Lucys Life

The adventure of Lucy's hectic life! A messy, unorganized, socially awkward teens life. Recently graduated from High School and moving onto University. Falling head over heels, literally. Clumsiness is her specialty.


1. Prologue

Bright warm rays of sunshine blasting through my open window, bouncing off of my bedroom mirror; targeting the blinding light directly on my face. Half dragging myself out of bed, half falling out of it, I walk myself to the kitchen. But not without tripping over a pair of shoes that left lying in the middle if the floor. Opening the fridge I find myself in complete and utter disappointment. Nothing, absolutely nothing. That's the thing that sucks about living in your own, you actually have to out and buy your own grocery's. I stand corrected, I have a jug of milk that is out of date in here. Great just great. Taking the milk out if the fridge making my way over to the sink, I start to pour it out. The foul smell creeping up my nostrils. I think I am going to barf. No wait, I think that smell might actually be me. I slowly raise up me arm. God good, yep! That is defiantly me! Lord, I need a shower. Turning on the hot water, I inch my way into the shower. Okay! Woahhh! This is not hot water, this is like Antarctica. Even the bloody penguins would be shivering. Continuing with my frigid shower, I rinse my body. Drowning and lathering it in soap, and smell-good products. I then start to work out of the worked up grease out of my hair. Grabbing my dull orange towel, I close the shower door. Standing bare in front of my bathroom mirror, I look at myself. My medium lenght wet dirty blonde hair (practically dark brown when wet), my chocolate brown eyes, and my unproportional shape. I was a decent height, and to admit I had curves. But I was comfortable in my skin. Stretch marks and all, just took a little time to learn to love them. I didn't play much sports in highschool (maybe that's why I had them), I was more focused on my grades. To be honest it paid off as well, I ended up getting an academic scholarship to a top-notch University. I'll soon be moving into dorm rooms in a couple days, have a flatmate and all that jazz as well.

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