You Can't Heal My Scars - AI

Gina Williams is made to move to Sydney, Australia with her father due to a unseen accident. Her father is the Co-manager of the pop-punk band 5 Seconds Of Summer and on ther first day of meeting them Gina accidently kisses the drummer, Ashton Irwin. A budding romance begins for the pair but soon breaks when the boys get asked to go on tour with 1D. While the boys and her father are away terrible things happen and Gina is left to fend for herself... The only way to get rid of her pain is the only way she knew how and that was to cut!


8. Chapter 7 - Months without you

Chapter 7 - Months without you

Gina's P.O.V

It's been 3 week since Ashton left for his tour and we've skyped and talked but it doesnt feel the same with out him here. Oh don't get me started on thet stupid bitch Jenna, she thinks so owns me plus dont get me started on how many times she's slapped me and throw stuff at me because I wouldn't do as she told me. It's got that bad i've dropped out of school and my self harm has become worse it's all over my legs and arms and even on my sides.I look terrible. "GINA GET DOWN HERE NOW" the bitch shouts.

"FUCK OFF" I reply.





"GET DOWN HERE NOW YOU FAT UNGLY CUNT" She called thats it nobody call me a cunt. I storm down stairs and is greeted by a very unlikeable person.

"Finally the basterd arrives" she laughed. I clench my fist, swing for her but she moves out of the way and I punch the wall.... Fuck that hurts, Jenna laughs but my fist is stil clenched and I swing again this time it connects with her jaw.... Yes the bitch is down. something grabs my foot and I fall down onto the fall. CRACK. Jenna removes her hand from my face to recieve a another punch this time harder and she flys backwards.My phone begins to ring the caller id is my dad's picture "Hello dad, Can you come home now because your stupid fiancé has just slapped me across my face and called my a fat ugly cunt and a basterd" I pant.

"Um about that no and I doubt she did that" He spoke.

"Well when you get home you'll see the damage as she is on the floor passed out and yeah I forgot to added I punched her and broke my fucking hand because of her. so you have a choice her or your daughter" I hue.

"Gina don't be like that as I love the both of you." He sighed.

"Your telling me you love a women who beats up your daughter when your not around. WOW YOUR SUCH A GREAT DAD" I mumbled.

"GINA" he yelled before I put down the phone.

I desided to phone the poilce about this violence and they said they would be around in about 10-20 minutes so I though I'd ring Kia and Tina and tell them about whats happend. Oh yeah Tina and I have become really close and hopefully she will get with Luke or Calum. The police eventually turned upto a angry 18 year old and a passed out 30 year old on the floor. "I guess your Gina the one who called up?" the policewomen asked.

"Yeah and that Jenna my future step-mum" I sighed.

Jenna started stearing and finally woke up to police men handcuffing her hands behind her back. "What the hell is this" she questioned.

"You being arrested anything you can say, will be used against you in court" The policeman explained. I smiled and let out a huge breath of relief. The police women had rang an ambulance to come and examine my hand and turns out I've broke 3 knuckles and faractured 1. I looked at my phone I had 17 missed calls and 2 texts from my dad and 4 texts from Ashton.

I read the two from my dad:

Text 1:

Gina I'm so sorry. I sould have never left you with that horrible women, I'm ending it for good and i'm so sorry you got hurt. Forgive me please.

Love dad.

Text 2:

I'm getting on the next flight to sydney and i'm coming home for good. see ya soon

love dad.

I replied back:

It's okay I've broke 3 knuckles and fractured 1 and Jenna has been locked up and is in court next week for her trial and your forgiven.

Love Gina.

I began to read the messagers from ashton:

Text 1:

I love you and I'll be home soon so we can become and proper couple again.

Ashton <3

Text 2:

Your dad has just told me whats happend. I'm so sorry I couldn't be there to help you. I'm going to come straight home now the boys will understand.... Hopefully

Ash <3

Text 3:

Your dad wont let me leave to come home but I'll see you soon. we really need to talk as I need to know if your okay... text/ring me back please.

a very worrid Ashton <3

Text 4:

Gina please text me back because I'm very worrided and i need to know if your okay as your my everything and i meant it if anything has happened to you I'll hate my self for life.

A very anxious Ash <3

I replied back to Ashton:

I'm okay just 3 broken knuckles and 1 fractured one and I miss you too, you dont need to worry Jenna is in prison and my dad is on is way back so I'll see you a few month have fun.

love you lots Gina <3

with in minutes I resieved a text from Ashton.

From Ashton:

I proper miss you, turns out I'll be home soon enough. Ring me if you need me

Ash <3

I didnt reply as I knew he was busy. I'm so bored might invite the lasses over for a few drink and games. I grabbed my phone and text Tina and Kia

To Tina and Kia

Get your sexy asses over her for drinks and games :) xxxxx

With in 20 minutes the girls turn up with shit loads of alcohol and snacks...Lets get this party started. Hours passed and shit loads of alcohol has been drank Tina was laid on the kitchin table fast on and me and Kia was up still dancing when my dad walked in and looked at me shocked "Hey dad I've missed you" I said stumbling over to him.

"Hi Gina what happened?" He asked.

"With Jenna or this?" I answered.

"BOTH" he bellowed.

"Well I called the cops on Jenna and she's in prison and faces her trail next week and this I had a little party with me, Kia and Tina!" I replied.

"Tina who?" He sighed.

"The one passed out on the kitchin table" I smiled while pointing to a girl laid face first on the tabled.

"I'm going to bed night love" My dad laughed, "And save some alcohol for me".

"Will do" I giggled. Me and Kia began to clean up and move Tina to my bedroom. I turned on my laptop and called Ashton on skype about 8 times before he answered. "Hey hows it going?" I smiled.

"Okay did your dad get there safely" he replied.

"Yeah he got in about half an hour ago " I giggled

"Gina are you okay?" He questioned.

"Um...Yeah just abit drunk had a little party with the girls" I laughed but thats when I noticed and naked girl behind him and my eye began to tear up, "Who's that?"

"Gina it's not what it looks like?" He stuttered.

"Then what is it as it pretty much looks like a naked girl in you buncker and don't lie to me because I hate liers" I scream.

"She is my protend girlfriend while I'm here in the UK " he tried to explain.

"She looks a little bit more then protend dont you think?" I yell.

"She is protend but we accidently spelt together okay is that what you wanted" He shouts.

Tears are flooding down my face by this point and the 'protend girlfriend' wake up and kisses ashton on the cheek and says "Whos that babe?".

"That my .... well was soon to be girlfriend when I got back home but I guess I've fucked that up again" he sighs.

"Oh thats Gina the one your always talking about?" She spoked.

"Bye Ashton" I say hanging up on him. My heart feels like it's been ripped out of my chest and stabbed with a knife.

Ashton's P.O.V


I've done it again before I could finish explaining my self to Gina, she had already hung up and Jade (protend girlfriend) was getting herself dressed and about to leave, Great even my fake relationships fail. "Jade don't leave" I say.

"You do know that I thought this relationship was real right" she cried.

"No I didnt I thought you was doing it to get Aaron back" I sighed.

"Well at first yes but then I began getting feeling for you and I thought you did too" she said still walking off the bus. I did the only thing I new and pulled her back and kissed her, she kissed me back but I had to pull away because it didnt feel right.

"I'm sorry Jade but this doesnt feel right" I explain.

"No it's okay you still have feeling for Gina and she's one lucky girl" She smiles.

"I doubt I'll get her back now" I sob.

Jade leaved the bus and head to her hotel. I have to find away to make Gina forgive me but how.


I've been trying for the past week but Gina isnt replying to my texts or answering my calls. I dont know what to do anymore. Only 3 months left of this tour then I can go home and try to get Gina back well that is if she'll have me back. She's been talking to the lad but she's not said anthing about me or asked about me which sucks a bit. Lets just face it I'm never getting her back.

Gina's P.O.V

My dad has explained everything about Ashton and that Jade lass and I'm going to surprise him when he comes back from the tour because I'm going to run up to him and place a huge kiss onto is lips because these past 4 weeks have been the hardest and most painful ever. My dad found out about my self harm and now I'm in a councilling group which doesnt seem to helping because I'm still doing it eventhough my life seems okay at moment in time I can't stop doing it, It's like I'm addited to it or something. Jenna got sent down for child abuse and its aloud nowhere near me or my dad. "Gina come on its time" My dad yells upstairs.

"Coming but do I really have to go?" I ask.

"Yes because it's making you better"He smiles. You dont actually know that I'm getting better.

"Good point okay come on" I lie.

We got into the car and headed to the stupid meeting.


1 month later.

so all together the boys have been away for a total of 2 months and to be honest I don't know how I'm managing not to message or call Ashton. I actually picked up my phone about to ring him or do ring him but put it down straight away. I cant stand not talking to him it's killing me inside. I've finshed my counciling but I'm still cutting well I am from time to time when I have the nightmare but other then that I'm doing okay. Kia is still seeing Michael somehow which I still don't get how they've lasted but who know there is still 2 months left,


2 months later.

Kia's P.O.V

OMFG Michael is home today. we've texted, skyped, called each other everyday and i'm so excited about Gina's plan to surprise Ashton all the lads are in on it except Ashton of cause.I'm picking Gina and Tina up in about 15 minutes. Apparently Tina is getting stuck into Calum and Luke has a girlfriend who he met in england and is moving over here with us so that should be fun. I jump into a quick shower, Blow dry my hair, shove on my plaid shirt that Michael gave me, my black shorts and Black converse. Grab my cars keys and set off for the girls.


"Right all we need to do now is get to the airport" Gina smiled.

"Yep I can't wait" I screamed.

"Me to be honest I finally get to meet Calum and we all get to meet Lukes new girlf wait whats her name?" Tina laughed.

"Clara I think can't remember" Gina giggled.

The drive there was a lot longer then I expected but trying to get into the Airport was the main problem because everybody wanted us to sign and take photo's with them. Me and Gina did as many as possible then we heard all the fans scream and run over to the entrance.

Gina's P.O.V

It's time. I made my way through the group of fan and saw Calum, Luke and Michael all head out they smiled at me and mouthed the word "NOW" and thats what did i saw Ashton enter and sprinted into his arms and smacked a kiss onto him mouth. I opened my eyes and Ashton was looking at me in shock. He soon snapped out of it and kissed me back. "OMG I've missed you so much I can't believe you made me think you didnt love me no more" He cried. I began to cry and wrapped my arms tightly aroud his waist and smile.

"I love you so much, and don't ever leave me again okay" I demand.

"I promise." He smiled.

The lad greeted their fans and and took pictures and hugged them which didnt bother me and some fan even wanted picture well ones of me and Ashton, Micheal and Kia and to my surprise Calum and Tina. I looked around for Lukes new girlfriend but there was not sight of her so I went over and asked "Whats up luke you seem down".

"Clara isnt....I mean we aren't togther no more because she went back to her ex" He cried.

I placed my arms on his shoulder and said "I'll find you someone new and hopefuly someone better".

Luke smiled and spoke "What if the person I want is with your best friend".I knew who he meant and to be honest I've known for agers how he felt about me and I couldn't help but place and gentle kiss on cheek.

"You'll get her eventually if thing dont work out with them" I promised. Luke looked at me and sighed heavily.

"What if they never break up and I'm left waiting" He moaned.

"I promise you this that girl...I mean I have some feeling for you but not as strong as the one I have for Ash" I admit. Luke lets out a little smiled and giggles like a little girl.

"Really and I won't tell ashton if you don't want me too" he exhaled and I nod and whisper thanks into his ear. Ashton would kill me if he found out.


We got home and Ashton asked me what happened with luke at the airport and I explained that he was upset about Clara and asked is he could come and talk to me anytime.

"well was that kiss on is cheek for?" He questioned.

"To give him a helping hand god whats with all these question" I yell.

"Nothing I just wondered okay" He spat.

"Sorry yelling" I appologised and headed to my room to get dressd for bed when Ashton came and caught me taking off my top but also caught my cut and scars down my side. Shit I'm definately in the shit creek.

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