The Demigods {One Direction}

She falls in love with the new guy. Thinking they were both normal people. Who would have guessed that she was so wrong about him and normal?


1. Chapter: 1


The Demigods {One Direction}



Welcome to the story The Demigods {One Direction}. I do hope you enjoy this story. Also, please do not steal any of my ideas. If you do like this story, Please vote or comment. It will help this story grow. Another thing is there will be the whole band in this, however, they are not One Direction in this. 



Chapter: 1




1. A being with partial or lesser divine status, such as a minor deity, the offspring of a god and a mortal, or a mortal raised to divine rank.    

2. A person who is greatly admired or feared.





        Letting my legs collide with the pool's flooring, I push myself upwards. As I reach the top of the water, I can see and hear Bella Blackthorn, my new friend, clap and jump in joy, making me laugh.


How long was it?” I asked her, jumping out of the pool and walking over to her.

She grins,” Ten minutes. Last time it was seven.” Bella ran her hands through her blond hair. “Are you so you are human? Because I can't do what you can.”


I pull my hair into a ponytail and walk into the girls' locker room. After throwing my clothes on as Bella walks in, I turn to her.

Yes, I am human…. I’m just a fish, that's all.” I smile at her, now fully in my school outfit. “We should be getting to class, don't you think?”


We both laugh, remembering how upset our teacher was the last time we were late for class.


Bella stopped laughing, her eyes gleamed, and she looked like she was thinking of something crucial.


Have you heard the news?


I blink, opening the door for her and thinking about anything new going on. Even though I have only been to this school for a few months now. However, after making it to the lunchroom by the pool, I came up with nothing.


What new news are you talking about now, Blackthorn?”


She laughs at my choices of words, playing with her own ponytail. “Well, I heard we have a new student of the UK—


I turn around, facing her. Making her step back from me.


What does this have to do with me and don't say it's because he is so dreamy and hot.”


Bella went completely quiet, not even moving.


Sam, his father is our new history teacher. His step-mom is our new vice-principal. That's why everyone is making a giant deal about it. How didn't you know this?


I chew my bottom lip and we started to walk again through the vast hallways. Bella was looking at me, waiting for me to answer her.


I rub at the back of my neck and think what I would give to be in the water right now. Not trying to explain myself to my only friend in this miniature town.


I—I,” I closes my blue eyes.” I have just been busy. Do you know what classes he has—or better yet, his name?”


Bella smiles and winks at me.


He has one class with me and you.” I smile at that, thinking I won't have to deal with him that much.” And you have-” She stops and counts on her hand. I blink at her as she counts to more than the number I would have liked. ”You my friend, have almost every class with him.” She frowns at me.” Are you sure you don't know a Harry Styles?”


I slow down, thinking of my past, however, I don't remember anyone with that name and that says a lot. I move like every year.


No, why?”


I just thought he may have had a crush on you and asked his family to move here and because his family works here, he would get your classes.”


She laughs to herself. I just let out a groan, opening another door for the both of us and thinking why the heck would they have to make this school so big for a little town?


Also, the guy's name is Harry, Harry Styles.” She wriggles her eyebrows at me, making me slap her on the shoulder and laugh.


Whatever you say, James Bond. What's the damage?”


She looks me in the eyes.”Mr. Styles has four classes with you. We have seven classes. Do the math, fish lady.”

I gasp. ”You got to be kidding me?”


She shakes her head at me. ”What? You are a fish lady, Sam!”


I tap her shoulder and stop at my class' door. Bella then stops right by me, looking right at me.


No! Not that. Everyone knows that! The dude can't have that many classes with me!” She just shakes her head. “Why? Now I know why you said that. What else can go wrong? I don't want to be around the new student or his family!”


Too bad, also, things can get worse.”


I raise an eyebrow at her.




She gives me a sly smile.


He has this class with you and me.”


Then, before I can get upset even more, Bella skips into our History class.

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