With A Twist of A Knife

Haunted by visions of terrible death, Leon Knightly has to live with this curse for the rest of his life. He is tired of getting evil glares and being the black sheep of Dead Rose. What happens when Felix Cunningham comes into the cozy little town? Will Leon finally get a chance to be a normal teenager again or will Felix unlock dark and deadly secrets that should have never been brought into the light?


3. Chapter Three


      I smiled at his shocked expression. My eyes scanned of his body and I couldn't help that I was drooling. His body looked delicious. The demon side of me was starting to get restless and I didn't know how much longer I could hold back my hunger for his flesh. He began to whimper, tears starting to slide down his flushed cheeks. "I know what your thinking, how could he betray me? What did I ever do to him? Why me? Well you see my friend that answer is simple. I need your soul." A confused expression crossed his features. I sighed in frustration. "Okay let me put this in terms you will understand. You have a very rare power." It finally clicked in his mind but he still had a puzzled expression on his face. "I don't understand what does my curse have to do with my soul?" I gave him a wicked grin. "It has to do with everything. You are a vision seeker but you are the only one of your kind...well except for your parents but after I'm done with you I'll take care of them." His face paled. "Oh God please no, I don't want to die! Please I am begging you please don't do this!" He cried. Leon pleading for his life didn't faze me one bit, in fact it annoyed me. He continued to plead for his life, crying uncontrollably. My patience started to wear thin and my anger was getting stronger by the minute. "Oh my fucking God, shut the fuck up already!" I screamed.  His crying turned into quiet whimpers. "Thank you. Now let's get this over with." I stalked my way towards him getting ready to rip out his throat when the door burst open...



     I stepped out of the open portal and gazed at the strange world humans call Earth. "Oh Alex, isn't beautiful?!" Angelica asked in wonder and excitement. I rolled my eyes sighing. "I just don't see why father sent us here>" My sister huffed with agitation. "Ugh! Alex for the last time we are here to find Jason and stop him from eating the Vision Seekers soul. Do you want what happened to Bethany happen to another innocent person?" She stared at me pointedly. My heat lurched in my stomach, the horror of finding Bethany's decapitated body still haunted my memory. I gulped quickly shaking my head no. "Good now come on we don't have much time." Dragging me through an abandoned forest and into what seemed like a small little village. Welcome to Dead Rose! A sign read. She continued to pull me through the town's square scanning the area for any sign of Jason. "Okay Alex we have to stay focused do-oh my gosh Poison Ivy's! I haven't had there food in years!" I laughed at my sisters short attention span and followed her to the restaurant. As we were about to go in a rush of cold air rapped itself a round my body giving me an uneasy feeling.

    I looked over and I guess Angelica felt it to because we both gave each other a knowing look. Heading south of the town the feeling kept getting stronger and stronger. We arrived at what looked like an old meat factory. Vines swarmed their way all throughout the building. Some of the windows were busted open while the rest seemed boarded up and rust covered the locks on two of the metal doors. "Angie how are we supposed to get in there without being noticed?" She gave me a wicked grin grabbing my hand. "Hold your breath." She instructed. I did as I was told closing my eyes and could feel myself being transported into the building.





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