Australia (Janoskians)

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3. ♦Two♦






||Kathryn's POV||


   I grabbed my last little thing, which was a bear that Shane had given me when I was sick a couple years back, I put it in the bag.


   My room was now empty other than my bed and a few big things like a bench that a can not take with me.


   I picked up my backpack and sports bag that was full of sleeping supplies, I pulled out the handle in me suitcase and walked out of my door and turds the front door.


   "Oh and here is your fucking plane ticket bitch." I swirled around and my dad threw a paper at me, with my free hand I picked up the plane ticket and put it in my back pocket, I opened the screen door slowly looking back at my father who sat over the table drinking vodka.


   His eyes laid on me and then as if in a second, filled with anger."Get your fat ass out of here." He yelled as I looked back to the door and guide it closed and start to walk off my porch.


   I jog down the stairs and jog down the dirt driveway, the night sky was cold, I was going to have to walk to Wyatt's house and stay there till morning then take a bus to the airport.


   As soon as I make it past our address sign, I lay my skateboard on the ground and the sound of my wheels rolling on the paved road was the only thing in the silence of the night.


   A tear made it's way down my cheek, I was leaving.


   How can a dad be so careless of their own daughter and abuse her. Another tear rolled down my cheek as I took my dry and cold hand, whipping it away. 


   The sky was full of stars and the moon's light shined behind the rocky mountains and the trees swayed in the cold night wind. My face and hands where numb as a gas station's lights flickered through the tall trees.


   I slowly made  my way down the hill and I could see the gas station now, the "common cents" sign had some letters that did not work anymore, the small spaces to pull in and get gas where empty, the lights inside where on.


   I brought all the money I could find, my father would not give me college money because he spent it on the damn pass port.


   I leaned back to turn left into the parking lot of the old building, picking up my board and walked inside the door.


   "Kathryn! Are you okay? What's up with the bags?" I turn to see Shane at the front counter looking at my appearance.


  "My dad kicked me out." I say and look away to the rows of food and snacks, the freezers and refrigerated things up along the wall, the small booth that sat to my right underneath the long window.


  "Again? Do you need a place to stay?" Shane was always like my bigger brother, protecting me and worried about me, having to 'know' my boyfriends, like I had any.


  "Yeah, in the morning I am heading to the airport to go to Australia to live with a distant aunt." I slowly took my eyes to look up at him, his brown chocolate eyes full of worry, his brown hair was pushed to the side and his beanie hung from his head.


  Shane's muscle shirt with the beach on it was the same one he had worn lat week, his tan shorts and white high-tops finished his outfit off.


  "Well you can stay here if you need to. How did you get a  passport?" He asks, coming from behind the counter and grabbing the sports bag off my shoulder then hugging me.


  I try so hard to keep in the tears but nothing could stop them  as I cry in his shoulder, Shane calming me down. The smell of of flower blossom filled my nose, I took in the smell of Shane, calming me down even more.


   "Do you want to sleep and then in the morning I can call  Wyatt and he can take us to the airport? You need some rest, here come with me." Shane leads me behind the counter and opens a door, showing me to a small group of chairs where I can rest.


  "Th-thank you Sh-Sh-Shane." My voice shuttered as he nodded, unzipping my bag and bringing out two blankets and a pillow. 


  He lays down one blanket on the chairs, then leans the pillow on the wall at the end of the row of chairs. He tells me to put down my things as I do and lay down and he hands me the other blanket, the small bell rings meaning someone is at the door and that was the last thing I remember before drifting into a dark sleep, before my world went black.




  "Kathryn. Kathryn wake up." The soft and comforting voice of Wyatt and Shane echoed in my head as I flicker my eyes open to reveal the room from last night.


  "There she is!" Wyatt said in a child voice, pinching my cheeks, waking me up a little.


  "I have your stuff in my car, if we don't go now you won't make it to your flight." He says as I get up slowly, putting one hand to my head.


  Shane quickly grabs my pillow but Wyatt grabs it shortly after.


  "Oh yeah, I am taking this pillow not you!" Shane yells pulling on one end.


  "In your dreams, I am taking it, who knows you probable take it so you can get her hair and clone her? Huh." Wyatt says and pulls on it making Shane take a couple steps forward.


  "Boys." I groan and Wyatt quickly let go of the pillow and grabs my blankets instead glaring at Shane.


   We made it to the car, Shane sat in back as Wyatt sat in the driver's seat and I was in the passenger's chair.


   I looked out the window see cars and other things pass by, ignoring the complaints of the two boys.




   We where in front of the airport as I held my bags, rivers of tears streamed down my face as I finish hugging Shane.


   "I will miss you both, come and visit me sometime." I say waving goodbye then turning on my heal and walking to the front door of the airport making my way inside, pushing through loads of people.


   I found the lady that I give my ticket to and handed it to her as she punched a hole in it giving it back to me.


   I found my place in the airplane and sat down, my suitcase and sports bag where underneath me in the luggage compartment. The man on the intercom said something but I ignored it and plugged in my headphones listening to Shower, by Becky G.




   I made my way out of the strange airport and the people with strange accents.


   I walked out the doors to spot a man with my name written on the board. I walked up to him and he smiled at the sight of me.


   He was around my age, grown hair, a piercing on his eyebrow and a arm sleeve of tattoos.


   He smirked at me and said,"You must be Kathryn Willcox? Your aunt sent me down to pick you up." His accent was sexy and was already turning me on with his over sized gray sweater and his tan 'trousers' if that is what they call them, hanging low. A grey beanie and white high-tops, they all turned me on as I noticed the earphones around his neck and cord going to his pocket, right next to...shut the fucking up Kathryn.


   I must say, he was hot.


   "What is your name?" I ask.


   "I am a sexy ass beast named Jai Brooks."



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