5 Second of Falling

2 weeks and I had fallen so hard for a guy I had only seen on TV. Everything that could have gone wrong did.


5. chapter 5

6 rolled around quickly I changed into my daisy shorts and a black tank top with a cardigan.

Luke showed up right on time. I feel like he just waited outside my room till it was 6 then he knocked. Haha I crack myself up.

"Hey" Luke said as I swung the door open.

"Aloha" I replied that was kinda my word. I don't really know why it just was.

"Bye Sarah" I say as Luke takes my hand. We walk down the hall and stop at his door.

"What here?"

"Yes. I don't want to go to some dumb restaurant and make small talk I wanna know you." He said I laugh

"Wow that was good" we walk inside and sit on the couch " do you have this room to yourself." I asked.

"Nope I share with Cal but he is out tonight so just me and you." He told me. Just me and him in a hotel room this isn't gonna end with a simple goodnight kiss. At least I hope it doesn't. We sat down on the couch.

"Amy where are you from?" Luke asked.

"Here" I lied. I am from Canada I don't know why I didn't want to tell him. But when my family died I moved down here with Sarah. Not looking back. I just got up and left no goodbye no explanation. I still talk to my friend Emma god I miss her but I lost all contact with everyone else. So it kinda was hard to think about let alone talk about. Sarah lost her family too. We lived though it together. Together we lived we learned and survived.

"Lies" he looked at me.


"Your lying to me."

"How do you know?" I ask. I was kinda pissed.

"I just do"

"Did you have people spying on me or something." He laughed. "What are you laughing at?"

"You why did you need to lie to me? Sarah told me you guys are from Canada." I felt bad now. But I was still mad at Sarah she didn't need to talk about me to Luke.

"Ya so I am from Canada" he knew he hit a soft spot in my hard shell I didn't let people in that easily.

"Sorry." I felt bad now for snapping at him. really bad.

"No it's me. I really miss the snow and hockey and winter and my best friend Emma. I miss my parents and my family" I could feel tears. I could felt the dry throat right before you were gonna cry. "I can't go back now. I live here I have friends but I don't have a family Emma was my family but I left here behind. And my family left me behind" I was crying now "Sarah is all I have now." He hugged me and pulled me really close.

"You have me now." Did I just say that out load I couldn't believe it I had never even told Sarah all that.

I lost my family brother, sister, mom, and dad when I was 14. 14 and I lost everything. Except for Sarah if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be here right now.

Luke was still holding me. "Thanks" I said with a sniffle.

"Anything for you" he told me. "I called Emma"

"What?" My head shot up.

"She is coming to LA. Tomorrow actually"

"YOU ARE LYING" I say as my mood changes quickly.

"No, she gets in at noon"

"Your the best!" I tell him. I kiss him. His lips are so soft and perfect. I could kiss them forever. "What is she is mad at me for leaving."

"She didn't sound mad."

"Good. So Luke Hemmings what's your story"

"It's not as good as your. I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. I started posting YouTube videos when I was..." I cut him off.

"When you were 14 I know I am a fan tell me something I don't already now." He looked at me and smiled biting his lip. He just laughed.

"Well what don't you know."

"About your personally life family I mean I know about Liz your mom butt what else"

"Well my dad is Andrew and I have two brothers Ben and Jack. I am an uncle and that's it."

"Beautiful man. Something weird you do?"

"I always carry around a brush." I think I peed myself laughing so hard. "Omg" he said

"Aww Lukey that's so cute!" I tell him.

"What about you?" He asked

"Once I watch a movie I need to watch it again just so I didn't miss anything." I say

"That's not even weird."

"I don't really. Oh I sleep with six pillows"

"Why six."

"I don't know just six" I giggle

"Favourite thing to do in California?"

"Um...I...um... I love to surf the waves are sick. And go to chipotle."

"Okay let's go" he said

"What?" I ask

"Let's go surf and then eat chipotle!"

"Okay!" I got up. "I'll be back" I got up and kissed him on the cheek. I walked down the hall to my room and put on my batman bathing suit and cover up that didn't cover much. I walk back out to the hall where Luke was waiting. We walk to my jeep and grabbed the surf boards.

We walk to the beach hand in hand.

"Race ya" I said as I took my cover up off.


"Goo" I yelled

(Okay so I know Luke doesn't know how to surf but for the book he does haha ~maggs)

I lost. He looked so cute siting on his board messy hair and shirtless. Luke got the first wave. I got the next one doing a fancy walk on the board.

"That all you got?" He yelled

"Bring it on!" I replied. We left after a few runs. I won I think haha.

"Let's just go back to the room I am pretty tired?" I told him.

"I'll take you to chipotle Monday?"

"Okay" I replied. We took the surfboards back to the car and walked back to Luke's room. Luke put in a movie I don't what it was cause I feel asleep almost as soon as it started. I felt Luke pick me up and put me down on the bed.

"Night beautiful." He said and kissed my forehead.

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