did he give up on murdering people?

Louis was supposed to give up being an assassin so he could go back to his life with his family and singing but did he give it up?


1. who came back?

it's been 2 months since Louis tried to kill anyone we wanted to see how long it would take before he started again. "Hey Jaelee babe I have to gooo..ummm..out" Louis said. ''okay but be back before Alex's new babysitter gets here" Jaelee said. "NEW BABYSITTER? what do you mean new babysitter what happened to Shayla's brothers? we can trust them'' Lou complained. "you don't need to yell Lou just go okay? you'll meet her when she gets here" Jaelee said. "okay whatever bye" Lou said while walking outside. Just as he was walking to his car he saw Harry and was wondering why he was alone without Chloe. "Hey Harry!" Lou yelled. Harry looked over at Louis and Ran he had no Idea why Harry was running so he ran after him. 

"Lad wait! why are you running?" Louis asked while running. "Aren't you gonna kill me?" Harry asked. ''Uh..no why would I? I was just gonna ask you if you needed a ride anywhere since you were walking alone" Louis explained. There was a moment of silence before Harry finally said anything. "Oh Sorry Lou it's just the first time I got shot by someone I never trusted anyone ever again" Harry said. "well the person that shot you is no longer here because Me,Myself,and I got rid of them for you No one tries to kill my best friend without me handling it okay? and that's how I got my job as being an assassin now do you need a ride or not?" Louis told him. "Yes I need a ride to the coffee shop thanks" Harry said.
after Lou took Hazza to the coffee shop he went for a 20 minute drive then went back home. "hey this is the new babysitter Juliza she's from Chicago" Jaelee said. "hello Juliza i'm Louis Tomlinson just a thought do you know the girl that lives across the street?" Louis asked. Just then Lou heard a knock at the door. "who is it?" he asked. ''it's your sister in law lol" I answered back. He opened the door and I enter there was a huge moment of silence. "Louis can we talk outside for a minute?" I asked. we walk outside Lou has a confused look on his face. "what's wrong?" he asked. "what do you mean what's wrong? dude Juliza is your new babysitter it's been 9 years since we have talked to each other Lou she was my friend back in Jr.High" I explained. "Maybe this could be the time to reunite you two now come on" louis said while pulling me back into the house.

''What just happened" Jaelee asked. "Well we need to get these two caught up so we'll be standing right here till you guys talk"Louis said."wait! Louis maybe we can introduce her to Zayn" I said. "yup you are right Juliza let's go to Zayn's house" louis said while pulling her out the door. as we get to Zayn's house he's out on his porch standing there. "Hey who's this beautiful young lady?" Zayn asks. "it's your new girlfriend dump Jason and go with her" Lou said. "lol well okay what's your name beautiful?" Zayn asks. "it's Juliza" she said nervously. "well love would you like to date me?" Zayn asked. "YES! OMG A THOUSAND TIMES YES!" she excitedly said. "Hey guys me and Louis have to go some where soo we'll see you guys either tomorrow or later today." I said.
we had this Important Mission to go on....yeah I had a secret job no one knew about except Louis cause we work together."Louis to HQ what's the problem?" Louis said. HQ:we need you to get rid of some one for us. they sent the picture and we couldn't believe it. "louis it's....it's" he cut me off "I know but how I got rid of her already what the hell is going on?" Louis asked......TO BE CONTINUED... 


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