep soon after he closed his eyes. "forever and ever I'll love you" I whispered to myself and closed my sleepy eyes.

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