Lucys Life

The adventure of Lucy's hectic life! A messy, unorganized, socially awkward teens life. Recently graduated from High School and moving onto University. Falling head over heels, literally. Clumsiness is her specialty.


3. Left or Right.

Hold up! Hold up! Beep beep beep back this truck up because this is not what I signed up for! Noise from a booming drum sets floods my eardrums. Chants and shouts from the three other people sitting on the sofa watching a football game. A girl pretty much eating her boyfriend in the whole half hanging out of the closet. One almost normal person in the kitchen eating coco puffs. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Seven people! In this tiny house. Oh hell no!

"What's going on here?" I find myself almost yelling to the girl eating the cereal.

"Oh! You must be Lucy! You know you are the last of us to get here?" She said remaining calm like this is what she expected.

"What do you mean?"

"The five of us. We share a house." She said.

"There are seven people here though." Double checking my count again. Yep, there were definitely seven people here.

"No, no! The couple making out over there," she points to them "the boy lives here. The girl is from god knows where. And the one sitting on the far left of the sofa followed the boys home from the bar!" She replied. It's like she had this all figured out.

"So by chance do I even have a room?"

"You were the last to get here, so you get the last one left. It's small but decent size. It's up the stairs and the second door to your left."

"Oh.. Okay, um thanks..."


"Pardon?" I ask.

"My name it's Laura."

"Oh. Got ya." I say as I start lugging my bags up the stairs.

I walk down the hall, I notice that most of the wall paper is peeling off of the walls. I find my room and twist the nob to find it locked. Ugghh... I then start kicking the door.

"Why won't you open!" I say in a voice starting to get really pissed. That's when the guy that was making out with the girl walks up.

"Hey!! Hey!! Why the hell are you kicking my door?" His voice sounded rough.

"Your door, I do believe this is my room." I simply state.

"Your Lucy right?"

"Well, yeah."

"That's your room he pointed the the door opposite his." A grin appeared on his face.

"Ohh.." I feel really stupid and I have finally started to realize how good looking he was.

"Can you move now?" He gives a laugh. I am still stood in front of his door.

"Um yeah sure. Um what's your name?"

"Alfred." He says quickly before slamming the door on me.

I finally open the right door, walking into my petite room. A single metal frame futon lays by the door when you first walk in. As well as a small wooden desk by a shatter glass window. With no chair. I move over to another door hoping for the bathroom to look a little nicer, it's not a bathroom though. It's a closet. I won't unpack though until I know for sure this is where I am staying. I am a scholarship kid. I mean I know I grew up in conditions like this, but this was supposed to be my step up in the world.

Knock knock.

"Come in." I say.

"Hey, how you finding your room?" Asks the girl who was earlier downstairs eating cereal for lunch. Her blonde hair now blowing since my window had blown open.

"Good. It's not on the left side though, it's on the right." I say, giving her a look.

"Oh, same thing. Tomato. Tomato." She grins revealing her white teeth.

"So um do we have like a bathroom or something?" I ask.

"Yeah, we have two. One downstairs, and one upstairs. That's the one with the shower." Laura says.

"O cool." I reply back. Laura later leaves after we have a convo on what majors we both have. Laura is majoring in polymer science. Smart-ass.

I decide to take a shower. Taking my towel and everything with me. Turning it on and stepping into it. Awwh... At least they have hot water. I stand underneath letting the water run over my body.

"Hello, I am coming in." Says a male voice!"

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