The Forbidden fruit

5 Aussie Lads known as 'The Janoskians'. But what happens when something gets in the way?


2. Middle

........ About 4 weeks later......

'For fuck sake, you've gotta be fucking kidding me' Luke thought to himself as he looked down at the scales, ' how the fuck am I 4 stone heavier? I've been watching my weight'

Without realising Luke had been eating at every chance he got! And the boys were starting to notice!

"Hey fatty bum bum, you want another cream cake?" Daniel teased as Luke walked into the kitchen.
"Fuck off man, I'm not fat!" Luke bit back with anger in his eyes. 
"Luke, bro, you've put a lot of weight on, and we're only saying this because we're worried about your health." Jai said with a look of worry in his eyes.

"We'll don't worry, I'm fucking fine alright?!" Luke insisted!

About an hour after uploading another 'Dare Sundays' video on 'Youtube', fans started to comment on Luke's new figure, 

'Wow Luke got fat!'
'Luke's mum has been stuffing him a little to hard'
'Luke looks ridiculous'
'Awww Luke what happened baby?'
'Wow I wondered who stole my cookies'
'I'm so worried about Luke, what's happening?'
'Luke can I have my pie back?'

As the boys read through the comments, Luke began to walk over to the fridge, he pulled out some store bought flap jacks and began to eat them. 

"Luke doesn't this tell you something? All of our fans love us, and if this doesn't show you that you're unwell, that what will?" Daniel asked.

But alas, Luke just kept on eating. 

Later that night the boys thew a house party and invited there closest friends. 
Everyone was having a mint time, apart from Luke of course, but James and Beau had a plan.

Beau - "what about that girl?"
James - "no man, she's well out of Luke's league!"
Beau - "she wouldn't of been before!"
James - "yeh man, I know."
Jai - "so, have you?"
Beau - "have we what?"
Jai - "have you found him a bird?"
James - "no, it's fucking hard, he not as hot anymore!"
Beau- "dude, sounds a bit gay!"
Jai - "we'll stop looking, I know this girl, and she's said she will have 'her way' with him!"
James - "has she seen him?"
Jai - "obviously!"
Beau - "no dude, has she seen him recently?"
Jai - "oh, errrr I don't know! I'm sure she will like him still!"

Beau and James both raised there eye brows and looked at one another.

"Guys it will work, trust me?!, I got this." Jai said with a wink.

Later that night the boys were all over the house, Daniel was in bed (not alone), James was on karaoke, Beau was grafting a girl by the kitchen sink, Jai was chilling out with a shisha pipe in the corner and Luke was in him room.

'Knock, knock', "can I come in Luke? It's me" the girl said through the door.
"Errrrm yeh sure, I guess." Luke replied.

As she pushed open the door she saw that Luke was laying in his bed, with the lights off. 

Girl- " hey gorgeous, it's been a long time! How have you been?"
Luke - "good I guess, I'm just a little hungry!"
Girl - "I know exactly what you need."

Slipping off the top and unbuttoning her shorts,

Girl - 'cough, cough' 
Luke still didn't raise his head to look at her, so she tiptoed over to the side of his bed.

Girl - "so errrm, can I get in then?"
Luke opened his eyes a tiny bit and smirked, " you really wanna get in here?" He asked.

Girl - "of course I do!"

Luke smirked and said "who put you up to this? James? Jai?, go on who was it?"
Girl -" no one, I want this so bad!"

Luke pulled back his bed sheets and grabbed his stomach, "this? You want this?" He said as he wiggled his belly with his hand! 

The girl gasped and took a step back! She hadn't realised how big Luke had gotten!

"Yeh that's what I thought, now tell those boys to fuck off. I don't need any help getting a girl. Now go and get me a sandwich!" Luke said as he rolled over. 

Grabbing her clothes and exiting the room, the girl ran down stairs and bumped into Jai.

Jai - "well? Did you screw him?"
Girl - "No I fucking didn't! You didn't tell me he turned into such an oversized prick!!"
Jai - "what? What happened?"
Girl - "he said to tell you to 'fuck off' and that I've gotta make him a sandwich!"
Jai - "ahhh for fuck sake!"
Girl - "whatever, i don't need this, I'm out!"

She turned and walked out the house. Jai placed his hands on his hips and shook his head in disbelief.

Laying in his bed, Luke could here the screams of the girl Daniel was with,
'ahhhh Skip, do me. Do me harder!'.
He started getting annoyed at the sound of the bed creaking and clanging, so Luke imagined that Daniel was a burger and that the girl was a cake. But the thing was, he didn't find it funny, he found it arousing. He slowly reached his hand down his shorts and began to rub. The excitement was really intense and Luke got more and more aroused with the thoughts going on in his head!
Not only was he getting hard over his friend, but he was getting hard over the fact that his friend was a piece of meat(literally).
Luke instantly stopped when he remember that the burger was in fact Skip!
'Wow, I really do need help' he thought, 'Ahhh fuck it, what they don't know what hurt them!'

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