Bad Habit

"Drivers are rude, such attitudes, but when I show my piece, complaints cease, something's odd, I feel like god, you stupid dumbshit goddamn motherfucker!


1. Road Rage

The white car cut off Beau making him slam on the breaks. Everyone in the car went foward.

  "What the fuck?!" Yelled Skip   "Yeah, seriously!" Agreed James.   "This fucking cunt just cut me off!" Beau yelled.                                                    Nirvana's , About A Girl, playing in the background                                                            "Hold on, I know a song that is perfect for this!" Jai scrolled through his playlist. Bad Habit by The Offspring started playing. Jai reached over and turned the volume up. In the back seat were Luke, James, and Daniel headbanging to the song.    Jai started off singing the first part. "Hey man I know I'm really okay, the gun in my hand will tell you the same. But when I'm in my car don't give me no crap, cause the slightest thing and I just might snap."    "When I go driving I stay on my lane, but getting cut off it makes me insane. I open the glove box, reach inside, I'm gonna wrench this fucker's ride!" Luke yelled/sang along.    The chorus came on, and by that point they were all singing along. The man in the white car took a glance at his review mirror and flipped off Beau.    "Well they say the road is a dangerous place, if you flip me off I'll get in your face, if you drive on my ass, my foot's on the gas and your next breath is your last!" Yelled Beau as loud as he could.    The man took another glance at his review mirror getting more and more uncomfortable with the lyrics. Which made the boys enjoy it more. The chorus came around again, by this time Beau looked at Jai and Jai looked at Beau knowing exactly what Beau was thinking.    "Drivers are rude such attitudes, but when I show my piece, complaints cease, somethings odd I feel like I'm god..." The song sang.    Beau smiled and switched lanes. Jai rolled down his window and stuck his head out.    "You stupid dumbshit goddamn motherfucker!" Jai yelled out the window. Sticking his head back in laughing.    " I open the glove box reach inside I'm gonna wrench this fucker's ride!"   The all the boys joined in and sang along to the chorus whilst they drove home.  "I guess I got a bad habit of blowing away, I got a bad habit and it ain't goin away, yeah, yeah"
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