5 Second of Falling

2 weeks and I had fallen so hard for a guy I had only seen on TV. Everything that could have gone wrong did.


3. chapter 3

Amy's POV

We walk to the beach there was a table on a patio with lights on it was probably 7:20 ish now and the sun was almost down. Everything was so perfect.

"You look beautiful"Luke said

"Me. What. Really?" I say confused

"Yes you really" he told me he laughed. That made my heart race. I bit my lip. He pulled a chair out for me and sat down next to me. Then Sarah sat across from me and Michael beside her. There were only two more spot so that meant Ashton wasn't coming.

"Hey Luke, where is Ashton"

"Why am I not good enough" he said with a laugh

"No you are more then enough"

"Thanks" he bits his lip again with a cute smile. "Something came up he really want to meet you thought" the night went perfect.

Luke's POV

She looked so good.

"Amy would you every wanna go out for dinner or something I mean just us"

She would never want to go to dinner with you

You are at dinner with her now dumbass

I push those thoughts away. She blushes and giggles

"Yes I would love too" she smiled I loved her smile already

"Great I'll pick you up tomorrow around 6" I told her

"Okay" she said her cheeks turn red and she just kinda laughs it off.

"Wanna go for a walk" I asked as I push my plate away

"Yes please" I got up and took her hand we walk along the beach for awhile till we stopped and sat down.

Amy's POV

We sat down on the sand.

"So what's your story" he asked me

"Well there isn't much to tell" I say back

"I wanna know something I don't already know"

"Like what" I ask

"Favourite colour, movie, show, animal, sport, band member, song, and ice cream favour?"

"Hmm... Okay well turquoise, probably grease, how I met your mother, turtle or fish, hockey, you," I giggled "disconnected and death by chocolate." Wow that was a lot to think about. "What about you?"

"Okay I don't know, Lego movie, how I met your mother, penguins, soccer, Michael, beside you, and cookies and cream"

Luke's POV

You can't kiss her you just met her

That thought just keeps running though my mind. But I need to I look at her lips and smile she looks at mine I lean in and I kiss her.

Amy's POV

OMG he is kissing me. Are lips moving in sync. As the kiss get deeper my phone goes off. He stops and I check my phone it was Sarah

Don't wait up-the text reads. I am gonna kill her. I bit my lip he does the same I laugh. "What's so funny" he asked.

" I just got kissed by Luke Hemming" I smile super big "that is like millions of girls dream" he laugh which makes me smile. Really thinking about that makes my head hurt so many girl would kill to kiss him but he kissed why? My thought are cut of by him bring me back to reality

"Amy?" He asked

"Ya sorry"

"What are you thinking Amy"

"Nothing" I lied. I am thinking of a million possibilities.

Kiss me again. Just kiss me.

I just need him to kiss me again. I look at his lips he looks at me.

"I know you are lying, Amy" he breaks the silence.

"Why me thought? Why did you want us to come early" I asked

"You are beautiful. Who wouldn't want you to come early so you could hang out with her." That was so sweet. I look at him he is biting his lips. I look hard at his lips.

Kiss him Amy. Do it he deserve it.

I lean in and kiss him. He smiles on my lips. He is a really good kisser. The kiss gets deep. He grabs my thigh and puts it around him so I am now on top of him. He put his hands on my waists. There really cold and make me jump. I laughed stopping the kiss I fall beside him we lay looking up at the stars.

I think about Sarah, don't wait up is she having as much fun as I am. "Amy?" Luke looks at me



"For?" I say puzzled

"Making my night and the last few weeks" his smile making it hard to breath. I giggle "you are really cute you know that right"I giggle again

"Thankss you are pretty cute yourself" he laughs. Then bits his lip "stop that" I say. He looks up.

"What?" He looks kind of confused

"Biting your lip. It is driving me crazy" I say and laugh

"Oh you mean like this" he did it again


"Never" now he was playing with his lip ring. Damn he is so sexy. He leans down and kisses me again this one soft and short.

We walk back to the hotel and he walks me to my room.

"Goodnight" he says

"But I don't want you to go"

"I don't want to go. But I have to" he kisses me. I have to stand on my tiptoes to reach his mouth. "Don't forget about are date tomorrow" he said as I walk inside and I kiss him on the cheek.

"Goodnight Luke." I say

"Night Amy" he says back. I slowly shut the door.

"Amy. Is that you" I hear Sarah from behind me


"Amy it like 1am where have you been" 1am really doesn't feel like it

"Don't wait up." I said with a giggle I go into my room and fall asleep.

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