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  • Published: 13 Sep 2014
  • Updated: 13 Sep 2014
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A short story about 5 bestfriends with a twist in a tale....


1. Reunited

It was an early morning as Jai Brooks walked down the street. Roses blooming and birds chirping from a far. 

A smile spread across his face as he came closer to his four best friends, Luke, Beau, James and Daniel. Jai slowly sat down on the wet grass next to them and softly whispered

"Hello boys"

The wind started to pick up, rushing into Jai's soft skin causing him to crack another smile. 

"Oh, Luke! Before i forget, a present for you" Jai spoke as he slowly placed the cross necklace down in front of Luke. 

The boys all sat together for what seemed like hours. The sun grew in the sky and blazed down over them. It hadn't been this hot in Melbourne for a while now.

"So I was thinking the other day..." Jai stopped and laughed at the four boys. "Do you remember that day Beau threw a rock through my window? Looking back now really cracks me up!" He laughed again. 

All day, they sat there thinking and remembering the old times that they had shred together.

The first interview. The first videos. The first Meet&Greets that had now almost disappeared from their memories. It was hard for Jai to even remember what cities they had visited. He no longer could find the names of all the TV shows they had appeared in, but there was always one memory that Jai would never forget. 

"Remember the nerves we felt on our first Meet&Greet? We were sure that hardly anyone would turn up but then there were at least 3000 people. Who would've known?"

His friends remained silent but Jai understood. Jai knew that there were never any words to describe what they had been through. 

They met as three brothers and two strangers and became a family of five brothers.

"By the way Beau, I saw our cousin the other day. She's doing great. She says she misses you and hopes to see you lot soon." Jai said, looking at the floor the entire time he spoke. He sighed and reached his hand out to Beau.

"I bet you miss her too, huh? Its really sad you and Luke haven't seen her in so long" with that he reached his other hand over to Luke.

The sun was now starting to decent from the blue, cloudy sky above.

 Jai heard his stomach growl but brushed it off. Having his reunion with his friends was more important than anything to him.

"I want you boys to know I'm okay, After we broke up and stopped making videos, I realised that there is more to life then just being 'famous'. really do enjoy writing, aha, even though my grammer is poor." he laughed. He could hear the boys laughing around him, which made him smile. 

 "And I was even well enough to see Ben last month. Unfortunately he isn't doing to well. He stopped walking about 5 months ago and is now in a wheelchair. I told him not to worry, that he would get the feelings in his legs back soon."

No the darkness started to fall over the five boys sitting on the grass. The chirping of birds was replaced by croaking frogs and buzzing mosquitoes. Jai realised it was late. 

"Maybe i should get going. We could all do with a rest I think." he softly spoke. Jai bit his lip and took one last look at his brothers...

Four perfect, shiny tomb stones in front of him. Each one with a single red rose in front, which Jai had placed.

"I really do miss it though." He whispered. "It's sad that we grew up so fast..." Jai reached over and picked up his cane that was leaning on a nearby tree. He struggled to pull himself up off the ground. A groan escaped his lips as his knees buckled. Finally standing upright, he readjusted his glasses and took one final look. Jai was the last Janoskian alive, but sickly and hurt.

"If only we could turn back time..." he whispered to himself before shuffling back down the street.

One week later Jai was able to join his brothers as one more tomb stone was added to the wet patch of grass. They were reunited once again.


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