Gabrielle wakes up and does not recognize where she is. All she can remember is little bits of the night before,


4. Backstage Crashes

"Thank you all for coming" the curly one said

"We love each and everyone of you!" Said the blonde one

"THEY LOVE ME!!!" Brittany screamed

"For the people with backstage passes please go to the left of the stage and confirm your pass with Paul" said the one with black hair

"COME ON GAB THATS US!!!" Brittany screamed cheerfully

I followed her as we were pushing and shoving through many crazed fans.

We finally arrived to the guy named Paul.

"Passes please" Paul said in a deep voice

Brittany showed him our passes and we we're let through.

There was a lot of food back there, it made my mouth water.

"Hello loves" said the one with brown hair and blue eyes


"Ehhh heh heh we love our fans" said Lou

Brittany hugged him as I noticed the curly one and the blonde one talking together staring at me,but quickly turned away when I noticed.

The blonde one came up to Lou

"We need to talk Lou" the blonde one said tapping his shoulder

They both went over back where the curly one was.

"OMG ISNT THIS EXCITING GAB?!?" Brittany said excited

"Yeah, fun... Woo" I said sarcastically

"Oh come on" she punches my shoulder playfully

" we can talk about this at school and we'll be all popular and stuff" Brittany said with high hopes

"Yeah I guess" I said

" I'm gonna go get some good be right back" I said just wanting to here what the band members were talking about

I went to the snack table, I could barley hear them at first but then I heard them.

"She's beautiful" the blonde one said

"We need her" Lou said

"What about her friend" the curly one said

"We ca-" the blonde one started then noticed I was listening

"Follow me guys" the blonde one said

Shit, my cover was blown

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