5 Second of Falling

2 weeks and I had fallen so hard for a guy I had only seen on TV. Everything that could have gone wrong did.


2. chapter 2

Amy's POV

We lived in San Diego so we still had to drive. I just turned 18 like a few days ago I found out on my birthday. best birthday gift right. Sarah is two months older then me and had her full license. We packed as soon as we found out we were on of the last country's to know. It November 6 and we have to be there tomorrow for some reason they want us to come early.

Sarah and I packed my jeep and hoped in Sarah drove half and I drove half. "Ready?" Sarah asked

"I guess so" I replied. We both giggles.

"Road trip time!" we both screamed and laughed

After a 6 hour drive we finally arrived at the hotel witch was huge.

"This is amazing" I told her. We walked in to a beautiful lobby. An then up the front desk.

"You must be Miss Pepper and Miss Allen?" The lady asked

"Yes I am Sarah Pepper" Sarah told her

"That would make me Amy Allen" I said. I heard Sarah laugh.

"Let me take you're bags and show you to you room"she said. This was incredible. No words could describe what was happening. It was like we were famous or something. Then she open the door to are room. "This is your room for the next few weeks. There are two rooms over there one for each of you and a small kitchen but room service is free for you order when ever your hunger" she set are bags down and walk over to the closet. "there are some clothes in there for you to wear to the convention and dinner tonight with boys. My name is Rachael if you need anything ring this bell I'll be her in a flash" she said and we all giggled

"Thank you so much" I told her

"Now do you need anything before I leave"

"Dinner with the boys tonight?" Sarah asked

"Yes they asked that you girls come early and have dinner with the band at the hotel just the 6 of you" she told us

"NOO FUCKING WAY" we screamed

"Okay lady's my work here is done the boys will be her at 7"

"Wait do you wanna stay and help us get ready?" I asked

"Anything my job is to do what you want." Rachael replied. She was tall and had hazel eyes and brown long hair she was very pretty and she look about are age. We all laughed it was 5:50 and we only had an hour to get ready it was so crazy. The boys asked for us to come early to meet them and eat dinner with them.

"What's in the closest?!" Sarah yelled.

"Take a look" Rachael said as she sat on the stool outside both are rooms. Sarah swung the closet doors open. In it were a few pretty dress and skirts for Sarah. But then I say them they were the costumes I had designed if we won they were real. Witch with the sight of the I think I cried a bit.

For tonight I put on a simple black dress alittle lace. It was short just about mid-thigh i put a belt on it to dress it up a bit. Sarah put on a jean jacket with no arms and a skirt.

"You both look stunning" Rachael said

"Thanks Rachael" I replied. It was 6:50.

*Knock* *Knock*

Sarah was freaking out on her room. So I go an open the door. There were standing at are door looking fine as hell.

"Hey" Luke says as he lifts his head and bit his lip. OMG he was my favourite.

"Hi" I was trying so hard not to go hard core fan girl on them. I stay calm luckily.

"Hey" I heard Sarah's voice behind me she sounded so calm yet she was freaking out a near 10 seconds ago.

"That's my cue lady's. If you need anything tonight ring the bell" Rachael says

"Where do you think you are going" Calum asked

"I have to get back to work"

"Not tonight. Go get dressed I'll wait for you. You guys go ahead." Calum said. Luke takes my arm and Michael does the same to Sarah Michael was Sarah's favourite. Tonight was gonna be good.

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