haunted ☠ brooks

a 17 year old girl named Hanna is haunted by something that happened in her past. She no longer talks, or eats or interacts with anyone. And Luke is there to figure it out.


1. ☠ one ☠

I just moved to America not that long ago, and tomorrow is my first day of school. America is totally different from what i had thought. I get ready for bed, its about eleven am. I have a big day tomorrow, my first day of school.


I wake up at seven fifteen and get ready for school. I yell at my brother Jai to get up.

"Hey Jai wake the fuck up we have to go to hell..... I mean school"

"just two more minutes im sick"

" NO GET THE FUCK UP" I yelled and walked to get my self breakfast.

What a way to start the day.


I get to school at about eight forty. I walk into the office with a tired Jai walking beside me. I can fell the eyes on both of us as were walking down the halls.

"Excuse me but do you want a picture it will last longer ?!" Jai snapped and I held in my laugh till we got away from them.

When we reached the office we both got our classes and locked numbers. Jai and I had to share a locker. I looked at my classes my first period is science, then i have photography.

"Whats your first period ? " Jai asked and I showed him my paper. "We have math together" he said and grabbed his books and started to walk away, but before he did he turned back and said " Have fun in Gym" I looked at my paper fourth period gym.


I was going to be late for science so i didnt even bother trying to run to get to class.

"Ah you must be Mr. Brooks, Im Ms. Williams, take seat." I nodded and looked around for a seat. I saw in the very back a small girl looking at me with wide eyes. I started to walk over to her, i sat down and she started at me like i just killed someone.

" is it okay if i sit here ? " i asked and she looked away.

" So my names Luke and you are ? " i asked but she didn't reply.

"I came from Australia, my brother Beau is still there. He didn't want to come. But my twin brother came, Jai he is something special, like he is crazy as fuck." i just kept talking and talking and she didn't seem to care nor listen. I looked to someone who was staring at her.

" she doesnt talk. She never does and she never will" then a boy with a dimple piercing turned around again and never looked back for the rest of the class.

She never talked and she never will, i needed to know why, i needed to be the one who could make her talk.

a/n sorry this is bad lmaoooo. anyway i love beau but he will come in soon & so will Daniel!!

twitter : verypunkhemmo

Instagram(s) personal : karlie_is_a_penguin || fan : thajanoskians & verypunkhemmo

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