You Can't Heal My Scars - AI

Gina Williams is made to move to Sydney, Australia with her father due to a unseen accident. Her father is the Co-manager of the pop-punk band 5 Seconds Of Summer and on ther first day of meeting them Gina accidently kisses the drummer, Ashton Irwin. A budding romance begins for the pair but soon breaks when the boys get asked to go on tour with 1D. While the boys and her father are away terrible things happen and Gina is left to fend for herself... The only way to get rid of her pain is the only way she knew how and that was to cut!


12. Chapter 11 - Time flys when your having fun (part 1)

Chapter 11 - Time flys when your having fun (part 1)


Ashton's P.O.V:

So yesterday James told us that we were going on a tour around australia and that the girls can come with us but I have this strange feeling something is going to go wrong before we even get to go on the tour. I walk into the bathroom and turn on the shower. "Ashton hurry up in the shower, I need to get in" Gina yelled from the other side of the door. James also aloud me to stop at their which was cool.

"Well you can join me if you want" I reply.

"Don't tempt me" She giggled. I opened the door and pulled her into the bathroom then slammed the door shut. Gina laughed and kissed my on the lips.

"You do know that I really do love you" I smiled.

"I love you too" She said placing a kiss upon my lips. I kissed her back and the kiss became more passionate and sexual. I removed Gina's top and skinny joggers breaking the kiss to look at her beautiful. She laughed and pulled my shirt over my head while rubbing her hand over the bulge in my pants. I pull down my boxers and climb into the shower. Gina slowly pulls off her underwear trying to tease me and get into the shower with me. "Well look whos grinning like a cheshire cat" She laughed at the huge smiled on my face.

"Shut up and kiss me" I demanded. She did as she was told and smack her lips upon mine. The hot steaming water covered our bodies as i picked her up and thrusted her body against the shower wall. "ASHTON GINA HURRY UP AND YOU BETTER NOT BE DOING ANYTHING FUNNY IN THERE" James yelled.

I put Gina down and help clean her body. "Thanks Ashton your the only one who is helping me get over the accident and Jenna" She smiled.

"Thats what I'm here for and plus I'd be a shit boyfriend if I didnt look after my princess" I replied.

We finished in the shower and headed into her bedroom to get dressed.


Gina's P.O.V:

I can't believe I'm going on tour with the lad and that Ashton is madly in love with me after everything i've put him through. I quickly blow dry my hair and straighten it. Ashton looks so god dam sexy in his skinny jeans, loose vest top and canvas pumps. I apply a little amout of make-up conceler, foundation and mascara and eyeliner. I hunt in my wardrobe for my blink 182 top but I couldnt find it so I shoved on my purple high-waisted Leggins, my Union Jack crop top, black biker jacket and converse. I got hold of Ashtons hand and we headed down stairs and into dads car. "Where are we going dad" I asked.

"Well I'm dropping you and Ash at Michaels as you guys are meant to be hanging out and I'm off shopping" he replied.

"Okay sounds fun to me" I giggled.

"God your so cute" Ashton teased.

"Shut up Irwin or I'll kick you" I messed out.

"Bring it on little ass" he joked, I punch him and he began tickling me which made me squirm and wriggle about like a worm.

"Act your age please... GINA... ASHTON" my dad yelled.

"Hmm" Me and Ashton said at the same time. My dad just laugh and added "Were here anyway see you later"

"Bye dad" I replied taking Ashtons hand. Ashton opens the door and pulls me into the living room where all the gang is. I gave everybody a hug and Calum smiled "so what are we doing today?"

"how about we go to the park for a picnic" Tina commented.

"sound like a great idea" Luke spoke.


We arrived at the park and it was completely empty "Gina race you to a swing" Calum smiled.

"Your on Hood" I joked.

"3...2...1...GO" We yelled.

I sprinted through the gates and up the hill to te swings. "I win" I panted.

"I let you win" Calum teased.

"Yeah okay Hood" I said catching my breath.

"Gina you do know Luke still likes you right and I can see him getting more and more heartbroken, Plus with Faye refusing to come out he doesnt know what to do anymore... I think you need to talk to him... I'll destract Ashton while you go have a convo with luke please" Calum explained. I havent talked to Luke properly since the party and let be honest I feel him pulling away from the boys and me. Calum grabbed the football and invited everybody for a kick about. Luke sat quietly on the matt and I sneeked up behind him and sat down.

"Sorry" I sighed.

"For what?" He asked.

"Fucking up your head and I'll get Faye to come out okay, I'll explain everything to her" I smiled slightly.

"Gina. I'm the one who should be sorry as I'm confusing your feeling... I know where I stand as your friend nothing more and nothing less... I will eventually get over you" He bellowed.

"Luke... I love you but I love Ashton more, just needed to tell you how I feel" I admitted.

"I know and I know you only love me as a friend so thanks for helping me understand" He said calmly. I gave him a big hug and kissed his cheek. Calum came over and asked if everything was okay and I just smiled and Luke nodded. Now time to text Faye

To Faye

Get you ass down here to the park as Luke is missing you loads and please forgive him, he can't help how he feels but he knows I'm completely head over heels in love with ashton xxx

I locked my phone when she replied back.

From Faye

Look behind you xxx

I turned round and noticed my very pretty cusian standing there, I jumped to my feet and wrapped my arms around her and whisper in her ear "Go up to Luke and kiss him, he needs you not me". She did as I asked and ran up to him and smacked her lips onto his. Looks like things will be getting better for our group.

1 week later....


Ashton's P.O.V:


shes been down all week. It happened after Luke got with Faye but I'm going to surprise Gina as we've never been on our first date ... EVER and I think this is the right time to do it as I feel like she is moving to fast away from my grip. ~PING~ goes my phone, I see a text from Gina wonder whats it says.

From Princess <3

Hiya Baby, whats are we doing today as Calum + Tina are going for a meal to talk out thier problems, Luke + Faye staying at mine watching films -which I don't want to be in the house for- and Michael + Kia have no plans for today xxxx <3 P.s I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK

To Princess <3

Hi and I was planning on spending to the day together but if you want we can go out with Mickey and Kia then we can do something tonite and I LOVE YOU TO PLUTO AND BACK xxxx <3

I'm guttered that I'm not speading the whole day with her but if she honestly wants to spend time with Mikey and Kia i'm cool with it. ~PING~ thats proably Gina or the lads. UNKNOWN number....

From unknown number

hey perfection, I know your coming to Perth you should come round and we will have fun.... :P

To unknown number

how did you get my number and who are you ???

From unknown number

a very old friend.... who you did everything with and I mean everything like loosing your virginity.... Haha x

To unknown number

Kayla how the fuck did you get my new number???

From Kayla

I have my ways babe talk to you soon as got people to see x

Shit why the fuck of all people has Kayla got my number... If Gina finds out I've been texting my ex she is going to flip. I delete the messagers and get dressed into my black skinny jeans, grey vest top and my black vans. Grabbed my car keys and set off to Gina's.

I arrived and beeped the horn, She came out wearing a leather skater skirt, 5sos bandtee which she turned into a crop top and studded ancle boots. "WOW princess" I smiled.

"Thanks not bad yourself baby" She teased. I gave her a quick kiss and we headed to Mikey' house. I beeped the horn again, Michael and Kia walk out hand in hand and hop into the backs seats. "So what we doing today guys??" Michael asked.

"I anything!" Gina smiled.

"What about shopping" Kia gleamed. Gina nodded and me and Mikey sighed.

"Come on guys I need new clothes" Gina pressured.

"Fine as long as us guys dont have to buy anything" I sighed. Mikey pattered me on the back and the girls agreed.I parked my car in the car park and we headed inside the mall. Gina intwined her fingers with mine and Kia and Michael were already holding hands. "MICHAEL.... ASHTON.... 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER" our fans screamed.

I heard someone snigger "Whos that holding Ashton hand... shes not even pretty... he could do so much better"

and another said "Thats Gina Williams, I hearded she dropped out of school because she had a mentle break down". Gina releases my hand and sprints back out of the mall. Michael is greeting some fan when he saw Gina sprint out "Right what ever you just said about Gina wasnt nice as she's a brilliant, pretty, smart and talented girls and I think you should appologise to Ashton and Gina if she ever comes back in" Michael shuns.

"Thanks Mikey and he' right guys because Gina is the love of my life and if you dont like her then we as a band don't want you as fans" I snap.

"SORRY ASHTON"The fans yelled.I ran outside and search for Gina who happened to be sat next to the car.

"I'm so sorry about the fans and I'm sorry at what they said about you" I said sitting next to her wrapping my arm around her shoulders.

She cried into my shoulder and said "Its not your fault I should know by now that your fans dont like me" I gently lifted her head so she was looking at me and spoke "I love you no matter what and if our fans dont like you then I'll leave the band" I explained.

"You can't do that, I wont let you" she demanded. I let out a weak smiled and stood up.

"You coming back in then" I smiled holding out my hand. She took my hand and we headed back in. Michael ran up to Gina and wrapped his arms around her. The fans had cleared off so we could finally go shopping, Gina took my hand and leaded me to Forever 21. We looked around until Gina found the most prettiest dress and sprinted to the Dressing rooms. "You need help getting undressed" I teased.


Gina's P.O.V:

Me and Ashton walked into the mall holding hand and I could hear all his fans saying mean things about me and about mine 'n' Ashton's relationship. I felt a lump appear in my throut and tears clouded my vision, I released Ashtons hands and ran back out of the mall and to the car. I pulled the car door and forgot that Ashton locked it, I slide down the door and sat on the ruff concrete floor, I placed my head into my hands and cried and everything his fans said about me was true, I'm ugly, metal, ideot for thinking Ashton loved me. What am I doing I'm making things up about mine and Ashtons relationship, He doesnt love me he never has maybe Luke was the right person in the end but he's seeing Faye and I can't take him off her.

Suddenly Ashton appeared round the corner and sat next to me. I felt his arms wrap around my shoulders and I couldnt help but wrap me arms around him and cry into his firm shoulders. "I'm so sorry about the fans and I'm sorry at what they said about you" he appologised.

"Its not your fault I should know by now that your fans dont like me" I cried harder. I felt his hands lift my chin gently and I looked up slowly, he said calmly "I love you no matter what and if our fans dont like you then I'll leave the band" at that I shot him a disopointed looks and spoke "You can't do that, I wont let you"

He gave me a weak smiled and stood up holding out his hand "You coming back in then". I nodded and took his hand and we headed back into the mall were I was greeted by a very tight hug from Michael which made me laugh. I couldn't help but see that forever 21 was holding a massive sale and I had to take Ashton with me to pick a new dress. I spotted a beautiful back less deep blue dress with gems on the top and went to try it on. "You need help getting undressed" he teased.

"No I'm perfectly okay but you can if you want" I played. before I knew it Ashton was helping me remove my top and he places his lips onto mine then we was interrupted by the sales lady "No boys aloud in the changing rooms" me and Ashton just laughed and he headed out of the room. I finally got on the dress and left the changing room. "WOW" Kia said. Ashton and Michaels face dropped and I gave out a little chuckle. "Gina you look stunning said a familiar voice, I turned to see Calum, Luke and Faye standing behind them.
"Thanks Luke" I blushed.

"Your welcome" Luke replied but Ashton shot him a evil look. Luke shook him and kiss Faye's cheek which hurt me a bit... okay a lot but I'm with Ashton forget about Luke. I bought the dress, a pair of gold heels and jewellery and Ashton took me to his favourite shop in the whole hall the record shop. "close your eyes" he demanded and I did as he asked. he guide me to the back of the shop and whisper "open your eye now", I did I found 5 seconds of summer somewhere new and Ashton made me buy it and open it on the spot. I found a piece of paper which said

I'll love you forever and ever but you'd make me the happiest if you agreed to be mine forever

I smiled and kiss his lips and said "you'll always have me forever".

"Good because I'm taking on our first date tonight" he grinned. I was filled with love, happiness and excitement. God i'm so nervous.


The time arrived that i was going on my first date with Ashton and my nerves began to kick in again. I was wearing all my new clothes I bought today and to be honest I looked quite nice or so I thought. My hair was to one side and curled, I had bright red lipstick, smoky eyes and thick black eyelashes. -Ding Dong- I answer the door and Ashton is dress casually.... Mmm shit... "I'm over dress. let me change" I sighed.

"No your not I'm under dressed" he giggled.

"Where are we going so can wear the appropriate clothes" I asked.

"A midnight walk on the beach and somewhere else" he teased. I ran back upstairs and shoved on a bikini, shorts and a chiffon leopard print top and my gladiator sandals. "right I'm ready to go" I smiled. we drove for about half and hour when we finally reached the beach it was lite with neatly place candle which lead to a table and chairs... Omg were going to have midnight beach meal, he's so romantic. I placed my hand into his and walked down to the table, my eyes began to tear up and lump began to appear in my throat.

"You okay Gina?" Ashton asked pulling out the seat.

"Um... yeah I'm just over whelmed that's all no one has ever done this for me" I cried. Ashton kisses my lips and whipped away my tears could this day get anymore perfect. In a matter of fact if did after the meal we went on a walk on the beach which was amazing. "time to go home babe... even though I don't want this night to end" Ashton sighed I got into the car and fastened my seat belt. The drive was full of small talk and holding hands but quite romantic.

We reached my house and I let out a massive sigh "I don't want this day to end".

"Niether do I but guess what we still have another three weeks till we leave and loads will happen in them" he explained. I have me a goodnight kiss and headed to door.

"I'm home" I yelled.

"Did you have fun sweetheart" my dad asked.

"Yep and Hi uncle" I smiled.

"I'm glad you had fun dear now... I have a massive favour to ask off you" spoke my uncle. I nodded and he continued "will you please look after Faye as I don't trust the Luke lad".

"Sure I will and Luke's not a bad guy once you get to know him" I said rolling my eyes.

"It's just I know about your and his past" he proceeded.

"What past... I've never been out with Luke, I've only gone out with Ashton that's it" I exclaimed.

"Haha... what about at that party type thing" he laugh... shit dad must have told him, glared at my dad who laughed and said "wasn't me actually it was Faye". After my strange conversation with my beloved uncle, I got into a quick shower, dressed and snuggled into bed. I hope these three week get better and better. I check my phone and I have a lonely text from Ashton

From Sexy Ash 💞

I love you soo much and tonite was the best night of my life, I'm so glad I have you as my princess and I'm never letting you go...forever and ever xxx 💗

To Sexy Ash 💞

I also had the best nite of my life and I'm so glad to have you on my life aswell, please don't leave me behind again...I love you....forever and ever xxx 💓

My eyes begin to get heavy and before I know it I'm fast asleep.


Ashton's P.O.V:

1 week later.

Me and Gina have been on six date and had four lazy days but we all know that they were a lot more exciting. It's only two weeks until we leave for the tour and I still can't believe Gina and the other lasses are coming well expect Tina who's still hasn't sorted stuff out with Calum and tbh I don't think they ever will. Today I'm going out with the guys and the girls are having a girly sleep over which us lads are planning on crashing at midnight. - Ding Dong- I answer the door to Calum's puffy red eyes... guess he's been crying again. "mates what's up??" I ask.

"Tina want even talk to me no more... I feel my heart breaking" he cried harder.

"Mate forget about her, you deserve better plus you can always shag some lass while were on tour" I explain, Calum's cheers up when Luke and Michael enter the room.

"So what's are we lads doing well until we crash the girls sleep over" Michael smiles.

"Um let's go to the pub, as I need to drowned my sorrows" Calum sighs, we all nodded and head to the singing monkey... don't ask it's our favourite bar in town.


We've been at this bar for about three hours and Calum still hasn't cheered up for god sake. I pull out my phone and text Tina.

To Tina (Cals girl)


Could you please talk to cal he's proper torn up about this whole situation. x

She replied instantly.

From Tina (Cals girl)


And no because I know he has feeling for your gf... if you didn't know and don't get me wrong I know he loves me but I can't be with him when he has feelings for Gina that's whys we're always arguing x

Okay that's something I didn't know I couldn't help but text back.

To Tina (Cals girl)

No I didn't know and thanks for telling me and now I can see where you are coming from xx

From Tina (Cals girl)

At least I can trust you to look after him while he's on touring and promise that you will help him sort out his head xx

To Tina (Cals girl)

Yeah I will look after him and help him sort his head out xx

I looked at Calum and couldn't help but wonder how long he has had feelings for Gina I know they are close mates but I did think he fancied her, he's meant to be my mate well so was Luke but he still kissed Gina behind my back. I have to ask him now so I did "Calum mate can I ask you a question".

"Yeah sure" he slurred.

"Do you fancy Gina?" I questioned.

"Yeah but I love Tina and nothing will change that" he explained, and tbh I believe him.


We left the bar round about half one and the girls sleep over starts at so two, so us lad go home to freshen up and plan to meet down the street from Gina's at 4 so it give us time to get a shower, dressed, something to eat and play video games in michael a case.

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