The Forbidden fruit

5 Aussie Lads known as 'The Janoskians'. But what happens when something gets in the way?


3. Second middle

....... Another 2 months past......

Luke was 3 times the size of his original weight. The boys were getting scared, depressed of how Luke looked, he was lazy now and never wanted to do anything other than eat. 
The boys had to cancel 2 shows already just from the fact that Luke was just to heaving to be jumping around on stage! He was affecting his health and the boys careers.
The lads decided that something had to be done.

As Luke waddle out of the room in his XXL 'Dirty Pig' (looked more like a strangled pig) T , the boys started to whisper,

James - "Guys, something needs to be done about Luke!" 
Beau - "I agree, this can't go on no longer. He's killing himself"
Daniel -"we'll what the fuck are we meant to do? he doesn't fucking listen to us"
Beau - " Jai you need to talk to him, he might listen to you!"
Jai - " guys we might look the same, well we used to, but that doesn't mean he's gonna listen to me, if anything the only thing he would listen to is talking fucking peace of pie!" 
Daniel - " then lets do that!"
James - "do what? Tain a pie to talk?"
Daniel - " we'll obviously fucking not you tool. I mean do something like make a video, get loads of peaces of food and show how they're made and shit! And what they look like when they've gone old!"
Beau - "yeh, like putt him off of food!"
Jai - "guys that might actually work!"

So the boys got to work. 

A couple of days later, Luke returned home from the store with a bag full of ice cream and brownies. 
Walking through the door he hears music, it was the 'Best Friends' song that the boys made together. 
Entering the living room, Beau, Ronnie, Jai, James and Daniel were all holding up a banner that read 'This Is An Intervention'.

"Ahhhh what the fucks this?" Luke said as he slammed his bag on the the sofa! 

Beau - "this is for your own good Luke!"
Jai - "bro just admit it! You need help!"
Luke - "look guys, I haven't got a fucking problem! You know me, if I had a problem, don't you think I would admit it?!"
Daniel - " we wish you would fucking admit it!"
James - "Daniel, inside voices!"
"I can't fucking help it, he's so fucking frustrating!", Daniel whispered to James.

Ronnie - "Luke I'm sorry to have to tell you, but.... If you don't get help, we're gonna have to replace you man!"

Luke - "are you taking the fucking piss?"
Luke's face was getting more and more red, his fisted clenched tighter and tighter.
"We wouldn't even be a fucking band if it wasn't for me! I made thisI'm fucking happen! Without me, you guys would be nothing!" Luke screamed!

Beau - "look just fuck off then if that what you fucking think, you ungrateful prick!"
Jai - "so fucking sick of you. You've changed so much Luke, you're a cunt!"
James - "just go!"

Luke turned and walked out the door, slamming each footstep harder than the one before, he swung the door open and smashed it shut behind him. 

Driving down the street, Luke saw the red light and came to a stop. Banging his fists against his head he turned, and suddenly he saw it, he saw what everyone was talking about, his reflection in the store mirror was not what he had been seeing this entire time. 

He was discusted in the boy he had become. He realised what he was doing was wrong, how he treat his family and friends was disrespectful and discusting! He didn't want to be that way anymore. 

Without Luke realising the light had turned green, and the driver behind Luke was getting very impatient! 

'Beep, beep' 'honk, honk' "move that fucking peace of shit fatty!" Yelled the drive behind Luke.
 Luke shock he head a pressed his foot down. 
The light had suddenly changed to red, and the cars to the right snd left of Luke started to drive across, Luke didn't know what to do, he started to panic, his face turned white and he tensed up everywhere! 




The car screached, and flipped, not once but twice, before coming to a complete stop! 

"AHHHHH. SOMEONE HELP THAT BOY!" A woman screamed and pointed towards Luke's car.

People dialled 999, as they ran towards Luke's car, teens snapping pictures on there phones, children gasping and crying.

Luke just managed to open his eye, he could hear the sound of police cars coming, blue lights flashing as they aproched his car, then everything went dark.....

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