The Shadow Games

There is a world shrouded in mystery, heavy with the stench of fear and death. An ancient ritual so horrible that even the Doctor stays away from it. Until he is forced to confront his living nightmare...


2. 1.1

The Doctor stood at the TARDIS console, running his hands lovingly over the controls. He loved his TARDIS, he really did, however much he put her through. The same could be said for Amy, who was stood on the opposite side of the console, watching him with a sad expression on her face. She had been through so much, had her heart broken, and now she was trying to put the tattered remains of her life back together. It was difficult for all of them. The Doctor knew didn't have much time left together. He could feel it. He just hoped it wouldn't hurt as much this time.

Shaking his head, he put those thoughts to the back of his mind. Today was about letting go, relaxing and having fun. He was taking Amy to Etravaris - a small planet nicknamed the 'beach paradise' because of its numerous beaches and the glorious weather. She had been ecstatic when he had first mentioned it, but now he wondered whether this was a good idea.

"Brought your sun cream, Amy?" he asked, awkwardly trying to break the silence.

Amy blinked as if seeing him for the first time. "Gonna get a tan to be proud of!" she replied, smiling once again.

The Doctor smiled back, relieved.

"So what are the natives like on this planet, Doctor?" Amy asked, coming round to stand next to him.

"They're friendly enough. They are used to tourists. Don't freak out when you see them though." he left the statement hanging, smirking as he walked away.

Amy followed him doggedly. "Why? What do they look like?"

The Doctor just smiled, straightening his ever-present bow-tie. He was pleased when Amy started laughing, brightening the atmosphere inside the time-machine.

"Couldn't persuade Rory to come with us?" he asked. It was probably the worst thing he could have said.

Amy's expression went from laughing to guarded and sad in an instant. The TARDIS seemed to get a few degrees colder. She didn't speak for a few seconds. When she did, her voice was heavy with misery.

"He...had an important meeting at work."

The Doctor looked incredulous. "I have a time-machine." He gestured to the console.

Amy turned away. "He's just busy at the moment. I don't want to talk about it."

The Doctor could sense there was something she wasn't saying, but before he could inquire further, an ear-splitting noise rang out.

Amy jumped back in alarm. The Doctor rushed around the console, furiously pushing buttons and pulling levers. As if to spite him, the alarm only increased in volume. In addition to that, the main lights flickered once, before shutting off altogether. A red warning light flickered on and off. In the  brief moments of light, Amy could see the Doctor, a worried expression on his face. The crimson light made the Timelord's eyes glow with fire.

In the dark, blood red bursts, it felt like hours. It was only actually a minute or two before a sudden jerk brought the TARDIS to a stop. Her two passengers were thrown to the floor, both falling into unconsciousness as their heads hit the metal. The last thing the Doctor's swirling eyes of space and time saw was the flashing red fire consuming his TARDIS before they blurred over and darkness won the fight.

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