The Forbidden fruit

5 Aussie Lads known as 'The Janoskians'. But what happens when something gets in the way?


5. End

...... 8 months later.....

"Luke, hurry up, we gotta go man!" Beau shouted at the bottom of the stairs.
"Dude he's already in the car!" Jai replied. 

Leaving the house, James locked the door as the boys entered the car.

Luke - "everybody ready?"
Beau/ skip - "yes"
Jai - "didn't even say it but jinx"
Beau - "ahh fuck off. I said it first"
James - "shut up! Luke will you just drive please!"
Skip - "yeh let's pump some iron!'
Luke - "gym sesh!"

The boys turn out the drive way and head for the gym...

So yeh, thats it. i guess the moral of this story is, no matter how hard life gets, don't push away your family and friends, and most defiantly don't cover up your feelings with cake! 

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