Twins Luke Hemmings

Like yah LUKE HEMMINGS fanfic yeah he has a twin hahahaha


1. whatever

Hi this is my first fanfic so yeah I hope u like it so yeah here we go!!!

Saterday afternoon Agust 14 2014 6:00AM

Hey I'm Sydney and I'm 17And I'm verry shy...

"Wake up Sydney Jake is here to see you get up."Mum says as I wake up "I'm up I'm up gosh" I say as I walk down stairs "Hey Syd Goodmorning."Jake says I'm upset with him and idk why."What the fuck it's 6:00 In the morning leave bye ."I say madly."What did I do to you?"He says angrily grabbing my wrist tightly "Stop MUM help !??"I yell "oh you're not going anywhere you won't break up with me ."He says as my mum runs down stairs with a gun to be sure everything okay."what's wrong what did he do?Get out now Jake !?" Mum says as he runs out shutting the door "H-he grabbed my wrist tightly and I think he even broke it I can't move it at all and he thretend me saying I can't break up with him."I say crying on the floor "Oh yes you can if you want and you will cuz I know you and let me get you to the doc." Mum says "Okay I say getting up and mum gets me in the car

Skips ride /Doc

Adept the docs I go to my bathroom looking at my cast and I deside to go to the store ...I get there there's the 2hot guys who are twins but one has a bunch of tattoos and the other doesn't I walk bye and the cute one says "Hey Im Luke and you're pretty wanna go out sometime?!"He asked "No you should go out with me and if you do if u wanna a fuck you so good that you can do it every day"He says and I start laughing "oh wait you're serious ?and sure Luke here's my number."I say And then I got home and I get a text that say

L~Hey it's me Luke from the store can I come over what's you're adress

S~it's 16038 Love drive and sure

L~be there in 30 mins


30 mins later

Knock knock I here

"Who is it?"

"It's Luke "

Come In I say and I see him and the other guy

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