Lucys Life

The adventure of Lucy's hectic life! A messy, unorganized, socially awkward teens life. Recently graduated from High School and moving onto University. Falling head over heels, literally. Clumsiness is her specialty.


2. Complex Z

Today the day, it all seems so figmental. Just finishing up curling my hair, thinking about what it's going to be like to have a flatmate. I am sure we will be the best of friends, practically do everything together. You know the greatest thing about getting a flat on campus? Is the fact I don't have to pay for it! My scholarship covers it all, which you can say is probably a good thing. I have a history with late rent money and maybe some other bill/statements, I swear there is a ghost in my house that hides those kind of things from me so I never know when to pay the by. Looking on the university website they have some really nice dorms! Comes with a double bed, free internet, breakfast downstairs (aka no bad milk), oh and best of all separate bathrooms for each roommate! Sniff sniff. O my god! Is something burning?!? I attempt running out of my small bathroom, only to be stopping by the electrical cord leading to my curler. That is no longer attaching to my hair on my head, much rather than the hair burned onto it. Have I just really burned my hair off? Today of all days. After taking the next thirty minutes trying to make my burnt ends not noticeable I head out the door, already late. Figuring I am already late, meres as well be late for something worth it. So I make a pit stop at McDonalds for some drive thru breakfast. As I arrive on campus you see all the usual things. Girls overly attached to there stuffed animals, the boys trying not to cry about leaving there mothers, and those who just are so happy to be here. Not. I waltz up to the welcoming committee, to find out my flat number.

"Hi! Welcome to NYC University! The place to be! How can I help you?" The lady says in an overly-chirpy voice. You could say she was in her late 30's, and was trying to pull of a crop top. Now personally younger people should only wear them, unless of course you are Beyoncé.

"I am looking for my dorm." I replied.

"Last name?" A smile began to spread across you perfectly tan face.


"Okay let me just see." She responds flipping through her stack of papers. Her smile soon flickered away.

"Complex Z." Her expression turned to stone, basically throwing the key at me.

"Okay, what number?" I asked.

"No number, just complex Z." She said harshly. I turned around and walked off. Walking past the first few buildings... A, B, C. They all looked so new and nice! Little pools behind them and a nice green out front to study or play football on. Past a few more T, U, V; okay so maybe these building were a little older than the other buildings. They still looked humble enough. I finally stumbled upon Z. A small two story looking house. Nothing like the other buildings, but a house all to myself I defiantly didn't mind! I could work with this. Thinking of all the privacy I would have as I walked up to the front door. Having to jiggle the key lock a bit, finally able to open it. I look up. I think to myself, you have got to be kidding me.

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