You Can't Heal My Scars - AI

Gina Williams is made to move to Sydney, Australia with her father due to a unseen accident. Her father is the Co-manager of the pop-punk band 5 Seconds Of Summer and on ther first day of meeting them Gina accidently kisses the drummer, Ashton Irwin. A budding romance begins for the pair but soon breaks when the boys get asked to go on tour with 1D. While the boys and her father are away terrible things happen and Gina is left to fend for herself... The only way to get rid of her pain is the only way she knew how and that was to cut!


15. Chapter 14 - Decision time

Chapter 14 - Decision time


Gina's P.O.V:

It's been a week since I last saw Ashton and the guys to be honest I think it's been that long since I've seen my dad because all I've done is lock myself in my room and had my phone switched off and laptop hidden so I couldn't contact nobody so that I could think about what I want. Tomorrow is the day they leave for tour and I still haven't decided what I want. I miss Ashton so much but I still feel like I'm ruining the relationship cause of my stupid insecurity, depression and constant suicide attempts. My doctor has been checking up on me and he said that I'm doing the right thing by thinking things through but something's are too difficult to just give up like this situation with me and Ashton. Someone knocks on my door and I say "I'm not hungry dad".

"It's not your dad... it's calum" he replies.

"Go away"I say harshly but not meaning it.

"I'm coming in anyway" he says opening the door. His face is a sight for soar eyes... My eyes begin to tear up and loads of emotions come rushing to me like heartbreak and happiness but mostly me missing him. The tears begin to stream down my face and Calum sprints over and wraps his arms around me. "Gina I've missed you like mad why haven't you answered your phone we're all worried some more then other but we're worried" Calum cried.

"I so sorry for worrying you all but I had to think about Ashton, about life" I wailed.

"So what have you decided?" he asks pulling away from the hug.

"That I haven't decided" I sigh.

"Why Gina we all need some answers, Ashton mostly... you do realise that he hasn't been his self since you told him you needed to think about everything he hasn't even been to band practice it's that bad" He claimed.

"Don't give me the sympathy trick it don't work as I invented it" I laugh, Calum's also let's out a little giggle.

"Will you at least come with us and see how things go but if it doesn't you can come straight back on the next flight here" he asks politely which I nodded too.

"Okay but you can't let Ashton know because I want it to be a surprise and I'll be the last there what time do you leave from yours?" I question.

"Seven so come round about six fifty and Gina your going to give them a shock and I won't tell anyone not even your dad okay" he promises, I nodded and began to repack my stuff.


I've packed and got into a shower as I smell like sewage water. After the shower i tie my wet hair into a pony and let it dry natural, put on my pjs and crawl back into bed, I switch on my phone and find 120 missed calls and 250 unread messages from the guys. I delete every single one as I don't want to get cold feet this far into my decision.


Ashton's P.O.V:


For fuck sake that is all I can think about, her nothing else just her and yeah my band is going I tour tomorrow and maybe she might turn up but there is more chance of her not as I think she has just have up on us and everybody... Calum says he's going to see her today but I doubt she will let him in as she won't even speak to her dad... to be honest I think the only person who has spoken to her is her doctor and he won't tell me nothing as it's patient confidentiality... hurray doctors rules suck. Better gets some sleep as tomorrow is the start of a new life for me as a single person.


I've arrived at Calum's and our tour bus will arrive soon... well hopefully. it's six fifteen and no Gina... I might as well just give up now. James turns up with nobody in the passenger seat and shakes his head at me. "Sorry mate she still hasn't come out of her room" James sighs.

"It's okay... just proves it wasn't meant to be and Calum you sure she said she hadn't decided" I ask.

"Yeah mate I'm really sorry" He smiled weakly. The tour bus turns up and we sort ourselves out like where we are all sleeping (Luke, Mikey, Faye and Kia top bunks, Me, Calum and Jade middle bunks and James take one of the bottomed ones) and shove out suitcases into the trunk of the bus and get comfy. I leave everybody in the living room area and head straight to bed as I'm not in the mood for people today. I was just about to drop off when I hear screaming and yelling. "shut up as I'm trying to sleep" I yell.

"Ashton get your fucking ass out here now" luke replies.

"Why I bet it's nothing special" I sigh.

"ASHTON GET HERE NOW" Michaels shouts. I hop out of my bunk and walking into the living room/ kitchen area and behind all the people on this bus I notice a very small, hourglass figure "Have you missed me" she speaks.

"Have I missed you" I say with tears streaming down my face and I'm not the only one as all the girls and James are even crying.

"Come here you stupid fool" she says wrapping her arms around me, I squeeze her tightly so I know this isn't a dream and pull away to looking into them deep blue eyes I've missed so much.

"Gina... I love you so much please don't put me through that much pain again as I almost died without you" I cried.

"I love you so much and I promise I'll try not to and before you ask yes Calum was in it" she smiled as her eyes a began to water.

"Calum I'll get you and thanks this is the greatest surprise ever... give me them lips I've missed so much" I demand. Gina pulls me in and plants her lips straight onto mine and we're in perfect sync like always. The guys begin to make vomiting noises and "Awh" sound but we don't pull away. Until Steve our drive yells "Ready guys"

"Yeah" we all scream and we set of for our perfect tour ever. I help Gina with her stuff and she asks "Do you wanna share the bedroom with me??".

"Nothing would make me any happier" I smile and begin to my stuff from my bunk into the bedroom.

"Good as I've missed sharing a bed who you" she teased.

"I've missed everything about you" I reply trying to be romantic.

"Ashton... promise you'll help me through this journey I'm on won't you" she questions.

"Sure Gina... forever and ever" I answer while wrapping my arms around her waist from behind. "I love you" I say kissing her cheek.

"I love you too" she replies.


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