With A Twist of A Knife

Haunted by visions of terrible death, Leon Knightly has to live with this curse for the rest of his life. He is tired of getting evil glares and being the black sheep of Dead Rose. What happens when Felix Cunningham comes into the cozy little town? Will Leon finally get a chance to be a normal teenager again or will Felix unlock dark and deadly secrets that should have never been brought into the light?


1. Chapter One


       Death is the action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism. Sadly I have to deal with this every day. I was cursed with the power of seeing terrible death. I am the black sheep of Dead Rose, people insinuate I'm a witch and dabble in dark magic. To be honest I wish I could be normal. Just once do I wish I could have a normal life with normal parents. Sigh, I know that it will never happen though. Good things don't happen to a worthless human like myself. Nope I basically get the shit-end of the stick.

         I walked silently through the town square ignoring all the evil glare and whispers. "Mommy is he the devil's son....?" "Wow! He is even more of a freak than I thought...." "Why is he even living? People like him don't deserve to be on this earth..." I sighed. Even though I know all of them are just ignorant fucks, who judge you by what you look like or the rumors that they hear, doesn't mean their words don't hurt or make you feel any more worthless than you already are. I continued to walk until I got to my destination. I looked up and smiled at the sign. Poison Ivy's Herb and Tea Shop. I sighed in content and made my way into the store. "Hello Leon. What what can I do for you today? Madam Black asked kindly. I smiled fondly at her and made my order. "Alright your things will be ready in about ten minutes. Make yourself comfortable while you wait."

       I walked over to the soft plush brown couch making myself comfortable while I waited. Taking out my ZEN from my back pocket I turned it to my favorite song humming along to the lyrics. The door made a short dinging sound signaling that a new customer has arrived. Madam Black popped her head out form the other room to see who it was. "Hello sir! How may I help you today? She says politely. The boy was about 6'0 tall, had pale creamy skin, jet black hair, piercing emerald eyes, soft lips that formed into a slight pout, and a silver lip ring. My  eyes widened in awe. He was...gorgeous. To gorgeous to be human; it was like he came from another dimension. My heart started to pump really fast and there was a loud ringing noise in my ears. What was this strange feeling? Am I developing a crush on someone? Surely not. I choose to ignore these feelings and look straight ahead trying not to squirm under his lustful stare. If you looked really looked closely you could see a faint smile playing on his lips.

As soon as him and I made eye contact I knew that my life would never be the same again. The only thing is that I had this uneasy feeling that there was something not right about this guy. Could it be my nervousness or my conscience playing trick on me.


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