Australia (Janoskians)

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1. Prologue


Australia l l Janoskians



A young girl walked down the hall, not making any eye contact to the girl beside her, for neither of them wanted to speak.


"You know this is all your fault." The next to her said, her words soft and full of fear, for she knew that Kathryn was known as a good student with a bad temper.


"Oh, my fault?" Kathryn looked at the girl next to her, her eyes where looking into Kathryn's. 

Kathryn stopped walking feeling the anger starting to rise in her, her mind was full of thoughts and her face showed that she was filling with heat. 'My fault after what Shay did!' She thought as the other girl stopped and turned on her heal looking Kathryn in the eye.


"Oh yeah it was your fault, you had to be a bitch and grab Wyatt and take him away you slutty whore," Kathryn could not hold her anger as it rose in her like a storm, she baled her fists and tried to hold her tong by biting the inside of her lip but it wasn't enough when the girl in front of her smirked.


"Shay can't call me the whore when he is like a brother to me and what is that? Oh, all the twelve guys you cheated on with thirty football players. You have no fucking right to call my a slut when you go around throwing yourself at every guy that walks by you." Shay was scared but tried her best not to show it, she didn't want to be scared of this girl, that would ruin her reputation of being the queen-bee of the school.


"Who's call'n me a slut? Oh," Shay took a deep breath and started to speak again making sure to do her famous hand-on-the-hip."Yes it's the no body that eats ice cream and no one cares about." Shay was crossing the lines, first she makes fun of Kathryn and now she seals it off with her evil devil bitchy side.


Kathryn was on the verge of crying she wanted so hard to deny it, but how could she, no one ever did care for her, not even her own dad. If he wasn't paying for her to go to school or if he didn't have her college money, then she would leave.


Kathryn didn't even speak or comment back to Shay, she just started to walk as fast as possible down the hall and to the principle's office where she should be, as for they where late.


"And you must be Ms.Willcox?" Mr.Powers's low grumpy voice asked looking up from his oak wood desk that had papers stacked here and there but was not to cluttered. 


"Yes." Kathryn sat down on one of the brown leather chairs that sit in front of the desk as Shay walks through the door taking a seat next to her in the other chair.


"So,"the principal cleared his throat then went on," you girls caused some trouble, now did we." He said it in more of a statement. The girls looked at one another, sending death glares. Kathryn nit her eyebrows together as Shay started to speak in her high pitched annoying voice.


"Yes." Shay looked almost pale, she was holding in the tears and the fears of what the principal was about to say, she was afraid for what her parents might think and what others may think.

Kathryn was the exact opposite.


She sat there in her chair as if to be happy, she may get good grades s she can go to college but when it comes to drama and teaches and shit, she really can care less. I wouldn't put her as the best attitude but as the best in grades-when she was in third grade she was learning sixth grade math because she was so smart, she hated it but she was smart.


"Do you guys know what you did was wrong." The girls slowly shook their heads 'yes' as Mr.Powers spoke once more." Kathryn, you spray painted your homework saying 'god please get me out of here' and you wrote a not to a kid in your class talking about sex and drugs. You have amazing grades, why can't your attitude be the same?" Kathryn shrugged and looked at the white wall next to her.


"What is wrong with you?" Shay asked looking at Kathryn, trying to piss her off which was not working, Kathryn was thinking about her mom and older brother and how her dad shot them when she was so young it was just so long ago that it would of been forgotten if it where something else, but she would never forget that.


The principal shot Shay a glare then opened his mouth to speak,"don't think I just 'forgot' you where here." He looked at her and she froze making eye contact with him, feeling the heaviness of tears threatening to spill over."You where buying and selling drugs on school grounds."


They all sat in silence for a couple seconds, Kathryn was liking it, she was able to think, but the thoughts of her father came back and the way he treated his own daughter. Without knowing, a tear was making it's way down her cheek and then slide off. She took her hand and whipped the tear away then Mr.Powers broke the sweat silence when the words slipped out of his lips like as if he had said it a million times.


"Well I am going to have to suspend to both."


"What!" Kathryn yells, this was the only place she had to get away from her father, she can't spend twenty four hours with him every single day. The girls where on the edge of their seats.


"I am sorry, but if you want to finish your last year of school, you are going to have to go to a different school.


"B-but all my friends are here!" Shay yells, Kathryn rolls her eyes 'her sex buddies' she thinks.


"I am sorry, I will email both your parents after school and if not, tomorrow I will. You have till the end of the period to clean out your lockers and leave school grounds or I will press charges for trespassing for you guys." His tone was strict and stern."Now go, I really hope I won't have to." 


He pointed to the door and the girls got up and walked out of the room without a word. They could not believe what just happened. Kathryn heard a sob behind her and knew it was Shay, but she didn't say anything, she couldn't.


Now she was going to have to deal with her father's strength and hate everyday, she won't be able to go to college. 



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