5 Second of Falling

2 weeks and I had fallen so hard for a guy I had only seen on TV. Everything that could have gone wrong did.


4. chapter 4

Amy's POV

Was that a dream. God I hope not. I get up wearing my big sweater.

"Goodmorning!" Sarah says. She is in the kitchen flipping pancakes. Michael is behind her holding her waist.

"Sleeping beauty" I hear someone. Luke. I turn to see him on the couch I sit beside him. I kiss him on the cheek and he puts his arm around me.

"Hello" I say


"For what" is already 6 at night did I sleep all day!?

"You and Sarah are coming with us today" Michael told me

"Okay cool" I kiss Luke on the cheek again and walk to my room I picked out a ripped pair of jeans with a black crop top and a scarf. Someone knocked on my door.

"Yes" I said. "Come in" Luke walks in he walks in. I walk in to the bathroom of the side of my bedroom. I start to fix my hair. I see him walk behind me and grab my waist. I can help but smile. He smiles back. I pick up my mascara and eyeliner.

"Nope" luke says.

"What?" He takes the makeup out of my hands.

"You look perfect the way you are." He turns me around and kisses me. Wow this unbelievable Luke fucking Hemmings is kissing me and I am not dreaming. I smile on his lips. He cups my face. I put my hands on his back under his shirt. He grabs my thighs and pulls me up so I am on the bathroom counter. He stops kissing me. Sadly.

"Amy? Can I ask you something" he says

"Anything" I reply

"Be my girlfriend?"

"Are you kidding?" I ask.


"Really" he laughed. God that laugh.

"Just answer the question" he said

"Yes of course!" He kissed me again.

"COME ON GUYS TIME TO GO!" Sarah yelled. Luke took my hand and we walk out together.


Sarah and I sit in the back of Luke's car.

"Do you know where we are going?" Sarah whispered.

"No, what's up with you and Michael" I asked

"Shouldn't be asking you. I am not the one who wasn't home until 1am this morning" I laughed.

"Well I am not single" I told her

"WAY TO BE!"Sarah yelled. Michael and Luke looked back at us. Sarah cover her mouth. We all just laughed.

"No but really what is up with you and Michael." I asked

"Nothing I thought he was gonna ask me out yesterday but he didn't."

"MICHAEL!" Luke yelled.

Luke's POV

"MICHAEL!" I say I little to loud the girls giggle at me. "Why didn't you ask her out. I did this morning" I told him

"Luke's got wheels" I laughed " I really wanted to but i don't know what if she is using me? Like honestly did you even think about that. Maybe they want more followers or something" that really didn't ever cross my mind.

Amy wouldn't use me would she?

God I hope not I am falling for this girl.

Amy's POV

Luke parked the car in a parking lot at the forum. Luke opens the door and grabs my hand.

"C'mon it are first outing as a couple" what if people don't like me. There were so many people mostly paparazzi.

"Luke, Michael who are your girls?"

"What's your name mystery girl?"

"Luke Luke" we finally got inside.

"Ash and Cal are here with Rachael" Michael said.

"Rachael?" I ask

"She is dating Ashton. That's why Ashton wasn't there yesterday she didn't know Ashton was here yet" Luke tells me


I haven't seen Luke in like 2 hours they locked us in their dressing room. The boys walk back in.

"Hey babe" Luke says. Babe I like it! I blush.

"Hey" I kiss him.

"You guys can go looks like we are getting caught up in some interviews" Michael said

"There is a mall just up the street." Ashton says to Rachael

"I'll drive" Sarah told us. I kissed Luke goodbye. And walk out with Sarah and Rachael.


We look at a few stores nothing really good.

"We could always go along the stripe" Rachael suggested

"Yes." We just walked it wasn't that far from where we were.

"Forever 21" Sarah says excitedly. This is are favourite store. We shopped for a few hours and I had bough more then enough clothes and other shit for one girl to handle.

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