You Can't Heal My Scars - AI

Gina Williams is made to move to Sydney, Australia with her father due to a unseen accident. Her father is the Co-manager of the pop-punk band 5 Seconds Of Summer and on ther first day of meeting them Gina accidently kisses the drummer, Ashton Irwin. A budding romance begins for the pair but soon breaks when the boys get asked to go on tour with 1D. While the boys and her father are away terrible things happen and Gina is left to fend for herself... The only way to get rid of her pain is the only way she knew how and that was to cut!


6. Chapter 5 - First date plans out the window

Chapter 5 - First date plans out the window


Ashton's P.O.V:

I still can not get over the fact Gina agreed to be my girlfriend, I didnt think she felt the same way but that shocked me when she said "Yes". Can't wait to tell the lads there gonna be stoked and happy for me I hope... God I doubt everything.

"Ash you okay?" Gina asked squeezing my hand.

"Um... Yeah just thinking" I smiled.

"About... You dont have to tell me" She hesitated.

"Us and how the boys will reach when we tell them" I told.

"Shit yeah and my dad... I bet his facial expressions will be to die for" She laughed. OMG her laugh is so adorable at that thought I let out a little smile. We walked back into homeroom and appolgised for getting up a leaving but I explained that Gina needed to cool down and that she deeply sorry for what she said... Some how miss fell for it. Classic lie to teacher move. Gina took my hand and guided us back to our seat next to each other and were Gina had let her stuff.

"Gina that was classic" Kia laughed. Gina and Kia had a rate conversation about the whole thing this morning and how I asked her out and Kia replied "AW thats so cute Ash I didnt know you was the romantic type".

"Shut up...Any way Gina i'm taking out for our first date today well after we told your dad and the guys" I explained. She nodded and carried on talking to Kia.


At the end of school I met Gina at my car and she hugged me tightly and I just giggled "Whats that for?"

"I missed you" She smiled. I place a gentle kiss on her slightly chaped lips and got into the car. There was small talk about school and how her Kia became close and that she is the perfect match for Luke. Luke hasnt had a girlfriend since .... Aleisha but we never speak of her as she ... well ... forget I said anything.

"Ash you there" Gina laughed.

"Yeah got lost in my thouht again" I smiled.

"You know we've passed the house" She pointed out. I rotate the car and park outside Calum's house. Gina took my hand and pulled me up the drive way. I knocked at the door and Micheal opened it with a confused face while looking at our intwined fingers.

"Yes Mikey Its what it looks like" I said sarcasticaly.

"Since when??" He added.I mouthed the words now and headed to the living room where everyone else was. We entered and all the head drew out our hands... I'm dead.

"Hey dad... We have something to tell you" Gina said calmly.

"Your not pregnate are you?" He asked.

"Hell no but I am seeing Ashton" She smiled. I nodded and all the lads came up and congratulated us. "Well I'm so disappoint I didnt get I there first but good on ya mate" Luke admitted.

"Well done mate I'm happy for you" Calum sighed.

"Gina lets put it this way... we all liked you" Michael explained... Well arn't a lucky one. Gina laughed and gave all the lad a hug before James interupted by saying "Guess whos off on tour with 1D". WHAT... 1D want us on tour with them OMFG... YES....Wait gina I can't just leave her here. I looked at her face and her face was red and her eye was full of tears, I wrapped my arms around her and whisper "I won't go if you don't want me too".

She looked up and shaked her head and let a few more tear out and kissed my lips but this one was full of heartach. Michael suggested we did a Twitcam and we all agreed eventhough I didnt feel like doing one. Gina had left the room and want out side for some fresh air. What have I done, I promised not to put no more heart ach on this lovely girl.


Michael's P.O.V:

James had just annouce that were going on tour with 1 Direction and Gina's face just dropped, I feel so sorry for her as she and Ash just got together and now he's going to be leaving her for mouths. Tears began falling down her face and my heart broke for her. "Let do a twitcam our fans need to know" I spoke feeling excited but down. I logged on the computer and got the guys ready and Gina left with even more tears then before.


Gina's P.O.V:

He can't just leave me can he. 5 Seconds Of Summer on tour with 1 Direction that mean Ashton gone for mouths... Great but also my dad will have to go aswell so no dad either FFS this couldnt get any worse could it. Michael turns on the laptop and i head out into the garden and cried till there was nothing left but that did happen for what felt like forever. The twitcam must have ended because Calum came outside and I just wrapped my arms around his neck and cried into is shoulder "Everything will be okay Gina, I promise" He spoke.

"No it wont because I'll be left without not boyfriend and no dad" I cried. Calumed hugged me tighter and place a friendly kiss upon my head.

"Hey.. Listen i promise nowt will happen to your and Ashtons relationship as your my best mate and let be honest your my favourite thing thats ever happend to this band but don't the lad that" He laughed. I'm going to miss this lad so much he's my best mate out of the whole band but he was the only one who could make me happy other then Ash but i'm upset because Ash is leaving me. I began to cry again when I see him enter the garden. Calum kissed my head again and left me in Ashton's hands. "I'm sorry i have to leave you but..." He said before I inturpted "Theres no buts you have to go and i'll be left here on my own"

"Gina don't hate me but i was already in the band when you met me" He yelled. He's never yelled at me like that before and i couldnt help but begin to cry all over again... I had to get out if this situation and I stormed past Ash and into the house were calum was to give me a helping hand... well hug. I wrapped my arms tight aroud his waist and cried even harder then before. This is getting to much to handle.


Calum's P.O.V:


Fuck I'm going to be leaving my best friend behind and Ashton is going to be leaving his girlfriend... Shit is going to go down and I mean down. After the twitcam I headed outside to find Gina and help her. She was stood in the garden crying her little heart out. She must have heard me coming and turned around and slung her arms around my neck and cried into my shoulder. This broke my heart to see her in so much pain. "Everything will be okay Gina, I promise" I Promised.

"No it wont because I'll be left without not boyfriend and no dad" She cried. I hugged her tighter and place a kiss on her head because I hate seeing her upset and heartbroken.

"Hey.. Listen I promise nowt will happen to your and Ashtons relationship as your my best mate and let be honest your my favourite thing thats ever happend to this band but don't the lad that" I joked then I noticed Ash walk over so I gave her another kiss on her head and headed back inside. Michael and luke were wrestling on the floor and having a laugh when I entered the room.

"Is she okay?" Luke asked, Even luke is worried about and it's not just the fact he fancies the pants off the girl.

"She absolutly heartbroken and who can blame her" I sighed.

"Man,she my best mate and the only girl mate I have well theres calum but he doesnt count much" Michael teased. I punched his arm and he let out a painful ouch. I heard yelling from the garden and saw gina come running back into the house and somehow ran into my arms and began crying a lot worse then before. What the fuck has he done now the stupid Ideot.


Luke's P.O.V:

What the fuck does Ash think he's playing at yelling at Gina like that, I shove go up and punch him but he is my mate aswell... so I'm in a muddle. Sighs heavy.


Gina's P.O.V:

Dad took me home, I run upstair, take a shower and I need to wash the tear stains off my face. I towel dry my body and hair and shove it up in ponytail. Found my zombie Underwear and pj and put them then crawled into bed and cried my self to sleep. Today was terrible and heartbreaking day.


I wake up and the memories of yesterday's events come flooding back, I look at my phone and 12 Miss calls from Ashton plus 18 unread texts and 2 texts from calum, 1 from Michael and 4 from luke.

I read the ones from Luke.

Text 1 :

Everything will be okay Gina plus i'm always here for you, Ring/Text if you need me x

Text 2:

Your probably a sleep but Ashton is torn about everything that happened today and needs to talk to you ring him please x

Text 3:

Sorry if i'm anoying you but ring him up please xx

Text 4:

Goodnight Pumpkin xxx

I text him back :

Thanks for the messagers Luke and Morning :P xxx

I began to read the message from Michael :

I'll miss you Little Miss Gina Williams and don't forget our crazy plan for after :P xxxx

His message made me laugh and I replied :

I'll miss you too Mr Michael Clifford and I havent forgot :D xxxx

I got to Calums text and began to read them:

Text 1:


I'm going to miss you loads as your my best friends and the only one I can really talk to in the whole group. Promise me you won't forget me if ya do I don't know what i'll do.

Lots of love Calum xxxxxxx

Text 2:

Will you please pick up Ashtons phone calls as her really panicing about you xxxxxx

I replied back to his texts :

I'll miss you and I could never forget my best friend and I'll consider calling him back :'( xxxxxx

Got to Ashton texts and read them all but the most heartbreak of all was the last one he sent which was.

Text 18:

Dear Gina,

You may not want to talk to me ever again and may hate the ground i walk on but let me tell you this I will never forget you and i will always love you no matter what as your my one true love and if you read this text and can't find it in your heart to forgive well just know your always on my mind and in my heart until the day i die.

Goodnight Princess.

Love Ashton.

My heart began to flutter and my eye bagan to tear up again and everything I felt for this boy was flooding back, I was meant to be with him not matter what and if this means begin apart for months then I'll do it to be with the boy I love. I dieled his number on my phone and wait for him to answer "Hello".

"Ashton I forgive you no matter how hard I try the band will always come first and i can live with that but while your alway on tour i'm going to have to break up with you as long distance relationship never work and before we know it you'll be back in sydney and we will be together again. " I said then hung up the phone. That went well... I think.


Ashton's P.O.V:

What the fuck just happened did Gina just break up with me then said she will go back out with me when the tour is over... God that girl is so confusing but that what i love her about her and her wish is for us to be apart for this tour thats what has to happen even though II don't want it to it's the only thing that will keep us together hopefully.

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