The Forbidden fruit

5 Aussie Lads known as 'The Janoskians'. But what happens when something gets in the way?


1. Beginning

The first thing you need to know about the Janoskians, is that nothing and I mean 'Nothing' can break them apart! They're not all blood related but together, they make 5 outstaing brothers to one another....

The Forbidden Fruit....

'Ahh fuck, when can I get out of this god damn stinking car?' Luke wondered impatiently to himself. 
On one side of Luke was the smell of Daniels arm pits, making His nose twitch from side to side. On the other, Jai thoughtlessly humming at the top if his voice the tune from 'Magics - Rude'.
Beau and James play fighting in the two seats behind. 

" 5 more minutes guys" Ronnie mentioned from the front seat.

"Finally. I'm fucking starving", Luke said, with an attitude to his voice.

"Who's pissed on your pancakes this morning?" Daniel snickered, while raising one hand to pinch Luke's cheek.

"Don't fucking touch me!" Luke shouted,

"Whoa, what's your fucking problem? Why you being such a dick?" Beau said as he pushed his face between the car seat head restraints.

"Yeh Luke, why you being such a little bitch?" James said with a smile across his face.

"Oh I don't fucking know, maybe it's because I'm sat with 4 inconsiderate ass wipes with no tolerance to anyone else's fucking feelings! Is that a good enough fucking answer for you?" Luke said as he swung his body around to be face to face with beau's.  
after about what seemed like forever, Luke turned back around. 

"We'll it's defiantly someone's time of the month" beau said, making all the boys chuckle and making Luke's rage even more infuriating. Blood rushing to his cheeks as he clutched his belt strap. 

"Alright, alright, leave Luke alone guys." Ronnie said, before adding on, "Luke the tampons are in the cup holder mate."

Of course that made everybody except Luke burst out with screaming laughter. 

Luke felt the tears rushing to the corners of his eyes. Biting down on his tongue trying not to let the boys know that they were getting to him.

"Alright, we're here" said the driver.
Quickly unbuckling his belt, Luke slammed open the car door and rushed into the back entrance of the theatre, with the boys slowly following behind him.

Locking the toilet door inside the dressing room, Luke shut the toilet lid and sat with his hands over his face.
After a few seconds, Luke reached into his backpack and pulled out a big, juicy, turkey club. 
Biting down harder and harder with every chew, a smile creeping across his face, his eyes glistening as he swallowed.
Once finished, Luke then began to tuck into a  pack of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, then a pack of Maltesers, then a snicker, then a mars bar, endless cans of red bull, packets and packets of chrisps ... The list was endless.
Luke just couldn't seem to stop eating. 

'Bang, Bang, Bang', "Luke hurry the fuck up man, we gotta rehearse!" Beau shouted from just outside the toilet door. 

Frightened with what his brothers might think, Luke panicked, picking up all the empty packets and stuffing them into his backpack. 
After washing off the remains of his secret, Luke exited the toilet and started heading to the stage. 

"What the hell have you been doing?" Jai asked, 
"Errrrm, I've errm, I've been taking a shit!" Luke said, but immediately regretted it once the words had left his mouth.

"Ewwww you dirty pig, we didn't wanna know that!" Ronnie said as he started rapping Luke's guitar over Luke's shoulder. 

Half way through performing 'that's what she said', James noticed a little brown mark on the side of Luke's jeans. 

Whispering to Daniel "bro, Luke's got shit on his jeans", the pare bust out laughing and start to point at Luke, which makes Beau and Jai laugh and tease Luke just as much.

Sick of everybody taking the piss out of him, Luke began to walk out.
"Luke where you going?" Skip called,
"Probably getting a tampon and new jeans" Jai managed to say between laughing.

Storming out the theatre, Luke starts Running down the street.
Flashing images of his brothers taunting him makes Luke's eyes well up, a lump raising in his throat. 
Luke wipes his eyes, and begins to slow down, now walking along the path, luke comes across a bakery. 
Pressing his hands against the window, his breath starts to harden, making white marks on the glass. Liking his lips as his heart rate rises.
Luke enters the bakery and orders dozens of cakes,
He takes a seat and starts to dig in, one by one, cake after cake after cake, Lemmon cake, chocolate cake, red velvet cake, all cakes you can Imagine, Luke was eating!  

'Buzz, buzz, buzz, buzz' Luke's phone was vibrating in his pocket, he reached down and pulled it out. 
It was a text from Beau,

'Luke bro, we're only fucking with you, now come back you cunt! We gotta practice'

A sigh of relief brushed over Luke as he hoped the teasing and taunting was over. 
Realising he had to return to the boys, he stood up and went over to the counter. As he reached into his back pocket, Luke couldn't seem to find his wallet, sweat rushed down his face, panic in his eyes! Luke had 2 options (a) ring one of the boys to help, but that would mean Luke's secret would be out, or (b) run as fast as he possible could. Now Luke had never stolen anything before, but Luke knew that if he told the boys then they would tease and taunt him even more. 
His face turning white, sweat rushing over his upper lip, Luke quickly turned and ran out of the bakery as fast as his feet would carry him! 

"HEY, HEY YOU, SOMEONE STOP THAT GUY, THIEF! THIEF!" The shop owner called out.
But Luke was to far ahead for someone to realise that the owner was talking about him. 

Getting back to the theatre, Luke stopped just before going inside, he pressed his head against the wall, catching his breath. 

About 5 minutes later, Luke began to walk onto the stage. 

"We'll it's about fucking time man" Beau said,
"Where the hell have you been?" James added.

"I've been, just, walking around." Luke said as he whipped his forehead with his arm.

"If you've only been walking then why are you dripping with sweat?" James asked.

"Oh I don't know, maybe it's because it red fucking hot outside" Luke said as he took a sip of water. 

"Ahh whatever man, lets just do this!" Jai insisted.

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