Australia (Janoskians)

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2. ♦One♦







||Kathryn's POV||



   I walked down the empty hall to the front doors, the green painted lockers pass by me, the signs and banners of different events happening in the school.


   'I was kicked out of school.' Was all that went through my mind. I couldn't even dream or have nightmares on what my dad has planned for me.


   When I was in first grade, my mom and dad where trying to have a third kid. One evening while I was at school, I was called to the mother was giving birth. So I got I ride with one of my closest friend's mom, she took me to the hospital and I got to see my baby brother for the first time.


   My older brother came but also said he had to leave to go to the Navy the next day.


   When he left my dad started to drugs but not a lot, he would be sober once a week, coming home and then yelling at my mom and threatening her with harsh words and threats that I have no desire to speak of. 


   I opened the front door as the loud bell rang and the sound of kids yelling and talking, like a flood of water that exploded out of the classroom doors. I looked back to see the girls and boys making their way to their lockers and their next class, finding their friends.


   I looked around, trying to see if I could find my only two friends, Wyatt and Shane, but they where nowhere to be found, I will text them later.


   I walked to the road, I usually ride the bus or have Wyatt drive me close to my house since I have no car, I put all of my money turds college and now I won't be able to even go.


   I dropped my skateboard on the ground, stepping on it with my left foot, pushing my weight with my right leg, gaining speed.


   I pushed and pushed till my brown hair was behind my shoulders and I could feel the wind in my face. I held onto the straps of my backpack as the worm smell of hot dogs and food filled my nostrils, I looked to the other side of the road, the cars passing by, people sat outside the small steakhouse.


   I made my way down the road as the sound of cars passed by me, the air was starting to chill and the clouds started to form in front of the baby blue sky and orange sun.


   Making a corner, I felt a cold drop of water hit my face, sliding off, and another after that, and two more after that, till it poured rain and the sky was dark.


   I stopped and unzipped my backpack, pulling out my army colored mid-waist thick jacket, the pockets unzipped. I threw it over my head, sliding it down my arms and covering my upper-half torso.


   My breath was visible in the air and the road was like a small river, the sound of the drains ringed in my ears, the cars zipping bay, water flying behind them. The lights and windshield wipers of the cars made it hard to see who was driving.


   I started to walk, picking up my board and throwing my bag over my shoulder. With each step came a splash from the hard sidewalk, the was pouring making my body shake under each and every raindrop that hit my now cold body.


   As I made my way up the familiar road that I walk, I noticed the small sign on the right side of the sidewalk.


   I felt my stomach cringe at the sight of my driveway, the trees swayed in the wind and a small light in the front window was on.


   I walked slowly up the dirt road, seeing the small deck hanging from the house and the old 1990's Toyota truck with the metal starting to rot away on the rim, it sat in front of the falling apart blue house.


   I made my way onto the porch, the overhead roof covering me from the rain. The floorboards creaked under my weight with each step I took. I took a couple more steps to be in front of the red and screen door, the smell of smoke and beer filled the air.


   The cold metal handle waited for me to touch it, I took my hand and slowly opened it as it creaked open. I walked inside and the musty thick air hit me as the door slammed behind me.


   My dad's head shot up from the old torn apart couch and he glared at me.


   "What did I tell you about slamming that damn door." He yelled looking at me in the eye. He stood up and wobbled over to me, a beer in hand. He wore the same clothes as yesterday, the ripped up shorts and a stained white tee shirt.


   "I'm sorry." I mumbled looking away from my drunk father.


   "What did you say? Speak up." His tone was strict as he grabbed my chin forcefully, making me look at him, his once bright green eyes where now a gloomy gray, dark bags hung underneath them.


   "Sorry father." I say a little louder. He took his hand from my chin and lowered it to my chest.


   "You need to be punished for that." I start to shake uncontrollable as he looks at me then smirks."Get down and suck my fucking dick right now." He says, pushing me making me stumble back.


   I can't do this any more, I can't be his slave any longer, I must stand up to him.


   "No." I quietly say, looking at the wall next to us, the wallpaper starting to peal off.


   "What did you say?" My father's tone was filling with anger, I could just picture him, his red face, fists balled.


   "I have had enough," I take my gaze off the wall and turn it to my father who stood in front of me looking pissed, I tried my best to speak with a clear voice to sound strong." I have had enough of being your sex slave. This is not how you are supposed to treat a daughter, I miss Zack, but there is no way to bring him back."


   The thought of my older brother made me want to cry, how he would never be able to come back home from being at war, then the plane and kidnapping and him being a hostage for them made me want to go and cry but I can't.


   Out of the blue, I felt a strong stinging pain that filled my cheek, a tear fell out of my eye. He slapped me.


   My own father slapped me!


   "I have had enough of you, go pack your bags you are going to Australia bitch." My father yelled pointing to my small room."Why did I get the slut and disrespectful daughter?" He mumbles to himself.


   I walk to my room and opened my door, don't get me wrong I want to leave but this place is all I know, I have never been anywhere else.


   "Where will I fucking live in Australia?" I yell at my father grabbing a suitcase in my closet, throwing things in there.


   "You will live with your shitty aunt in Australia, now fucking shut up and pack asshole."



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