Gabrielle wakes up and does not recognize where she is. All she can remember is little bits of the night before,


2. Yesterday

"Please come with me please please please please please" Brittany texted me

"UGG fine I will just don't bug me about it anymore!" I texted back a bit annoyed

"Yay pick you up in five be ready" Brittany texted back

I started to pack my bag.

I took $20 with me just in case and I knew $20 was not going to be enough the way Brittany was when it came to shopping.

I started up the steps just to hear Honking outside.

Already?! I asked myself

I slid on my shoes and ran out the door

Bye Mom! I called out before leaving

"I'll be back home tonight at midnight love you" I said

"Love you honey, be good need some money?" She asked

"No thanks mom love you" I called out and went out the door.

I jumped inside of Brittany's car.

"Hey girl are you ready for the concert tonight" She asked

I thought before I replied well it's a One Direction concert I thought to myself.

Why would I be excited for a One Direction concert?

Not really my favorite band, I've always liked Three Days Grace but Brittany was into pop.

Shes my best friend so I guess that I'll go with her.

"Yeah, I'm excited" I replied

"Let's go!!"said Brittany

She started to drive, the drive there was not that long because it was a city over for us.

we were neighbors that's how we became best friends when she moved here the first grade.

We finally arrived Brittany was basically jumping out of her shoes.

We went to the stadium it was very crowded but we had front row seats and backstage passes all thanks to Brittany and her one direction skills or whatever she did to get tickets.

But we just started watching the concert and this song came on it it had a really good beat and I guess I accidentally started to sing along.

"Tonight let's get some and live while we're young" I sang

They were not that bad I guess,but Brittany got my attention when she said

"OMG there's Niall Horan, he is my favorite!!!!"

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