When Lexi meets One Direction she instantly falls in love but what will her dad and her boyfriend say to it?


1. introduction

Oh my god phoebe did you see that convo with Justin I mean it was totes adorable_Lexi

I know I saw your screenshot on twitter I wish I could date Justin_Phoebe

Well what can I say I do catch the boys_Lexi

Only because your popular_Phoebe

Oh my god did you really just say that_Lexi


Its okay look got to go. I'm going home my dads got a big surprise_Lexi

Okay see ya_phoebe 

Lexi walked off leaving phoebe behind. Phoebe was Lexi's best mate they basically have been together ever since kindergarten! Only Lexis dad experienced her childhood because her mum died at childbirth, Lexi didn't know until she was 8! 

Lexi has a horrible past but in the present she is living the dream. She lives in a mansion with her dad mark, mark is a multi millionaire who has his own record label! Her boyfriend Justin plays soccer and earns a lot so she gets expensive gifts, Phoebe doesn't work at all she practically uses her dads credit card!

Meanwhile Lexi had just arrived at her house, she stepped out of her pink BMW and went inside.

Daddy!_ Lexi

Princess_ Mark

So what's the big surprise_Lexi

Okay don't freak out but ive signed on 1D_Mark

Oh my god daddy! That's amazing! Are they living here for a while_Lexi

Yeah erm i am taking the boys out to show them the studio. Niall is stopping here because he's already seen it so if you could just stay here. We guys should be back by morning because we may go out to town all night_mark

Heard that before dad go on_Lexi

Thanks gorgeous_mark before kissing her check and running out to the car with harry, liam, Louis and zayn inside.

Straight away Lexi ran upstairs to her room to check if her makeup was okay! But instead she got a big surprise! Niall Horan was in her room.

Oh hi_Niall

Hi what you doing in my room_Lexi

Sorry I was just_niall

Being nosy_Lexi


It's okay_Lexi

Your rooms cool if that makes it any better_niall

Haha thanks_lexi

Are you okay?_niall

Yeah just a bit tired you know last year in school before I move on_Lexi

Oh cool where do ya go_niall

Coocborough high!_Lexi

Oh cool I don't know where that is but yeah cool_niall

Haha you don't have to be stupid you can just say where it is_Lexi


Niall_ Lexi


In fact it doesn't matter_ Lexi

Go on_Niall

No seriously_Lexi


Okay then_Lexi


Err I have feelings for you_Lexi

You have what_ Niall

Sorry_ Lexi

No its okay I'm just shocked_Niall

I know now that your gonna hate me_Lexi

No because I feel the same way_Niall 

Oh right_Lexi

I guess ur gonna go off me_ Niall

No because I love you_Lexi

Wow I've never been as loved as quick as that by any girl_niall


I'm guessing we should_Niall





I don't know_lexi

Ha so..._Niall


Niall kissed her!

I'm the luckiest girl on this planet_Lexii



Nothing!hey why don't you pack a picnic so we could have a nice chat_Niall

Yeah I'll be in the kitchen come down in half an hour then I'll show you to the picnic spot_Lexi

Is it private_Niall



I'll see you later then_Lexi


Quickly she ran down stairs to the kitchen.

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