5 Second of Falling

2 weeks and I had fallen so hard for a guy I had only seen on TV. Everything that could have gone wrong did.


6. chapter 6

I woke up to Luke's arm around my torso. I turn so I am facing him. He opens his beautiful blue eyes. I was wearing the shirt Luke gave me yesterday after we surfed.

"Morning" I say

"Morning pretty" he replied in a sexy tired voice.

"Dude you up? I am making pancakes" Cal yelled from the kitchen. I got up and kissed Luke's cheek and walked out.

"Hey Cal" I said.

"Oh hey lovely" Calum says "want some pancakes?"

"I should go see Sarah but thank ya"


"Can you tell Luke I ill be back?"

"Will do" Cal says as I leave. I walk back down to my room. Sarah is on the couch watching the news or some other shit like that.

"Well, well, well" she looked at me " YALL FUCKED DIDNT YOU!" She yelled

"NO Sarah we didn't fuck!"

"You're mouth is saying one thing but you're shirt is saying another." I laughed

"We didn't fuck Sarah!"

"Sure." She replied. "GUESS WHAT?!"


"Michael asked me out!"

"Solid bro" We did are hand shake.


"Ya" Sarah looked concerned

"You are all over the web" I walked over to her she had twitter open

"Who is this mystery girl they have spotted holding hands with Luke Hemmings" mystery girl I liked the way that sounded. There were some hateful message on twitter but I just ignored them.

I walked back over to Luke's in real clothes this time a pink romper with a big necklace. I walked in Luke was now up and dressed. It was about 10. And we were picking Emma up soon. I sat beside Luke and had a pancake they were super good I told Calum.

"Ready to go" Luke asked.

"Yes" he grabbed my hand and walk back in the bedroom were the was a sign it read: Emma Turner. I went on my tiptoes and kissed Luke he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him. We kissed like that for a bit till he slowly put me down. I kissed his nose and he grabbed my hand and the sign and we walked to the door.

"Goodluck!" Cal yelled behind me.

"Thankss!" We walk to the car and Luke drove me to the airport.

When we got there it was 11:30 so we had time before Emma arrived. Luke took me to Starbucks and I got a tea and he got a coffee and then we waited. Luke must have felt my leg shaking almost like it was gonna shake right off because he grabbed my thigh and I instantly calmed down.

"I am so nervous" I told him. He smiled.

"LA airlines flight 182 has just landed" some strange voice said from the PA. That was Emma's flight. She was here in LA to come visit me.

What if she doesn't recognize me.

Are you kidding me you have looked he same your whole life.

I hold up the sign. I see her. She is beautiful as always. Her brown long hair it's tied up in a ponytail. Her cowboy boots click along the airport floor. As she sees me her smile gets bigger and her steps got big. She ran into my arms. I started to cry so did she. 4 fucking years since I had last seen my best friend. I let her go.

"Emma this is Luke my boyfriend!" She looks over at Luke.

"Omg your Luke Hemmings!"

"Yes I am" Luke said with a smile

"Amy talks about you a lot" I punch her arm. Luke laughs. "And now you are dating holy shit I told her that would never happen and it did wow that's a surprise."

"Ready to go?" Luke asked.

"Yes I hate airports." Emma said. Luke grabbed my hand and we walked to the car. Luke open the door for me I sat in the back with Emma. "He is cute!" She said with a smile.

"I know!" I replied.

"How long have you been dating?"

"Not long like two days!" I told her. "It feels like longer though." She just smiled and looked at the beautiful view of LA.

"I missed you know!" She says.

"I missed you too!"


I was getting along well with Calum because I was in there room more then mine so we hung out a lot without Luke. I don't know if Luke like that very much but I didn't care.

November 10th. Emma had been here for three days and we are having fun. Luke took me to chipotle and I went to the mall with Emma. It was a long day. When we got back to the room I sat on the couch with Emma. She looked at me.

"Amy. What happens when I leave?"

"It goes back to the way it was." I say "I'll call you and text you."

"That's not good enough for me. I miss you a lot when you left I lost everything and I didn't even get a good bye you just left with Sarah."

"You didn't know what I was going though it was hard everything there reminds me of what I lost."

"You had me though."

"But at time that wasn't enough." I said.

"I will never be enough for you in your hot shot life with mister Hemmings you'll forget about me" her tone got louder.

"Hot shot life!"

"You live in California for fuck sacks. In the three days I have been here you never once asked how it was back in Toronto. That fact that when you left I was a mess with no one to turn to. You have everything you could ever want here!" She yelled my eyes filled with tears.

"YOU KNOW WHAT I DONT FUCKING HAVE A MOM OR A DAD OR MY FUCKING SISTER OR BROTHER. So you know what I don't need know is someone telling I have fucking everything cause I don't and never fucking will so back off!" tears were running down my face. I need to get out of here I grabbed my phone and ran out. I walk to Luke's room and knocked. It took him a few seconds to open the door but when he did I fell into his arms and just cried.

"Amy?!" He sounded worried.

"Just hold me." I told him. That's what he did he took me to the couch and held me tight not letting go.

"Wanna talk about it?" He asked

"Emma and I got in a fight." He let go. "I just want to watch some TV" I say

"No!" He grabbed my hand but the TV was already on he was too late.

"Luke was spotted earlier this week will one girl and was spotted last night with a another one" the TV said. They show a picture of me and Luke kissing me the one night at the beach. Then I saw it. My heart broke it was Luke kissing Emma.

"Amy!" He turned the TV off and looked at me.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" I yell

"It's not what it looks like. I promise"

"Well what does it fucking look like. I looks like my boyfriend kissing my ex best friend." I got up and open the door to see Calum I kissed him not thinking he grabbed my waist I stopped turned to Luke. "What does that fucking look like?"

Luke's POV

"What does this fucking look like?" As she pushed Calum away after kissing him.

Shit I fucked up. Emma kissed me and I pushed her off. But it happened. What do I do Amy is the best thing that has happened to me.

"Calum what the fuck man."

"What she kissed me." He told me. He was right she kissed him there was nothing he could do about it. "She seems pissed what did you do" he asked

"Fucked up"

"Well I am her friend and she seems pissed I'll be back." And Cal was gone to. Fuck

Amy's POV

Calum wasn't a bad kisser or person. But he wasn't Luke the one I wanted. I had so much rage and anger. I walked back into my room where Emma sat still on the couch were I left her. Tears building up in my system again.

"Amy?" Calum yelled behind me. Which made Emma get up.

"Amy. I m sorr..." I slapped her right in the side of the face.

"You kissed my boyfriend. Are you fucking kidding. Get out now" I yelled. She looked scared I didn't feel bad at all. Emma left. I broke down. Calum came over I collapsed onto the couch.

"Amy you need better friends." I kissed him again.

"Wow Emma you are confused you need to stop kissing me."

"What you don't like it?" I asked

"No I like it but what about Luke? He really likes you and you can't just assume he kissed her." Cal said. "He has never been happier." Honestly I really like Luke why does everything have to go wrong. I sniffle.

"Luke is amazingly and I miss him already but that doesn't mean I can just go running back that is not how it works with me."

"You need your space I know give it time everything will work out in the end." I was so done with this day I closed me eyes and I fell asleep in his arms.

I'll try to update soon if you guys like. ~maggie

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