5 Second of Falling

2 weeks and I had fallen so hard for a guy I had only seen on TV. Everything that could have gone wrong did.


8. chapter 8

Michael was worriers sick about Sarah. My mind was to focuses on beating the living shit out of Emma how could she blame Sarah for me leaving I make my own decisions.

I ran into Michaels room and saw Emma slowly waking up.

"Amy?" She moaned


"Thank god your here Sarah knocked me out"

"And why would she do that..."

"I don't know!" She raised her voice.

"Save it. I already talked to Sarah." I yelled. " It wasn't Sarah's fault we moved it was yours. You know how many day I almost killed myself and you were never there it was Sarah who helped me thought everything!" I held in my tears. "I want you to leave and not come back ever lose my number and back the fuck out of my life." I pointed to the door. She started to walk away. "Wait... I forgot something."

She turned around and I slapped her. "Have a great life."

"Bitch." She said as she left.


Sorry for the short chapter. A lot of stuff has happened already and it's just the start! I'll post more soon ~maggs

 I'am so sorry to all you guys following this story I just have lost all interest in this story and gonna start writing somthing new. -maggs



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