Gabrielle wakes up and does not recognize where she is. All she can remember is little bits of the night before,


5. Alone

"You because you stuck out to us" Louis said

"What do you mean" I asked confused

"Your beautiful" Louis said blushing

I started to blush too...that was till I remembered they kid napped me

"WAIT....SO YOU KIDNAPPED ME?!" I screamed with anger

"What the hell is this?!?" I said pissed

"Calm down gabby" Louis said


"You told us last night" Louis said

"Please let me go home, I won't tell" I said with a change of mood

"Love I can't do that I'm sorry" Louis said in a calming voice

"Why the hell not?!" I asked switching back to anger

Louis changed the subject

"Are you hungry?, I smell bacon cooking!" Louis said

"I'm vegetarian..." I said

"Oh" Louis said

I started to get dizzy it just started out of no where, all the sudden I drop to the floor.

I wake up to another migraine, I forget where I am then it all starts coming back.

I'm being held hostage

" god dammit" I mutter to myself

There a note on my hand, I peel it off and read it

Dear Gabrielle,

We had an interview, there's no escape so don't even try

Love, one direction

Wow... I was left alone at the house?! YES TIME TO GO LOOK AROUND.

I start at the upstairs rooms, I go into the first room on the left.

I walk into the room to see lots of playboy magazines hanging up. I smell a distinct smell of weed I walk over to the bed and sit on it.

I wonder who's room this is I think to myself.

Then I go to the room next to it.

In the room next to the weed smelling playboy magazine room is pretty clean.

It smells really good and I'm thinking the person who owned this room has OCD or something.

I go to the next room and immediately I smell pizza....

What the...

I walk into the room just to see A LOT of trash, not just any trash, but pieces of food!

"Wow" I think to myself... What a slob!

Then I step on something and it crumbles as I step on it. I look down and it's a...


The flashbacks come flowing in of last nights torture I can hold it in

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