Gabrielle wakes up and does not recognize where she is. All she can remember is little bits of the night before,


1. Hurt

I wake up to a huge migraine, my neck throbbing as well.

My legs are really sore they feel like someone was stabbing them the previous night before.

But then I try to think of what happened the night before.

I soon realize l can't remember anything, it's just a black hole when I try to think, it makes my migraine even worse so I let the thought go.

I try to get up but my legs are so sore I can't get up.

They hurt like hell.

But all of the sudden the memories flow like a water fall into my mind.

They keep running nonstop until I start to remember what happened the night before.

I face palm myself because I knew I could have stopped them.

But I just let them do it, I let them take over my body I just sat there.

I didn't know what was going on.

I again try to get up, and this time I have more luck than before and jump to my feet trying to be as quiet as possible.

I know if they hear me I'll be dead.

I start to look around for windows but it seems they have none.

When I finally find a window it's locked.

"Dammit" I mumble to myself

I hear loud footsteps coming forwards me, but the rooms so dim I could never know where they were coming from.

Then I hear a voice of an Irish man.

"Your not going anywhere, G" said the Irish voice

His voice sounding more soothing then scary I didn't feel as scared but... How the hell did he know my name?!?

"Please just tell me where I am" I pleaded

"Your safe here, don't be afraid" said the Irish voice

"You hungry?" Said the Irish voice

I nodded, but then quickly shook my head.

I then asked myself, when the hell is it ever okay to take food from the kidnapper?!

"Okay, more for me" the Irish voice said with joy in his voice

"Look.... Who are you?!" I asked in a not so nice way.

He started to laugh.

"Why I'm Niall Horan" chuckled the Irish voice

Once he says the name I start to remember the whole thing.

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