With A Twist of A Knife

Haunted by visions of terrible death, Leon Knightly has to live with this curse for the rest of his life. He is tired of getting evil glares and being the black sheep of Dead Rose. What happens when Felix Cunningham comes into the cozy little town? Will Leon finally get a chance to be a normal teenager again or will Felix unlock dark and deadly secrets that should have never been brought into the light?


2. Chapter Two

      "Leon your order is ready!" I snapped out of my trance. It was like someone had splashed cold water on me. Slowly did I get up, my eyes never leaving his. When I got the counter I thanked Madam Black and made my way out the door. The leaves crunched under my feet and snow began to fall. I frowned knowing I will have to be in this weather a little while longer. Cupping  my hands I blew warm air into them trying to myself warm. I could hear footsteps coming from behind me but I paid no mind to it; probably someone trying to see if I burned when the held up a bible to me, eventually they'll get bored and just leave. As I continued walking the footsteps behind me got louder which made me walk a little faster. Soon I found myself sprinting trying to get away from the unknown stranger. I guess I didn't run fast enough because hands wrapped themselves around me causing a loud scream to erupt from my mouth.. "Shut the fuck up!" They hissed. I whimpered not knowing what my fate will be. All of a sudden I became light headed and my eyes started to get heavy. Before I knew it I was consumed in a world full of darkness.

      I woke up naked and hanging from the ceiling. I looked around at my surroundings and saw that I was in an abandoned shack. I practically gagged at the smell of rust and stale water. Fear consumed me and I began to scream for help. "Please anyone help me!" I waited for someone to answer and when I didn't get a response I began to sob. The door opened letting a blinding light seep through the cracks. Hope welled up inside me. "Oh my God! I am so glad your here, please you have to help-" The stranger put a finger to my lips giving me a wicked smile. "I'm sorry dear but I'm afraid you aren't going anywhere." My eyes widened. They began to circle me like a predator getting ready to pounce on its prey. "I have been searching for you for over ten thousand years you know that?" Tears brimmed the corners of my eyes. What did I possibly do to get in this kind of situation? Why me? Out of all the people in this world why me?

     "Please I swear if you let me go I won't tell anyone!" I begged. The stranger stopped circling me bringing himself into the light. I gasped in disbelief ...oh God it couldn't be....


Cliff hanger!!!!!!!!!! Love you my shadows!

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