zombies // 5sos

a zombie apocalypse starts and there's nowhere to go.
Mason Lakers meets her favourite band, 5 seconds of summer and they instantly team up. aftyer finding her long-lost friends, they are on search for a place to live and survive.
But what happens when mason's past drives by, and she has put everyone into a life death situation.


1. I

lowercase intended

'a zombie apocalypse?' mason whispers.

'yes sis. but don't get your hopes up, it hasn't even started.'


'run lucas run,' i yell at my twin. i turn and see hes slowing down.

'nope i need you to live, im only 13' i say, flinging him over my shoulder.

i sprint to a nearby house seeing panicking people either getting eaten, or chased. i find a house with no sign of any zombies and jerk the door open. i slam it shut and lock the dor tight, hearing grunts and moans on the other side. i drop my brother on the lino and catch my breath.

'ten minutes later*

to our suprise, we found two bows and arrows, a machette, a rifle and 10 pistols.

'i dibs the machette!' i shout, as lucas groans

i smile in victory and get a bow and arrows, my machette and 5 guns. one in each combat boot i wear, and three on my belt.


'ummm... i-i-i d-d-don't know how to s-' i cut him off by grabbing a pistol and shooting a zombie in the head.

'you were saying' i smirk.

'nothing' he mumbles



This is my first real book so please enjoy my writing i put alot of time in it.

Thank you


[not edited]


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