What happens when you freak out!

This is a fun book on what really happens when you faint or go crazy when something hot or amazing happens to YOU!


2. you and ur crush

so you are at school and it is maths class :(

at least you sit next to ur bff and ur crush is 2 rows in front of you

so half way through the lesson ur teacher says you and ur bff talk TOO MUCH!

so they swap ur bff with ur crush!

so a few min later he starts talking to you and....

you start sweating when he just asked you "how are you?"

(really?) anyway the lesson is finished 

thank the lord! you gave in a big relief!

so tip no.2

stay cool when around ur crush dont go like "sweaty and umm anything else!"

if they like you and you like them they might lose intrest!

if not stay cool!


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