Maya's New Life

This is the story about a young girl who loves little mix. After her moms passing she struggles to cope and with her dad then starting to date she feels lonely and scared but after a while her dad remarries and on their wedding day Maya finds out Perrie Edwards (her idol) is her new big sister. But will fame be to much for her?


2. The Hospital

~At the Hospital~

"Mommy" I yelled as I ran to my mom.

I saw my mom and she looked shocking she had broke her left arm and both her legs and she looked like she had beaten.

"When can she...." BEEEEEEEEEP

"I'm sorry Mr.Edwards, I'm afraid you and your daughter will have to leave" A Nurse ran in and ran to my mother aid. My dad dragged me out the room with me kicking and screaming. Nobody would tell me what was going on all I knew was the machine keeping her alive had gone of or something.

My dad drove me home and it was just a long waiting game to hear news from the hospital.

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