Australia (Janoskians)

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4. ♦Three♦








||Kathryn's POV||


  I looked around the small black car I was in. It was a KIA I think, the inside and outside where very nice indeed.


  But there was one thing that was not nice, the stuck up bitch right next to me.


  I looked out the small window, the buildings pacing by. This was nothing like home, it was more like a huge city like New York or California, not like Colorado.


   People here are also different but when it comes to the personalities they come in really identical, especially when it came to teenage guys. 


   "So your Kathryn, can I call you Kit-Kat?" I ripped my gaze away from the window and looked at the very attractive boy next to me.


   "What?" I say, not really understanding what he meant.


   He tilted his head to my bag that lay by by feet,a small Kit-Kat bar that I got at the airport when I landed stuck out from a pocket.


   "I guess if you want." My voice was low from sleeping on the plan, being as tired as I was now, I felt as if I could sleep through four days without waking up or opening my eyes.


   The thought of sleeping made my eyes start to droop and my body starting to fill with a limp and a feeling almost as if my mind was going blank.


    I, out of nowhere, felt a strong and cold hand on my leg. I quickly looked at it and knew it was Jai and his sexy ass looks of his.


   His hand moved to my face feeling my cheek, I flinched at his touch, he had touched my bruise and I knew he was looking at it.


   "Kat? How did this happen?" My body went cold as he said those last few words,'how did this happen'. 


    I used to get asked that all the time at school, when I would come with scars and cuts all over my body, I would just come up with some random lie that popped into my head and they all believed it, but now, while I am here, that won't happen.


   "I was playing basketball with Wyatt and Shane back home." I say looking at his face, I could tell he knew it was a lie but surprisingly he let it slide.


   "Oh, well they must have a strong pass." He said letting the subject go as he faced forward to the road.


   We drove for what felt like forever when we took a right turn into a neighborhood. I looked out the front window to see four boys walking and some, running, up the road, one was even on a penny board.


   Jai started to slow down as he rolled down my window.


   "Why are we slowly down?" I ask but Jai does not answer as the boy on the penny board pulls up.


   The boy looked just like Jai, but he had blond hair on the front tips of his dark brown hair and he had a lip ring.


   "Hey Jai! Who is this? Is this her?" His Australian accent was just like Jai's. He leaned in the window, putting his elbows on the outside.


    "Yep, this is her." Jai says, flicking my shoulder, I just give him a 'fuck off' glare.


   "Well hi, my name is Luke Brooks." Luke put out his hand and I took it gladly. Luke warmly smiled at me, not taking his eyes off mine.


    "So you guys are twins? You guys are totally different, one of you is nice and kind," I juster to Luke then look at Jai,"then the other is a stuck up bitch."




Hi guys! Thank you for reading my book this far!!!

Hope you all enjoy and keep reading....

P.S. sorry this one was a little out there but hope you enjoyed<3

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