You Can't Heal My Scars - AI

Gina Williams is made to move to Sydney, Australia with her father due to a unseen accident. Her father is the Co-manager of the pop-punk band 5 Seconds Of Summer and on ther first day of meeting them Gina accidently kisses the drummer, Ashton Irwin. A budding romance begins for the pair but soon breaks when the boys get asked to go on tour with 1D. While the boys and her father are away terrible things happen and Gina is left to fend for herself... The only way to get rid of her pain is the only way she knew how and that was to cut!


2. Chapter 1 - The Move

Chapter 1 - The Move


Gina's P.O.V:


Yep silence is all that goes through this house. Memories of that tragic night flood back into my mind, tears begin streaming down my face like a tsumami about to hit the shore. Today is my final day in this haunted house... well it is for me anyway the memories of my mum before the accident fill every room in this house.

I wipe my eyes and strech my arms to wake me up fully. I run a bath and quickly tried to scrumbed my body clean of these memories. I headed to my empty room, shoved on my black skinny jeans, white vest, my converse and tied my plaid shirt around my waist.

Strolled down the stair and dumped my bags into the boot of the taxi and headed to airport to catch my one way trip to Australia... I'm offically moving to live with my dad who is apprently co-manage of a awesome pop-punk band which I always seem to forget the name ... 5 Seconds of somthing ... Autum .... Winter.... no Summer, 5 Seconds Of Summer. Apparently there the bee's knee's says my dad but to be honest I couldnt care less. I just wish I hadnt got to move but I have more family members left in the UK so guess my dad is the best option untill I move out.

I arrived at the airport just before the last calls for Sydney, I checked out my bags and walked through the airway to the plane and found my seat next to a really cute guy but I darent say anything as he look stressed. This was going to be a really long flight. I've been in the air for about 5 hours and I'm absolutely bored why did I pack my DS in my suitcase. My eye lids began to get heavy and I allowed my self to sleep.

The accident:

"Mum where are you??" I texted her.

"Coming now... God Gina your such a pest!" She replied.

"Shut up and drive faster I'm cold!" I demand.

My mum eventually turned up and I got into the car, kissed my mums cheek and she set off home. "Where was you anyway?" I asked.

"At work ... Earning money to pay for your Kerrang everyweek and your band tops!" She spat.

"Sorry... Didnt know I was such a problem!" I yelled

"Shut up your not a problem your the best thing that has ever happened to me" she smiled.

"Mum.... I need some money as I've been Invited to Jacy's house party and its BYOB !" I asked.

"What?" she questioned.

"Bring your own booze !" I answered.

"Okay when this party!" she laughed.

"Tomorow!" I sighed.

"NO, I have bills to pay tomorrow young lady !" She shouted.

"MUM but you just said okay about a minute again!" I stated. My mother take her eyes off the road and glared at me "What do you think I am... made of money!".

"Do I have to answer that!" I said sarcasticaly.

"Don't get funny with me missy !" She spat.

"Mum look at the road please!" I demand.

"Shut up nothings going to hap...." she said before the car began to flip several times and the CRASH !!! Our car upside down skidded across the road and finally came to a hault. The smell of peteral lingured through the broken window, I managed to wriggle my self out of my seatbelt, smash the car window and dreagged myself out of the car when BOOM.... "MUM.... MUM... NO MY MUM IS IN THERE!" I cried. The car went up in smokes along with my mother.

I wake up sweat dripping from my forehead, Breathing heavy and tears trickling down my face. That was the first time in 2 weeks I've had that dream and I always wake up the same feeling guilty and heartbroken because I lost not only my mum but she was my best friend too. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and checked the time half 9.. wow I slept for about nearly 7 and half hours. I arrived at sydney airport at 11pm london time I must have forgotten to turn my phone to sydney time which is 10am.

"Gina!" my dad yelled.

"Hi James how are you?" I replied.

"You still pissed off with me!" He questioned.

"Does that have to be answered or can you already tell!" I smiled.

"Come on your going to like you new room and I was going to have a welcoming party but I have to sort band stuff with the boys if you would like to come?" He asked.

"I'll consider it but I would like to get home first and have some sleep before I do anything!" I stated.

"Sure, Hold on tight!" He laughed.

We approach a huge, beautiful, white house with a golden brown door. My dad got my bags out of the boot and placed them on the laminate floor in the living room. Which was well decorated and colour co-ordinated. "Where's my room!" I questioned.

"Up stairs on the left!" he replied.

"Thanks!" I smiled and ran up the stairs. I reached a plain white door with Gina's room in red on it... how clique. I open the door to dark purple walls with my posters plastered on them, king sized bed with my favourite zombie beding set on it, a massive walk in wardrobe with my own bathroom inside and so much more. He's out done my expectations of him that must be said. I sling my spare clothes into the wardrobe and belly flop onto the bed. So soft and cosy. My body began to ache and jet lag began to kick in. I closed my eyes to have a quick nap. "Gina you comin with me then!" My dad screamed up stairs.

"Yeah give me a minute!" I requested.

I rubbed in a layer of foundation, darkened my eyes with mascara and eyeliner and put some lipsil on as my lips were dry. I hopped downstairs and noticed a young...ish women standing there. "Hello you must be Gina, James daughter!" she spoke.

"Yes and you are ?" I replied.

"Oh I'm Jenna, yours dads fioncee !" she smiled.

"Yeah a just what I needed if losing one mum wasnt enough, I gain another!" I frowned.

"No I would never replace you mum, God bless her spirt!" She explained.

"OMG she religous too this getting worse. By the way i'm against god nature as I support the devil!" I teased.

"Thats okay sins can be forgotten!" she played along.

"You being serious!" I mimiced.

"No am I hell.. I was messing with you!" she laughed,

"You finally found someone I can have a laugh with good choice dad !" I grinned sarcasticaly

I plugged my headphone into my phone and started playing Teenagers by My Chemical Romance for the car journey to who ever house we was going to, dad was going on about the band and how popular they have become but I really didnt care and I doubt I ever will.




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