Maya's New Life

This is the story about a young girl who loves little mix. After her moms passing she struggles to cope and with her dad then starting to date she feels lonely and scared but after a while her dad remarries and on their wedding day Maya finds out Perrie Edwards (her idol) is her new big sister. But will fame be to much for her?


1. The Beginning

Hi, my name is Maya, I'm 14. I live with my Mom and Dad but lately they've been acting really weird. It does worry me, they're always arguing and then they don't speak for days and my dads always on the sofa when I come down in middle of the night. Maybe they've had enough of each other they've been together 15 years! Of course I don't want them to split but I don't know what will happen.

One day after I came home from school my dad sat me down on the sofa. "Sweetie" Dad said. "Honey your mom is in the hospital" I stare at him in disbelief, was this really happening? "What's the matter with her?" I finally said. "She fell down the stairs, and she's hurt pretty bad, she's on life support, I'm so sorry honey" I bursted in to even more tears.

"I want to go see her" I cried "Erm if u must, let's go" my dad said.

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