The Forbidden fruit

5 Aussie Lads known as 'The Janoskians'. But what happens when something gets in the way?


4. Third middle

'Beep' 'Beep' 'Beep'

Beau - "Skip pass me that water"
Daniel - "get it yourself you lazy cunt!"

'Cough, cough'

"Guys shut up, he's waking up!" Jai said as he lifted himself out the chair beside Luke's bed.
Jai - "how you feeling man?"
"I don't know, what happend?" Luke whispered the words out from his dry crackled lips as he pointed to the water.
Beau - "dude you was in a gnarly car crash!"
"you was proper fucked up man!" Daniel said as he chuckled.
Luke - "what day is it?"
Jai - " its tuesday man."
James - " you've been asleep for about 3 days, but none of us left." 
Daniel - "yeh that's why he all stink like shit!"
The boys chuckled 
Beau - "we're really glad you're alight bro"
Ronnie - "Luke about what I said"
Luke put his hand up to stop Ronnie from speaking. After he took a sip of water Luke said,

 "look guys, I know I've been a total cunt, a proper twat and a real pain in the arse! I just couldn't help myself, everything got to me and I couldn't stop my self! I feel really ashamed of what I've become. And I'm so great full that you've put up with me for as long as you have!" 

Jai - "well we don't have much of a choice now do we?" He said as he winked. 
Beau - "we love you man. We wouldn't ever leave you!"

Ronnie - "and we were never gonna replace you Luke! We just wanted to make you realise what was happening to you!"
Luke - "and I have realised, trust me, I need help!" 

Luke held Jai and Beau's hand while looking over at Daniel and James. 
"Will you guys help me?" Luke asked.

"Of course we will man!" Beau said with a half smile creeping over his face.
"We love you bro" Daniel added.
Luke - "good, I love you buys as well."

"Now pass the man a carrot" James said, which made everybody laugh.

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